How To Get Membership For Free in Old School RuneScape? (4 Legit Ways)

How would you like to get OSRS membership without spending a dime on them? Keep reading, and you'll learn how.

Updated on Jul 21, 2023
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How To Get Membership For Free in Old School RuneScape? (4 Legit Ways)

Despite being such an old title, Old School RuneScape is still being played even today, so if you're one of the players, you must be interested in getting the Old School RuneScape free membership because, let's face it, it's not exactly the cheapest subscription out there.

Due to popular demand, we decided to find out how to get a membership in OSRS for free so that we can share our findings with our readers, so if you're interested in learning more, stick around.

What Does Old School RuneScape Membership Offer?

Old School RuneScape membership is a form of a subscription that allows paying players to gain access to various benefits and perks which aren't available to free to play players.

While anyone can play a free version of OSRS, that version has plenty of limitations and can't be fully experienced and enjoyed unless paying for an Old School RuneScape membership.


Not only that non-free to play Old School RuneScape players will get exclusive features that are only available to membership owners, but they will also receive more than 200 additional quests, 11 extra skills, the three times bigger world to explore, and not to mention various other benefits.

How To Get Old School RuneScape Membership Cost-Free?

If you take a closer look at the screenshot we included above, you'll immediately realize that the OSRS subscription has a quite hefty price tag, which is why most of the players choose to play the free to play version instead.

This game has been a profitable venture for Jagex Ltd for many years, despite somewhat pricey membership.

This game has been a profitable venture for Jagex Ltd for many years, despite somewhat pricey membership. But this shouldn't be your concern anymore since you're about to find out how to fully enjoy this game without spending a cent on it!

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Through Trial Version On Mobile

If you are an OSRS player on Android or iOS devices, you can now get a week of premium membership for free. This is not even remotely close to what full membership could do for you, but it's a chance for you to get a taste of what's in store.

Unfortunately, you will need to add your payment details to your Google Play Store or Apple App Store in order to get free seven-day Old School RuneScape membership. However, you won't be charged for seven days of premium membership, even though you need to have the payment details on file during this time period.


Besides, you can always remove the payment details once your membership expires if you don't plan on renewing it, so make sure to do it and restore a free to play account, or you’ll be charged automatically. This is obviously a trap that many players fell into.

To get your free seven-day membership, simply open the game and follow the on-screen instructions. Once you complete a tutorial, you will receive an icon at the bottom left of your screen. Tap that option to open membership options and select seven-day membership for free.

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Using Prime Gaming Membership

Another method of getting OSRS membership for free is using the Prime Gaming membership. Now, we know that membership needs to be bought as well, but you can always register for a free 30-day trial version to take advantage of this opportunity.


An Amazon Prime Gaming subscription will offer Old School RuneScape loot, including free membership. In some cases, the subscription will only provide free items, but sometimes it provides a 7-day membership for free as well.

If you're the Amazon Prime Gaming account holder, simply proceed to this page and redeem your free loot right now!

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Using Bonds

If you really have lots of free time at your disposal, you can theoretically get Old School RuneScape membership for free by farming in the game. However, before you even consider this option, keep in mind that you'll need 20 000 000 gold at a bare minimum, which must be obtained in two weeks or less!


The idea is to collect that many gold points and use them to buy bonds, which can then be exchanged for two weeks of membership. And then - rinse and repeat. Keep in mind that there is gold inflation, so the gold value can fluctuate depending on various factors.

As you can probably tell, this method won't allow you to enjoy OSRS at all because you'll need to constantly grind in order to get gold points, which is why we strongly advise you not to use this method—unless you really want to, especially since there are better alternatives. Like the next method that we're about to show.

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Using Freecash

The most advantageous way to get OSRS RuneScape membership and no longer play with a limited free to play account is using the GPT service called Freecash. This service allows you to complete online tasks, receive Freecash Coins, and exchange this virtual currency for any gift card that you can use to upgrade from a free to play to a premium membership account.

We personally tried and tested Freecash and discovered that it's 100% safe and legit service. It doesn't require any sensitive personal details, payment information, or anything other than your email address, username, and pbuttword.

What's more, Freecash also has an official mobile app, which means you'll be able to complete the tasks on the go without relying on your PC or laptop.

So, if you're tired of playing free to play OSRS and would like to get a membership without having to shell out, Freecash is the ideal solution for you. Here's how you can use it.

Sign Up On Freecash

The first thing you gotta do in order to upgrade from a free to play to premium membership in OSRS is to sign up on Freecash. You can do that through their website or an app, and you can easily sign up using your Steam or Google account too.


After you've verified your email address, look for the popup field labeled "Open Cases" and enter the code "TGG." You could win up to $250, which is over one year of OSRS membership!


Collect Freecash Coins

After you sign up, head to the "Earn" page, and you'll see a section below the "Offer Walls." Each of these sections will have numerous tasks for you to choose from. Completing each task will reward you with Freecash Coins that can be exchanged for any reward you'd like.


Tasks are available in a variety of categories, so you can choose whichever ones you'd most like to do. These tasks are easy and straightforward to complete, so we're sure you'll find them fun and not repetitive.


Trade-in Freecash Coins

You can earn Freecash Coins by completing offers on Freecash. Once you have enough, you can exchange them for more than 20 rewards, including gaming gift cards. Head to the "Cashout" page for more information.


If you play this game on Steam, we recommend choosing Steam gift cards as a reward option.


You'll then be able to choose between $10 and $100 of gift card denomination, depending on how many Freecash Coins you have collected.


Redeem Code To Get OSRS Membership

Use the "Withdraw" option to receive your Steam gift card code once you've chosen the desired denomination of a gift card.


Then, all that remains is to copy and paste your Steam gift card code into the Steam redeem page so that you can add balance to your Steam Wallet. With enough balance on it, you'll be able to upgrade your Oldschool RuneScape free to play account and enjoy this game to its fullest!


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