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Best Shyvana Skins | LoL

League of Legends has a lot of champions with a Dragonslayer skin line. But there is only one dragon stalking the game, and that is Shyvana!
Best Shyvana Skins | LoL

Riot Games have recently put out a poll to determine which champion will receive a rework this season. One of the offered champions is the half-dragon, Shyvana

While the game has 6 different elemental dragons to battle and slay, Shyvana is the only playable one. For that reason, here is a list of her best skins, to prepare you should she be the champion chosen for the rework.


Championship Shyvana

The Championship skin line is one where League of Legends champions are given new skins in celebration of that year’s World Championship. The Championship Shyvana skin was released in celebration of the Season 4 World Championship. With this skin, as can be seen on her splash art, Shyvana’s Human form looks more human than with other skins, with her draconic origin being represented by her armor.

The Championship Shyvana skin arrived to League of Legends on October 13, 2014. Priced at 975 RP, it brings new updates to the base champion design, with new animations, sounds, and particle effects, to both her Human and Dragon forms. Championship Shyvana is only two years younger than the famously rare Championship Riven skin, and is, likewise, placed in the Legacy vault.

The Championship Shyvana skin was the first Championship skin to not feature a Roman numeral representing the corresponding season. Just like all Championship skins, Championship Shyvana moves the base League of Legends champion from her primary red color, to a dark blue. With that color scheme and her Dragon form, in our personal opinion, the Championship Shyvana skin resembles Acnologia from Fairy Tail.

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Boneclaw Shyvana

Dragons appear in myths all over the world. Western ones are beings of greed and destruction, while eastern ones offer guidance to mortals. The base Shyvana champion design has her lean more toward the western ones, while The Boneclaw Shyvana skin has her resembling the eastern dragon myths.

The Boneclaw Shyvana skin was released on November 01, 2011. It is one of her two champion release skins, as well as Shyvana’s cheapest skin with a price of 520 RP.

Boneclaw Shyvana resides in an extended League of Legends universe, one that is inspired by the Monster Hunter series to a big extent. Her human form resembles the titular Princess Mononoke by Hayao Miyazaki, while her Dragon form exchanges scales for white fur, making this the prettiest Shyvana skin in the game.

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Super Galaxy Shyvana

On average, Shyvana’s skins tend to follow the route of blood, gore, and dark emotions. The Super Galaxy Shyvana skin is her only League of Legends skin that stands out, with lighter color tones and space adventures.

This, more sci-fi, look and adventurous feeling can only be rivaled by her Hextech Shyvana skin, which is exclusive to Wild Rift, unfortunately.

The Super Galaxy Shyvana skin was released on May 26, 2016. With a price tag of 1350 RP, rivaled only by the Ruined Shyvana skin, the updates to the champion are immense. Shyvana gains new particle effects, recall animations, and sounds in-game, for her Human and Dragon forms.

By far the most experienced of the entire Super Galaxy team, Shyvana is the leader her teammates sorely need. With her being a space dragon, you can only imagine how much magic damage her flame breath is going to deal. If she even breathes fire and not something else.

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Ruined Shyvana

The latest League of Legends seasonal event, that had an impact on both the game and the lore, was The Ruination, and the Rise of the Sentinels story.

In it, the Ruined King, Viego, corrupts the game’s champions and raises them as revenants to distract the forces of good while he carries out his evil plan. One of those revenants is Ruined Shyvana.

The Ruined Shyvana skin was released on January 21, 2021 and is her newest skin, with a price of 1350 RP. Following its release are other skins from the Ruined skin line, such as Ruined Karma and Ruined Draven, as well as members of the Shan Hai Scrolls skin line, such as Shan Hai Scrools Jhin.

It brings new animations, particle effects, sounds, and a brand new voice filter to the base Shyvana design, to both her Human and Dragon form. Though Riot Games botched the event, they did not botch the Ruined Shyvana skin.

Ruined Shyvana is, very obviously, not a force of good, nor a protector of the innocent.

However, unlike her Ice Drake Shyvana skin where she is a force of nature unto herself and completely divested of humanity, or her Darkflame Shyvana skin, which is just plain evil, the Ruined Shyvana skin has real motivations behind its design.

Now, Shyvana’s rage at the oppression of mages under the rule of Demacia is unchecked, and she swears retribution upon all of Demacia.

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All across the League of Legends in-game universe, champions are changing nature and nature is affecting them in turn, creating more and more skins. To keep up with this ever-expanding universe of champion skins, take a look at our main lol skin hub.

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