Best Morgana Skins | LoL

Morgana trusts the fallible humans more than the divine. While her sister Kayle rules the heavens, Morgana languishes with mortals.

Updated on Sep 11, 2023
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Best Morgana Skins | LoL

The epic battle of light and darkness takes an unusual turn with Morgana. She is no counterpart to Kayle’s searing light, but the shadow that light leaves in its path. As she is one of the two mortals that overcame their Aspects, she more than deserves a place on our list of her best skins.

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Blackthorn Morgana

The default Morgana skin, as well as lore, portrays her as a human. Albeit one descended from the wielder of an Aspect, but a human nonetheless. Blackthorn Morgana, on the other hand, portrays her as one of the few Dark Forest elves, wielding dark magics. Blackthorn Morgana has, in concert with her ultimate ability, chained this ancient dark art to herself, being the only one capable of using it.


The skin was released on May 23, 2021, with a price of 1350 RP. This skin updates Morgana’s sound effects, as well as her animations, and, as such, is well worth the price.


As a design, Blackthorn Morgana gives off the feeling of barely restrained power, taken forcefully and used to nefarious ends. It pulls the character away from the grayscale Riot is putting everyone in these days, and makes her the classic evil fantasy villain we all think of. After all, the champion is named after Morgana La Fey, the greatest sorceress who ever lived, and Blackthorn Morgana lives up to that claim.


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Victorious Morgana

Victorious Morgana is Syndra, but done right. Where the default Syndra skin leaves much to be desired as a sorceress of great power, Victorious Morgana owns that niche and makes it her own. With a color scheme that deviates from the usual dark purple, though not by much, Victorious Morgana would fit in perfectly as a Noxian noble, perhaps even a member of the Black Rose society.


Victorious Morgana was released on November 11, 2014, and was awarded to players that finished that year’s season ranked Gold or above. As such, the skin cannot be bought, but its age gives players a veteran status on the Rift. Besides the prestige the skin brings, it also offers new animations and particle effects to all of Morgana’s abilities.


Morgana’s default lore revolves around her being everything her sister Kayle isn’t. She holds no significant material possession, nor does she dispense justice upon mortals as a living divinity. Instead, the Victorious Morgana skin moves Morgana away from the Aspect storyline and places her upon a Queen’s throne. As such, Victorious Morgana is a default Syndra done well, and a non-corrupted Lissandra, at the same time.


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Bewitching Morgana Prestige Edition

Another skin that can not be bought in League of Legends is Bewitching Morgana’s prestige edition skin. The original Bewitching Morgana skin portrays Morgana as a witch, rather than a sorceress with divine power. As such, the Bewitching Morgana skin is more in line with dark than high fantasy.


Bewitching Morgana Prestige Edition was released on November 7, 2021, and is Morgana’s newest skin. This skin can only be bought using Prestige points and has no RP price.


As the skin’s design was created with a completely different theme in mind, compared to the usual high fantasy skins, Bewitching Morgana’s new animations, and particle effects are on a different level. The Prestige Edition of this skin is even better, as its splash art and in-game model give Morgana some much-needed lighter colors. While dark colors are all well and good, shadows can only be noticed where there is light. With some gold and white taking the place of the usual black and purple, Bewitching Morgana Prestige Edition is the skin that embodies Morgana’s lore the most, that of a benevolent witch roaming the world of the mortals.


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Ghost Bride Morgana

“Hell hath no wrath like a woman scorned” seems to be the theme Riot had gone for when designing the Ghost Bride Morgana skin. As one of the older Morgana skins, Ghost Bride is a skin designed in a simpler time, when Riot relied on already established myths and legends, rather than making their own.


The Ghost Bride Morgana skin was released on June 13, 2013, and is priced at a respectable 975 RP. It offers Morgana new animations and sounds, aside from the stunning splash art.


Though, as stated previously, Ghost Bride Morgana is a skin that takes inspiration from various fables of abandoned women seeking revenge from beyond the grave, this skin adds its own twist to the myth. As the default Morgana skin already resembles a wraith with her appearance, Ghost Bride is, instead, an example of Riot’s first forays into magical technology, where the ends justify the means. Even if those means give birth to a being that abducts innocents that cross their path.


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Exiled Morgana

The Exiled Morgana skin is a captured moment in time. As per the lore, the two sisters each inherited part of the power their mother wielded as the Aspect of Justice. When, due to differing ideologies, they came to blows, their father suffered and Morgana surrendered her sword to Kayle in sorrow and left in self-imposed exile.


Exiled Morgana was released on June 01, 2010, and is the first Morgana skin. Though priced at 975 RP, this is a Legacy skin, and can only be bought with the opening of the Legacy Vault. Though the skin only updates Morgana’s sound effects, the splash art and model more than make up for the rest.


Exiled Morgana is a skin that shows us what Morgana was before she saw the truth of the world, and how her power affected the mortals she lived with. Currently, Morgana’s powers and lore are more focused on giving her a supporting role in the world, both literally and figuratively, while the Exiled Morgana skin shows her in all her divine glory and power. While Kayle’s version of justice is that which has no compassion, this skin shows us that Morgana’s was one of righteous fury.


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Blade Mistress Morgana

As the only Morgana skin featured in Wild Rift, Blade Mistress Morgana is an obvious pick for our list. This skin removes the magical aspect of Morgana’s design completely and instead places her in a space opera setting.


Blade Mistress Morgana was released on December 01, 2010, and is the cheapest skin on our list, priced at 750 RP. For this low price, Morgana only gains a visual update, and that is one of the reasons the skin is featured in Wild Rift, as well.


While Blade Mistress Morgana is not League of Legends’ only space-themed skin or one that may fall under the sci-fi category, it is one of the rare skins whose lore is is completely removed from fantasy, compared to the Cosmic skin line. As such, Blade Mistress Morgana, taking into account the skin’s age, is a remnant of Riot’s forays into sci-fi, before establishing Runterra and the basic worldbuilding.


If you’ve played League of Legends for any length of time, you’ve been on the receiving end of a dark binding or had your whole team cc’d by the soul shackles. 

After all, Morgana has been doing just that for the past 11 years, and with various looks, courtesy of her large collection of skins. Whether you are looking for a benevolent witch, a dangerous dark elf, or a renegade spacefarer, Morgana has it all.

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