See The Fastest Way To Level 30 in LoL [4 Methods]

Level 30 in LoL allows you to play ranked games, so you might want to play a lot of matches and grab that first win of the day for bonus XP.

Updated on Feb 11, 2024
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See The Fastest Way To Level 30 in LoL [4 Methods]

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Through Playing Games & Winning For Extra XP

The most straightforward and effective way to level up in League of Legends is to play a multitude of games. The game mode doesn't matter—everything from a bot game with beginner bots to ARAM is valid. ARAM can be especially appealing for those looking to play shorter games.

Here's how the EXP system works:

  • Wins award more EXP than losses.
  • The longer the normal games, the more EXP you will earn.
  • The game must last at least 7 minutes to qualify for EXP.
  • Custom games do not yield any EXP.

The amount of EXP you can earn from a LoL match varies significantly, ranging from 50 to 300 XP, with the average sitting at about 200 XP. Riot Games has provided some averages: a 30-minute win nets you approximately 204 XP, while a 30-minute loss gives around 167 XP. This variance highlights the importance of not just playing frequently, but also aiming to win to maximize your leveling efficiency.

Note: When starting a new account in League of Legends, it's possible you'll be highlighted as a smurf account and if you have a League of Legends smurf account you will be playing against much better players every time. If you'd like to learn more, you can take a look at our guide about the smurf queue LoL.

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By Utilizing the "First Win of the Day" System

Starting from level 15, players unlock a special quest that refreshes every 20 hours and has no expiration. The objective is straightforward: secure your first win of the day in any matchmaking queue.

Achieving this grants you an extra 400 XP plus 50 Blue Essence, significantly boosting your leveling process. To maximize your EXP gains, it's advisable to log in daily and complete this quest. For those looking to level up even quicker, consider winning games in ARAM or bot practice mode. These modes typically have shorter match durations, allowing you to efficiently claim your bonus XP.

When playing bot games, aim straight for the enemy nexus to rack up wins more swiftly, bypassing time-consuming activities like tackling neutral monsters. This strategy ensures you get the most out of your daily experience boosts, propelling you towards higher levels at a faster pace.

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By Actively Completing Missions

In League of Legends, completing missions is another excellent way to earn additional EXP. Many of these missions are part of temporary events introduced by Riot Games, providing players with a steady stream of new challenges and the chance to gain more EXP upon completion.

LoL Missions

  1. To check the current missions, open the game client and look for the sidebar on the right of your profile. 
  2. Click on the icon that looks like a leaf or parchment at the bottom. This action opens the quest menu, where you can see which missions are available.
  3. Review these missions and aim to complete them to boost your EXP earnings.

These missions are usually designed so that you can complete them by playing normal games, and often, winning against the enemy team isn't a requirement.

By focusing on missions while also accumulating wins in normal or ranked games, reaching level 30 on your League of Legends account becomes significantly easier.

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Through Playing Against a Bot

Playing matches is the primary method to earn account XP in LoL, and securing wins accelerates your leveling. For those aiming to maximize their EXP gain efficiently, there's a strategy focusing on bot matches.

  1. Start by selecting a game against the AI and set the difficulty to Beginner.
  2. Choose champions for Mid Lane or Bot Lane that boast high attack speed and damage. Champions like Jhin, Tristana, or Tryndamere are excellent choices. Incorporating the lethal tempo rune can further enhance your performance.
  3. Focus your efforts on destroying turrets and defeating Heralds to swiftly conclude the game. Avoid spending time on dragons or other secondary objectives for efficiency.
  4. Once you reach summoner level 9, equip the Teleport and Ignite summoner spells combo. These spells are incredibly beneficial for speeding up your gameplay in these matches.
  5. Playing Co-op vs. AI matches with friends can significantly hasten your progress by ensuring victories and more consistent EXP gains.

While engaging in bot games on beginner mode might feel monotonous, this approach is a practical method for "farming" EXP. Especially useful in the early stages of your account (up to level 9), bot games award 100% EXP

However, it's worth noting that from level 30 onwards, they only provide 75% EXP, which further reduces to 55% after 180 minutes of play each day.

Playing Against a Bot TGG

It's significantly more beneficial to play many quick bot games rather than a few lengthy ones, primarily because quick games can accumulate EXP faster. However, remember that for bot games to qualify for EXP rewards, they must last at least 7 minutes.

This approach is among the fastest ways to level up fast in LoL, but it's also acknowledged as the most monotonous. As a result, some players might be tempted to use third-party programs to automate gameplay in these scenarios. 

It's crucial, though, to consider the ethics and potential risks of using such software, as it goes against Riot Games' terms of service and could lead to account penalties or LoL IP bans.

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