What Are Eternals in LoL? [Deep Explanation]

The main feature of LoL may be its ranked system and climb, but the players have another way of checking their progress; it's the Eternals system.

Updated on Feb 11, 2024
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What Are Eternals in LoL? [Deep Explanation]

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League of Legends Eternals represent a sophisticated system of champion-specific stat-trackers designed to highlight and celebrate players' achievements and noteworthy moments with their favorite champions. 

Eternals offer a dynamic way to showcase your prowess and memorable plays within the game, acting as a testament to your skill and dedication to a particular champion

Eternals are meticulously tailored to track both unique and general gameplay milestones specific to each champion in League of Legends. This dual tracking system allows Eternals to capture a wide array of accomplishments, from general achievements applicable to all champions to those unique feats that underscore a player's specific expertise and playstyle with a single champion.

When a player achieves a milestone related to an Eternal, an in-game callout will appear on the side of the screen. This notification is not just a personal pat on the back; it's designed to be seen by others in the game, allowing you to "flex" your achievements and moments of glory to both teammates and opponents alike.

At their core, Eternals serve as a personal highlight reel for each champion you play, cataloging the "cool" moments and achievements you've earned over time. Whether it's executing a flawless combo, reaching a kill milestone, or surviving battles against the odds, Eternals preserve these memories, making your journey with each champion uniquely memorable and rewarding.

How Many Eternals Are There in LoL

As we've said before, Eternals track champion-specific information. However, they are all divided into groups, with each eternal representing a different playstyle.

The WardenControlling enemy champions, and the flow of battle. Enemy champions affected by crow control, for example!
The ProtectorKeeping yourself and allies in the fight. Buffing allied champions, or tanking enemy damage.
The EmpressOutplaying enemy champions with skill. The epitome of playing the same champion, and one-tricking them.
The Guide
The playmaker and shot-caller of the game, helping allies carry games without them knowing.
The Warrior
Crushing foes mercilessly, and being an unstoppable force on the Rift. Especially applicable when killing the same enemy champion over and over again in the top lane.
The Trickster
Controlled chaos. The ones who revel in clown fiesta games, and win them every time. Hitting enemy champions when and where they least expect it.

LoL Eternals Explained

What is the Point of Eternals in LoL?

Same as with the skins in League of Legends, the point of Eternals in LoL is to flex on your opponents.

Eternals appear during the match loading screen, showing the information relating to said champion, such as:

  • The number of times you've dunked on enemies as a Darius,
  • Enemy champions hit by a skill shot,
  • Enemy champions stunned as Leona,
  • How many turrets you've destroyed as Yorick,
  • Epic monsters slain as a jungler,
  • Enemy champions knocked up by an Alistar combo,
  • Enemy champions killed.

It also shows your information when you've killed an enemy, for additional psychological warfare effect.

How to Get Eternals in League of Legends?

To acquire Eternals' sets, you can head to the champion detail page, find the new Progression section, or visit the Eternals tab in the Store:

  1. Open the in-Client Store
  2. Open the Champions Section
  3. Open the Eternals Tab
  4. Buy the Eternal for the corresponding champion

How To Get Eternals in LoL

There are two ways to unlock Eternals. You can:

  • Unlock each set one champion at a time if you're focusing on your main characters. This method is ideal if you're interested in Eternals for just a few champions.
  • Alternatively, for those who want everything, you can opt for a Series Pass. This pass instantly unlocks all Eternals in a particular Series for every champion, including any new champions that Riot Games will introduce in the future. For instance, purchasing the Series 1 Pass means you'll receive all Series 1 Eternals for every current and future champion.

Can You Get Eternals For Free in LoL?

Similarly to getting free skins in League of Legends, free Eternals are also available.

To earn Eternals Capsules, you can:

  • Complete missions or
  • Play in a ranked game during special events.

Once you have an Eternals Capsule, you can use Orange Essence to unlock Eternals for your favorite champion.

Inside each Eternals Capsule, you'll find:

  • Two random RP-only Eternal Set Shards for different champions, and
  • A certain amount of Orange Essence.

However, the Orange Essence included is not enough on its own to unlock the Eternals. You'll need to gather more Orange Essence over time, hoping to get an Eternal for a champion you often play.

Eternal Capsules LoL

And there's no need to worry about your Eternals losing their charm. Even if new Eternals are introduced or a champion is reworked, your existing Eternals will transform into Legacy Eternals, increasing their rarity and value!

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