Best Zed Skins | LoL

Zed is one of the most famous champions in League of Legends. If you are looking to buy one of his skins, check out this list to help you with your choice.

Updated on Mar 05, 2024
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Best Zed Skins | LoL

One of the hardest but most rewarding champions to master, Zed the Master of Shadows, has received a lot of skin releases since the release of League of Legends. 

With a terrifying and sinister-looking concept, Zed has a lot of unique and marvelous skins available in the game. Here is a list of all the best Zed skins in League of Legends. 

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Shockblade Zed

The first skin release for Zed, the Shockblade still holds as one of the best skins for this champion. Shockblade Zed has a concept of a white ninja that has electric powers, which makes the Master of Shadows look like he is faster and more powerful. The white-clad ninja appearance of the Shockblade skin also looks like Storm Shadow from G.I. Joe.


Looking at the splash art above, Zed now has cool-looking blades that resemble the Batarang. The sad thing is that Shockblade Zed retained the claws of his classic skin, but there is not much to expect from this skin because Shockblade Zed is one of the oldest and cheapest skins in the game.

But don’t get discouraged since this skin has new sounds, animations, and particles. Shockblade Zed summons a lightning bolt on his enemies every time he hits them with a Razor Shuriken and Contempt for the weak. Not only that, but his ultimate, Death Mark, has a blue color instead of the classic black one.


Shockblade Zed also has cool lightning sounds, which leave a great touch to the skin.

Shockblade Zed, released on November 13, 2012, is currently available in the League store for 975 Riot Points. It was also released in Wild Rift recently last year, July 2, 2020.


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PROJECT: ZED Prestige Edition

This skin is one of the rare prestige editions that is available in the game. It features Zed as a villain of the PROJECT storyline in League of Legends. It differs from the classic PROJECT: Zed skin, like the spiky white-colored hair, robot visor mask, and fitted armor.


As you can see in the splash art above, PROJECT: Zed Prestige Edition is just a slightly different version of the classic PROJECT skin. It has gold colors and looks like a mini Gundam skin, which is great for the fans of the franchise.

Since this is one of the skins in the prestige and mythic category, expect changes to the animation, particles, sound, and model. PROJECT: Zed Prestige Edition has awesome glowing blades and gold armor.

His Razor Shuriken and Living Shadow leave a trail of robotic gold particles, making the skin cooler.


On top of that, his Death Mark leaves an alternating gold mechanical logo on his enemies before exploding. Sadly, this skin retains some of the animations of the classic PROJECT: Zed, like the recall and crit animations.

PROJECT: Zed Prestige Edition was released recently last June 24, 2021. This skin may only be acquired through the 2021 Prestige Shop for 100 prestige points.


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Galaxy Slayer Zed

The only Legendary skin in this list, Galaxy Slayer, brings the most drastic changes to Zed. This skin makes it seem like Zed has the power of the stars in his hands. Galaxy Slayer Zed has a concept of an all-powerful world-slaying assassin. It has a new model, texture, animations, colors, and sounds.

Not only that, but it has unique interactions, and there is even a single voice line that pays honor to Faker’s legendary play, in which Zed says, “Look at the skills, look at the moves, Zed, what was that?” after killing an enemy Zed.


In the splash art above, you can see that Zed has a new type of blade. Super Galaxy Zed has claws and outer blades that are gold in color. On top of that, Zed has a crown and purple aura seen around him.

This skin does not fall behind in terms of in-game animations either. It has a new dance ( playing a boombox), taunt (shows numerous blades), joke (examining a miniature volcano), laugh (controls a gold orb while laughing), and recall (performs a blade dance before using some of his blades as stands).


Galaxy Slayer Zed also excels In terms of skill animations and sounds. His Razor Shurikens look like futuristic galaxy-themed weapons that leave a trail when thrown. On the other hand, when used, Zed’s ultimate will leave a mark that looks like his outer blade that contracts to damage enemies.

Galaxy Slayer Zed, released on April 18, 2019, is currently available on the League store for 1820 Riot Points.


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Debonair Zed

The newest skin for Zed, Debonair, offers a classy look for this champion.

It has a concept of a suave guy with a formal white suit that will leave everyone astonished. The skin itself has a mix of yellow, white, and purple for the model. While the particles and colors for the abilities will have purple colors.


In the splash art above, you can see that Zed is ready to enter a party with his sophisticated suit and shadow bodyguards that are trailing behind him. The corrupted purple blades go well with the colors of the skin.

This skin’s best feature is probably Zed and his shadows.

Every time Zed casts an ability, like the Razor Shuriken or Shadow Slash, the shadow will produce purple colors while Zed has yellow. Riot Games deserves praise for implementing this concept in the skin.

The recall and dance animations are also brilliant. Zed will walk on a red carpet while being captured by a lot of cameras. While the dance animation shows Zed grooving to the music while his shadow catches his hat after dropping it.


Debonair Zed was released last December 8, 2021. It is currently available in the League store for 1350 Riot Points.


There you have it; this is the end of the article for best Zed Skins in LoL. Hope you liked the list and bought some of the Zed skins listed above. 

Some skins did not make it into this list, namely PsyOps Zed, Death Sworn Zed, Championship Zed, and the classic PROJECT: ZED. Choose the skin you think is the best, but the list above is probably the best choice for you.

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