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Most Played Champions in League of Legends

Curious about the most played champions in League of Legends? Then check out this list to answer that question and become a great player using these characters!
Most Played Champions in League of Legends

League of Legends has a lot of great champions that everyone can play. Some suit a certain person's playstyle, others are overpowered, and some are fun.

Nevertheless, there will always be a character that is more chosen than the other in most games, so if you are currently finding who they are in League of Legends. 

This is a collection called "the most played champions in LoL" that will help you achieve that goal. 


Jhin | 31.23% Pick Rate

Starting off this list is the famous virtuoso in League of Legends, Jhin. This number four-obsessed AD carry has been in and out of the meta multiple times, but he is now actually a must-pick in the bottom lane.

Having a kit with insane burst damage and movement speed, Jhin is the second most picked champion in NA LCS, and he has a solid % pick rate in the current ranked season. League's virtuoso is not a demanding champion to master, either, so it is definitely a plus for many players.


Jinx | 27.54% Pick Rate

The second AD carry in this list, and Arcane's main antagonist, Jinx, has risen in popularity throughout the years. 

Like Jhin, she has always been in and out of the meta, but Jinx is also picked by many AD carry players in pro play.

It cannot be denied that Jinx arguably became the most popular champion ever after the success of Riot Games' first TV series called, Arcane

She became so famous that even people who do not play League of Legends can recognize her.

The recent buffs for Jinx made her surpass Jhin in terms of pick rate in the LEC. 

She is also one of the easiest champions to play. But remember that being the AD carry is not an easy task since dealing the most damage for the team will be the primary job, but Jinx can probably make that easier for everyone.


Lee Sin | 29.47% Pick Rate

Moving on to the jungle, League's very own blind monk, Lee Sin, is still the statistically most picked champion for the jungle role. He is also the best champion for people who want to show off their mechanical skill and make flashy plays.

Lee Sin may not be in the professional league meta as of now, but he is still seen in tons of ranked games in the Summoner's Rift. 

He is also flexible when it comes to in-game builds. Anyone can either play a bruiser, burst, or damage-focused Lee Sin. 

Do not expect the blind monk to lose popularity soon since he is still loved by the community even though he has fallen off the League meta.


Thresh | 14.85% Pick Rate

Known for the iconic "Madlife" hook, Thresh has been a consistent pick for everyone in all ranks of the game. Let's face it, not everyone has the skills to consistently hit his hooks and flays since Thresh is really hard to master. 

But you will still see a Thresh player in a normal or ranked game from time to time.

There are easier support champions in the bottom lane, and they are still in the meta, but Thresh's impact on the community has been too strong for him to prevent him from a falling pick rate percentage.


Yasuo | 9% Pick Rate

Memed as a "cancer" in the League community, Yasuo still holds the crown as being the most famous mid-lane champion in the game. Boasting a complicated and wind-themed kit to damage his enemies, Yasuo is one of the hardest champions to master.

However, that does not stop players from trying him out, and it ends most of the time badly, so he was eventually called "cancer." Still, give your teammates the benefit of the doubt. Maybe they are good, but always remember to not become toxic to the community to have a great experience playing LoL.


Lux | 4% Pick Rate

Another mid-lane champion in this list, Lux, is one of Riot's most popular creations. Because of her charming looks and low skill ceiling, she has been a choice for mage players for the span of the game's existence.

This League of Legends champion is also played in the bot lane as a support, even though it is not recommended, because of her abilities that can deal crowd control to enemies.

Fun fact, since Lux is one of the most beloved champions in the game, she has the most skins available in League of Legends.


Darius | 6.6% Pick Rate

The hand of noxus, Darius, is one of the most played champions in the history of League of Legends. With a tanky and damage-focused kit, Darius has never fallen out of the meta in Summoner's Rift. 

The straightforwardness of his skills also plays a massive part in why he is one of the most played champions in League.

Darius may be a bad person based on the lore, but he is definitely loved by many players that want to increase their win rate.

That ends the tier list for the most played champions in League. Whether you are gold, silver, or master, you can definitely climb the ranks like the other players with these champions. You can also do it with style by buying and equipping their best skins available in the game.

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