All You Need To Know About How To Surrender in TFT

Discover all details you need to know about how to surrender in TFT and when you can surrender in TFT in case you’re sure you can’t win a game. See now!
All You Need To Know About How To Surrender in TFT

How To Surrender in TFT?

Surrendering in Teamfight tactics is not really complicated, and the process is pretty similar if you played a Summoner's Rift match game.

Remember: To surrender on TFT you have to wait more than half of the time of surrendering in a normal League of legends match, that is just 10 minutes.

On the other hand, surrendering in Teamfight Tactics can be really easy and you won't affect any other players (unless you are in a duo Teamfight tactics game). These are the two ways to surrender in TFT:


Surrender After Pressing Escape

This is the easiest way to surrender in Teamfight tactics, and you just need:

  1. Hit the escape typing button.
  2. choose the option to surrender.
  3. After that, a message will pop up to ask you if you're really sure about surrendering.
  4. Click the “Yes” option.
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When you surrender you will sit in the last place of the rank and the defeat screen will pop up. Also, if you are in a team , your teammate and you are supposed to agree on surrendering. So, try to surrender with your teammate if you can't find a good way to defeat your enemies or your Teamfight tactics champion set is just too bad against other players.



If you don't like the first method, don't worry, there is another simple method that one player can use to easily surrender. After the minute mark of 10 minutes is passed, do this:

  1. Hit the enter button.
  2. Type /ff in the chat box.
  3. Press enter again.

This will automatically let you surrender in the game and you will be sent out of the match. If you play TFT and decide to surrender via this option, you will also be placed in the last place of the rank, no matter how many rounds you won. On the other hand, other players will see you're not available to battle against.

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Every time you start a new match game and even if you're in your last battle, you will be able to surrender using any of the two methods explained above. Just be careful to do it after 10 minutes when you play any game. If you're interested in learning more, you can take a look at our guide about how to get level 3 fast in TFT and start dominating the battle arena!

When to Surrender in TFT?

If you play a ranked TFT game, any hyper roll game or even a normal TFT match, surrendering has its own conditions to be met

In first place, and if you are a normal League of Legends player, you have to know that you only need half of the time in TFT matches to surrender compared to League of Legends summoner's rift matches. In other words, you can activate your surrender in TFT after 10 minutes of game, which is really good, and you won't lose much time if you think you can't win.

The main reason why players can surrender in TFT earlier than summoner's rift games, is because TFT games are shorter, and even more so if you play hyper roll match. Normally, League of legends match players can surrender after 20 minutes, in TFT you can do it after 10 minutes.

However, if you're playing any ranked TFT game and you surrender, you'll lose LP or points if you're playing hyper roll, so be careful of using this option in a ranked match because it may affect your MMR. If you'd like to know more, you can take a look at our guide about how to see MMR in Teamfight tactics.

Finally, if you'd like to learn more about TFT, then you can take a look at our guides about the best TFT hotkeys or you may also take a look at our article about how much XP per game in TFT. See you in the arena!

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