Best Kennen Skins | LoL

Both League of Legends and WIld RIft have good and evil ninjas. The Heart of the Tempest, Kennen, is the one who seeks balance between the two.

best kennen skins lol
best kennen skins lol

Kennen, a yordle by birth, a ninja by choice, ventured out to Ionia to find balance in all things. Both the world and the game of League of Legends, however, are never in a state of balance, so his quest will not end any time soon. In this quest of his, Riot Games have given him a number of skins, the best of which we have chosen for our list.

DWG Kennen

Starting off with a Legacy skin, we bring you Kennen’s DWG skin. Released in honor of Damwon Gaming’s victory during League of Legends’ 2020 World Championship.

The DWG Kennen skin was released, as all World Championship skins are, the following year, on April 29, 2021. With a price of 1350 RP, it updates this League of Legends champion with new animations, particle effects, and sounds, all of which change your in-game experience.

As part of the winning team, and sharing the skin with champions such as Twisted Fate on mid-lane, Nuguri’s winning performance brought us the DWG Kennen skin. As “Nuguri” means raccoon, this skin’s in-game model, and splash art are based off of a raccoon, with his recall animation having the champion hold a raccoon doll while going to sleep.

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Super Kennen

Lightning Rush, an ability for which Kennen is known for, is very much something that a superhero would use. Riot Games seem to agree, so they added the Super Kennen skin to the game. Though, this superhero is a cute action figure and not the real thing we love it precisely for that reason.

The Super Kennen skin was released on April 01, 2017, as a half-serious April Fools joke. It did not stay a joke though, with the skin updating his in-game model and particle effects, for a price of 750 RP in League of Legends, and 525 Wild Cores in Wild Rift.

The Super Kennen skin is one whose splash art and in-game model would make for a good addition to Wild Rift as a default skin, the same way that Infernal Kennen is the default champion look in Teamfight Tactics. With the special particle effects update of his Q ability, allowing Kennen to wield electric blue lightning, having Kennen’s item build path be full of ability power items never felt more satisfying. The fact that the skin was inspired by Marvel’s Quicksilver is, without a doubt, a boon as well.

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Kennen M.D.

League of Legends diminutive ninja has only two skins that do not make him out to be some sort of operative. They are the Karate Kennen skin, and Kennen M.D. Since Kennen M.D. reminds us of One Piece’s Tony Chopper, we consider it to be the better of the two skins, and deserving of a place on our list.

The Kennen M.D. skin was released on March 29, 2011, with a price of 750 RP and with updates that focus on his in-game model.

This League of Legends champion skin turns Kennen, as the name implies, into a doctor. His Thundering Shuriken is made of scalpels in-game, and his cowl is replaced by a surgical cap. It is the perfect skin for an AD item build. As his splash art depicts Kennen doing an MRI scan on Cho’Gath, we believe only The Blade of The Ruined King may be up to the task of cutting the patient open and retrieving what is inside.

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Arctic Ops Kennen

The world of Runeterra, the birthplace of League of Legends, is home to quite a few climates. And the game of war is played in each and every one of them. The Arctic Ops Kennen skin prepares this Ionian champion for some harsher weather conditions by giving him a new uniform.

The Arctic Ops Kennen skin was released on December 29, 2011, with a price of 975 RP in League of Legends, and 725 Wild Core in Wild Rift. AS is the case with most of Kennen’s skins, the Arctic Ops skin’s updates are focused on his in-game appearance and champion model.

A skin being present in both Riot MOBA games, League of Legends and Wild Rift, speaks volumes of the skin’s design and success among the player base. Arctic Ops Kennen makes a single change that brings the champion closer to the ninjas from Naruto, by exchanging his shuriken for a kunai.

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While Kennen was not among the first 40 champions in League of Legends, he came along soon after, with the second influx of champions. Due to his popularity, a constant place in the meta, and a kit that can change the course of a team fight, Riot Games have awarded the champion with a plethora of skins.

All of his skins tell a story, whether that story is of proving to be the best in the world, as DWG Kennen does, of his noble nature as his Super Kennen skin shows, the potential for the cuteness of Kennen M.D, or how deadly Kennen can be, proven by his Arctic Ops skin, they are all part of his quest for balance.

Contrary to Kennen, one champion that is the embodiment of imbalance, only ever going one way or the other, is Kayn, with his red and blue incarnations. He is, however, very cool-looking and his skins are pieces of art, with the best of them featured on our top Kennen skins list.

To discover the rest of the champions League of Legends has to offer and their best lol skins, check out our collection and peruse at your leisure.