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Best Illaoi Skins | LoL

The Kraken priestess, Illaoi, will fight in the Summoner’s Rift with the power of the God of serpent Isle, here we’ll see how it merges with her different skins.
Best Illaoi Skins | LoL

Ilaoi's playstyle involves using tentacles to attack (she’s a praiser of the Kraken after all). Although she hasn’t received that many skins, let’s see what are the bests for this League of Legends champion.


Illaoi Voidbringer

As if fighting stealing people’s souls in the name of the Kraken isn’t enough, Illaoi Voidbringer has a terrifying look that belongs to the void-themed skins.

Now everything about her is purple, scary, devilish, and evil. This version of the champion became available on the same day she arrived at League of Legends for only 1350 RP.

Illaoi Voidbringer is an excellent skin that has a lot of things for the champion and that is worth its price.

This skin includes a new voice filter for the quotes that her voice actress Watts Recorded, as well as new visual and sound effects for the champion, and some new animations that look great.

The splash art for this skin was created by Alvin Lee, we have no doubts that this skin was a great way to welcome the champion to the game, and to further release some new skins in the future, like Resistance Illaoi.

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Cosmic Invoker Illaoi

In this universe, Illaoi has the raw power of cosmic creation, which can restore life in places that have been already eradicated, since this skin and the Dark Star belong to the same universe we can assume that Illaoi restores the life in those places of the cosmos where the Dark Stars have erased all living creatures from existence.

Cosmic Invoker Illaoi became available on 24th November 2020, exactly five years after her release, which is pretty awesome and makes us wonder if Riot Games did it on purpose (most likely they did). 

The skin features a voice filter for the quotes of the champion, as well as new animations and particles that give the tentacles she invokes the iconic cosmic look that this series of skin is famous for.

The new animations look stunning in the game when attacking nearby enemies with abilities like “Harsh Lesson”. 

The splash art comes directly from West Studios and the skin has seven chromas available to customize the colors of Illaoi before jumping in the rift and starting to deal big damage. 

These skins, also known as “Cosmetics” resemble a lot to Aurelion So, as we can see in Cosmic Blade Master Yi.

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Illaoi’s tentacles can be extremely annoying when played by the right hands, for those main Illaoi out there it will be only a matter of time once she’s fed to carry the match and take the team to victory by stealing from them their spirits. 

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