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Best Singed Skins | LoL

There is grimdark, and then there is Singed. This League of Legends champion is the definition of the saying: “The end justifies the means”.
Best Singed Skins | LoL

Quite literally the first League of Legends champion Riot Games ever designed, the Mad Chemist is an old member of the game, indeed. He is, also, responsible for the creation of a big number of other League of Legends champions, directly or indirectly. For that, we bring you a list of his best skins, augmentations of his own body.


Augmented Singed

Before Singed was hired, and richly rewarded, by Noxus he was an impoverished scientist in the bowels of Zaun. To progress his own ideas he needed test subjects, and usually ended up experimenting on himself. As a result of that, we get the Augmented Singed skin.

The Augmented Singed skin was released on July 08, 2012. With a price tag of 975 RP in League of Legends and 725 Wild Cores in Wild Rift, it brings a new in-game model to the champion. His splash art makes shows him releasing his poison trail.

The date of the release coincidentally lines up to the date of the premiere of the then-new Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises, in which Bane is the main villain. The Augmented Singed skin transforms the champion into a Bane lookalike. As such, Augmented Singed is the most buff of all Singed skins.

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Mad Scientist Singed

The moniker given to Singed in both League of Legends and Wild Rift is the Mad Chemist. It certainly fits, as he is very mad, and a brilliant chemist. To put a greater focus on that aspect of the Mad Chemist’s design, Riot Games awarded him with a Mad Scientist skin.

The Mad Scientist Singed skin was added to the game on September 25, 2011. With a price of 750 RP, it updates the Mad Chemist with a new outfit, befitting of a Mad Scientist.

Singed can, rarely, be called a cool-looking League of Legends champion. However, with the Mad Scientist Singed skin, we can certainly call him that. After all, there is charm in intellect, and this showcases it beautifully. The only other Singed skin that can compete in that field with the Mad Scientist is the SSW Singed, as it was released for winning the 2014 League of Legends World Championship.

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Beekeeper Singed

Moving away from the darkness that surrounds the Mad Chemist and his lore, we have the Beekeeper Singed skin. This skin is glazed in honey, and we don’t feel as evil when using it in-game. 

With this skin, Singed is a beekeeper, and they protect nature, rather than destroy it.

The Beekeeper Singed skin was added to the game on October 11, 2017. For a price of 1350 RP, the base champion gets new animations, particle effects, and sounds. His recall animation even has a reference to the Bee Movie.

As stated previously, Beekeeper Singed is, well, a beekeeper of honey bees. He carries a honeycomb on his back, and instead of glue, grounds champions with honey all over League of Legends. Unlike his main lore of a war criminal and a scientist with no empathy, this skin brings a fuzzy feeling to the champion, as fuzzy as the honey bees he keeps.

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Resistance Singed

Resistance Singed is the newest skin in Singed’s collection. It portrays the champion in an alternate League of Legends universe, fighting against champions such as Battlecast Nasus alongside Resistance Jayce.

The Resistance Singed skin was released in League of Legends on November 12, 2020, with a price of 1350 RP. As the newest skin, its updates are also the most comprehensive and up to the standard of modern League of Legends. 

The base champion gets new animations, sounds, and particle effects alongside the in-game model and amazing splash art. Augmented Singed is the only other Singed skin capable of taking on Resistance Singed in an arm wrestle.

The Mad Chemist’s Black Scourge skin shares some similarities to the Resistance Singed, with both of their universes being based on the aftermath of an apocalypse. However, of the two, the quality of updates takes Resistance Singed to another level. In addition to that, this skin is inspired by the Terminator franchise.

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Riot Squad Singed

One of the rarest skins in the game, the Riot Squad Singed skin is a play on words. Along with the other Riot skins, he was obtainable by either meeting a Riot Games employee, attending an official Riot event, or through purchase in the store during events in 2011.

The Riot Squad Singed skin was released on June 25, 2010. The skin has no price for which it can be bought, as that is no longer possible. 

The final opportunity to purchase him from the store was 2011's PAX Prime. The same type of event where skins such as Pax Twisted Fate were awarded in 2009.

Rivaling the Rusty Blitzcrank and Championship Riven skins in rarity, Riot Squad Singed is an antique. Not only is the skin old, but any account that owns it is very precious indeed. 

The play on words this skin is based on, as are all other Riot skins, is completed with the update of the Mad Chemists in-game model, with a riot shield, on which the old logo of Riot Games is displayed, and a new color for his poison trail, reminiscent of tear gas used by the police.

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Shen is another League of Legends champion who has suffered from the impact Snged has had on the world. His homeland of Ionia was ravaged by the alchemical weapons the Mad Chemist crafted for Noxus, and is now a changed man. To see his spiritual journey, presented via his skins, it’s best to take a look at the best of them.

If you’re interested in taking a look at the rest of the game’s universe, the champions Singed has helped create and the skins these champions have, the easiest way to do so is to follow our lead.

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