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Best Gragas Skins | LoL

The rabble rouser is an old champion and someone who could win a beer-drinking competition, his skins are strange but we’ll take a look at best the ones here.

Updated on Sep 19, 2022
Best Gragas Skins | LoL

According to Riot Games, Gragas is supposed to be played in the Jungle, which makes smite one of the most common summoner spells used on him, but that hasn’t stopped players to play him in the bot lane as a support, in the mid lane, or the top. 

Thanks to his innate skill Happy Hour or his Barrel Roll he is useful in team fights to deal magic damage, or his body slam, which can help him flee from one by dashing through walls. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the best Gragas skins in League of Legends.

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Santa Gragas

Before he made it into the Snowdown Showdown universe of skins, there were other Santas, but no one could beat him at that role, he’s got the attitude and looks the part with his big Santa-like belly to damage enemies.

This version of Gragas is a Legendary skin that came out in 2010, which is also the same year he arrived in League of Legends, curiously enough, previous to this one, Gragas had received two more skins that same year.

This aspect just gives him a more festive look of course, but it doesn’t add any major changes for Gragas, besides some new sound and visual effects for him. Summoners may get it when the Legacy vault opens again for 975 RP.


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Oktoberfest Gragas

There’s only one character that could be the perfect fit to represent the Oktoberfest in the Wonders of the World universe of skin, of course, we’re talking about Gragas.

Two years later of his release, Gragas had received six skins, this one joins the section of skins that are not Legendary. It was released on 21st September 2012, this skin is the first one in adding new animations for the League of Legends champion besides just new particles.

Oktoberfest Gragas looks classic and it wouldn’t be a bad choice if you want a skin for Gragas that is rather old and that has at least the minimum of new particles and new animations for this man who’s in the look for the perfect pint of ale.


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Superfan Gragas

Soccer seems to be everywhere, even in alternate versions of Runaterra, that’s why in the Soccer cup universe of skins, champions are either the judges, members of a team, or wild super fans, like Gragas.

Superfan Gragas is yet another Legendary skin for this jungler, being this the fourth, it became available for 750 RP on 18th June 2014 which also has some new visual and sound effects.

It isn’t a memorable skin, since, there are best options available for him, despite that, if you like Gragas and soccer, then go for it when the legacy vault opens again.


4 /5

Caskbreaker Gragas

Everyone will have to prepare their dice and luck to join the Rift Quest universe of skin. Gragas joined this theme of skins on seventh December 2015 as a Cleric who does drink a lot.

Depending on who’s telling you about him, Gragas Caskbreaker is a pious, sun-worshipping cleric or a despicable drunk, no matter which one you believe him to be, it doesn’t change the fact that he looks the part in this universe, which his new visual and sound effects further improve, it’s worth mentioning that this skin is also available in Wild Rift.

If something is interesting about the Rift Quest skins is the number of champions that are part of it, it’s great to see how groups of them appear one next to the other on the same splash art, which in the case of Gragas, we can also see Varus Swiftbolt and Braum Lionheart.


5 /5

Warden Gragas

David Villegas, from West Studios, is responsible for the best splash art Gragas has ever got, Warden Gragas is the most impressive skin the champion has due to the total changes he received, setting aside his usual day-to-day look of a man who drinks a lot, to become this imposing armored defender.

If it wasn’t for the barrel of liquor, he’d be hard to recognize in this Warden-themed skin, besides the look, he also has some new visuals as well as sounds for his particles and a voice filter to make things even better.

This is the last skin the mage has received up to this date, Riot Games released it on 7th January 2021, this version of Gragas also has available eight chromas to customize the colors of the skin, but unfortunately, it’s not available in Wild Rift.


It can be said that Gragas is a champion that’s easy to play and also fun, Riot Games made sure to design him and his abilities as simple as possible, his skins have been nice so far. 

Players are even asking Riot Games to release a KDA Gragas, but the company will probably keep their rights reserved regarding that. Other champions in the jungle require a bit more skill when it comes to playing, like Graves, whose best skins you can find here.

Still, looking for more characters? We’ve got covered the best skins in LoL for each champion here.

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