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Best Kaisa Skins | LoL

This Marksman from the Void is a champion whose skins are eye-catching and the kind any main Kai’sa would love to possess all of them.
Best Kaisa Skins | LoL

Despite living a normal life, when she was only 10, Kai’sa’s family and the village she lived in were swallowed by earth with the awakening of the Void. There, after a creature attacked her, Kai’sa defeated it with just a knife, she used the body of that same creature to defend herself from the others, only to realize that, it was becoming part of her, turning her into a determined and sharp hunter who survived in the Void.

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Lagoon Dragon Kai’sa

In the universe of Dragonmancers, Kai’sa submerged herself in the unknown waters of the lagoon where the Dragon lives, this one recognize her courage and granted her the power enough to stand against the corrupt Brand.

This skin came in on 28th October 2021. In this skin, Kai’sa looks stunning and she is an excellent addition to the Dragonmancers theme. The emerald green and aquamarine hues in it, as well as the golden details, give Kai’sa a mystic look that perfectly suits her.

For those who are totally in love with this skin, they can get it for 1350 RP, which seems to be the standard price for every other skin of this marksman in the game, and for sure, this one brings new visual and sound effects, as well as new animations and chromas. Without a doubt one of Kai’sa’s best skins.

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Arcade Kai’sa

In this universe, Kai’sa is a bounty hunter and ex-soldier in her videogame “PixelVoid II”. Everything seemed to be ok where she belongs, but the so-called Battle Bosses infected her game, what they didn’t know is that Kai’sa has tons of experience against hard bosses, so they might regret messing with her.

Arcade Kai’sa shows us the character wearing a golden variation of the classic stocking she uses for better mobility, red wine shorts, and a green top, holding her weapons of gold and light blue colors, Kai’sa also uses a pair of headsets with the emblematic Arcade star.

The skin came on 28th June 2019, it’s available in the store for 1350 RP. It has some nice sound and visual effects as well as animations as chromas to customize the colors of the champion. You can get those Riot Points for free using freecash (read our experience with freecash).

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Bullet Angel Kai’sa

When she was a lieutenant in the Royal Space MIlitary, Bullet Angel Kai’sa was sanctioned for using the X01-Butterfly, this battle suit proved to be too lethal, that’s why in just one mission, Kai’sa fled with it. Becoming one of the deadliest guns for hire in the Galaxy.

Bullet Angel Kai’sa came alongside the marksman on 07 March 2018, and for being her first skin, it’s a full package. The skin features new visual and stunning sound effects, new incredible animations, chromas, and even new quotes for the champion that turn her into a living weapon.

This skin forms part of the Steel Valkyries universe, which other champions share the same theme, these are Aether Wing Valkyrie, Blade Mistress Morgana, and Gun Goddess Miss Fortune.

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iG Kai’sa

iG Kai’sa comes to League of Legends as part of the World Championship universe of skins, to be more specific, in the 2018 League of Legends World Championship that was celebrated by Riot Games in South Korea.

iG Kai’sa has a sinister yet simple look. Her design shows us the marksman on a fully white suit with details in black, with pale blonde hair and intense yellow eyes with a cat-like iris. The skin came as a Legacy one and was available for 1350 RP.

Many teams gathered to the 2018 League of Legends World Championship, some of them were Fnatic G2 Esports, Cloud9, and the winners of that year, Invictus Gaming. Teams with excellent players deserve recognition.

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K/DA Kai’sa Prestige Edition

K/DA Prestige Edition Kai’sa is the “luxurious” edition of the standard K/DA skin of the character. The K/DA universe introduces us to the K-Pop group formed by the champions Akali, Evelyn, Ahri, and, of course, Kai’sa.

The Prestige Edition of this K/DA skin cost 2500 World Tokens a fair amount, taking into account that this skin looks stunning, it’s one that’s considered Rare/Unlimited, therefore, you won’t see it that often in the rift.

This skin offers summoners the K/DA skin with new golden colors, the signature of the Prestige Editions. This skin, just as the standard K/DA has new visual and sound effects, but this one has a golden hue to the overall particles of the skin.

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K/DA ALL OUT Kai’sa Prestige Edition

After the showcase of her excellent singing skills in the K/DA skins. Kai’sa makes her comeback to the stages renewed and ready to impress all audiences. The regular K/DA ALL OUT skin has a rather simple color palette, but this version takes it to a whole new level.

K/DA ALL OUT Prestige Edition Kai’sa takes things beyond for the regular K/DA ALL OUT skin. Just as the K/DA skin, this one takes a gold and silver palette with diamond-like details in the wings she uses to shoot enemies.

This is another skin that’s considered Rare/Limited for the marksman, unlike her previous prestige skin, this one was available for 2000 World 2020 Tokens and has some new visual and sound effects for the champion, as well as particles.

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Marksman in the rift are a vital part of any team, Kai’sa has some amazing skins for you to show off in any game, female characters are usually the ones who have the most unique skins, one of them is Kalista, a marksman with exclusive skins that you can check out in our best Kalista skins.

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