A Complete Guide About TFT Data Usage

Wanna enjoy TFT on your mobile device outdoors, but you're unsure how much data usage it consumes? Read all TFT data usage in this comprehensive article!
A Complete Guide About TFT Data Usage

While it is good that you can enjoy the game with either a mobile device or computer, we are not always connected with our home wifi connection. 

However, Teamfight tactics don't use data as much as battle royale game modes and online multiplayer games.

It's still good to be mindful to monitor your data consumption using limited mobile data. In this article, you will learn how much data usage it takes to play Teamfight Tactics.

How Much Mobile Internet Data Does it Take to Download Teamfight Tactics?

To download the game, it takes 56 MB of data to download the game for Android and 83MB for iOS

Most games are packed in archive formats like .zip or .rar, which helps in downloading a game quickly. If you're adamant about conserving data, be mindful when Teamfight Tactics needs an update. 

An update mostly needs around 500MB of data, so it's better to just update it when you're connected to an internet connection.

TFT and League of Legends have around 7 GB of storage for the PC version, so it will probably consume a larger amount of data. 

It is less than popular games title data usage because some games will consume over 30 GB of data. Still, it is recommended to download TFT through wired or wifi to prevent wasting data.

How Much Data Do You Need to Play Teamfight Tactics?

Teamfight Tactics use 60MB of data per hour. 

Most Teamfight Tactics games last 25 to 45 minutes, depending on how the game goes. To be precise, the amount of online data used for one match is 45 MB

With that in mind, that'll be 3600 MB of monthly data usage if you grind two hours daily or 1800 MB bandwidth if you only play one hour daily for the whole month.

How to Reduce Online Data Usage When Playing Teamfight Tactics

Follow all of these steps to save data consumption in TFT. Here are the tips to decrease data consumption when playing Teamfight Tactics.


Play Without Voice Chat

Teamfight Tactics does not come with native voice chat. With every multiplayer game, it became a staple to play with friends inside a Discord, Zoom, or Skype call. 

Voice apps mostly use data up to 120 MB per hour. While it can be fun to be in a voice chat, it's not ideal, especially if you're conserving data, for it can double your data consumption per hour.


Pick Slower Game Servers to Play On

Your ping plays a huge role in this. Online gaming relies on your internet's performance in order for you to have a stable connection to a game server. As such, you may notice a difference in gaming experience when you have a bad ping.

With that in mind, we recommend that you choose a slower server. The tick rate of most game servers has 64 Hz or 128 Hz.

128 Hz refreshes the game 128 times per second, so it consumes twice as much internet data as the 64 Hz one, making it not good for people with limited internet data. 

As such, playing on slower servers with lower server tick rate helps to save data and is preferable. You can choose community servers that give lower tick rate options.

Another thing that you can do is make sure that you have a fixed wireless internet connection to have a stable ping throughout the match.


Set Data Limit

The next thing that you can do is set a data limit on your connection. If you are using windows 10, here is how you do it:

  1. Open the Windows search bar and type "data usage overview"
  2. Find the data usage box, then click it
  3. Choose the "enter limit" and pick the settings according to your liking and internet speed

We hope this article guided you with allocating and planning your fixed mobile data and monthly broadband allowance for TFT. Here's to hoping that you get the champions that you want and become the strongest Tactician you aspire to be! Don't forget to follow our site for more up-to-date information on your favorite games.