How to Easily See MMR in Teamfight Tactics

Find out everything about how to see your TFT MMR and how you can easily improve it to achieve your desired ELO. All you need to know about TFT MMR now!
How to Easily See MMR in Teamfight Tactics

We have all wondered how the RIOT Games matchmaking system works and how to get the most out of it to play with people with a similar level to ours and feel how little progress we have made in the game. Therefore, today we will talk about how to see your TFT MMR and how it works to get the most out of it. Let's start!

What is the MMR in TFT?

Since LoL implemented its ranking system many years ago, there has been a value that positions game accounts "differently" from the division they are in. In other words, even if we have a Platinum account, it is possible that our Match Making Rate is in a different division, and this is what we are going to talk about in this article.

How to see your tft mmr

Note: The system is almost the same for TFT and League of Legends, just with slight variations that give you points based on your TFT ranked results, skill level, lose games and your opponents level.

How to see mmr in TFT

Not many players agree with this system created by RIOT games, it is a system that, once you play many TFT games, can give the right ELO for most players. Our recommendation, do not worry if you have a low TFT Match Making Rate in the MMR system, it usually resets per ranked seasons and you will always play against opponents with a similar skill level.

How does Match Making Rate by RIOT Games Work?

This system determines the actual level we are at in the TFT system, and we can tell if our MMR is 'healthy' based on the League Points we earn.

how mmr in TFT works

For example, if we are in Platinum and we earn between 20 and 40 points when we win, we will have a 'healthy' Match Making Rate without receiving a big penalty hammer attached, and this would vary depending on the points we get:

  • If we get 10-20 LP per win, our average Match Making Rate is slightly worse than our division. This may also apply to master, silver or any other ELO.
  • If, on the other hand, we manage to earn more than 40 points per victory when play, our real level is higher than that of our division and the system seeks to position us at a higher or next division than we really deserve.
How to see mmr in Teamfight Tactics

TFT Matchmaking Rate is dangerous because if we go on a losing streak, we can 'break' the Matchmaking Rate against us, and we'll need a lot more wins to balance it out. Our rank will decay the same as our TFT ranked MMR if we lose any competitive play ranked.

How to know our MMR on Teamfight Tactics?

There are some pages that have been born to calculate this game MMR in a way that is quite close to reality, so it could be a more than reliable application. These are the best websites to check MMR:


What is my MMR

This website can give you all the information you need about your score from your NA account or any other region. However, it's just an approximation of what your actual season score game should be.

how to know tft mmr

To know if you have a high or similar MMR compared to other players or the average MMR that you need for the next League of Legends division, you can find other players summoner name and take a look at their rank score on the website, that way you will know how much you need to improve to get a similar rank score to them.



This is not a different website from the last one, you can also try this website to make a TFT MMR check. The tool calculates your rank MMR by taking a look at your TFT game, banked game, etc. It will make a check and, based on your skill level, will show you your score, which is really close to the Matchmaking rating itself.

Tips to improve your Matchmaking Rate

Lastly, now you know how to calculate your Matchmaking rating and stats, let's give you some advice to improve your skills level, stats and win rate no matter what your lol region is and if you are on tiers iron, diamond, master or any other tier.


Learn how to get level 3 fast in TFT

One of the ways to quickly improve your game MMR is, obviously, to improve your win rate, and for this you must know in depth how Teamfight Tactics works correctly. Fortunately, for this point we have created a complete guide on how to get level 3 fast in Teamfight Tactics, with which you can quickly achieve your goal.


Learn to handle your gold

That's the most important word in League of Legends Teamfight tactics even if you're playing provisional matches or promo series. Gold is the thing you have to take care of to be sure you can get a nice TFT game set, stats, units, objects and more.

Many players don't improve on TFT because they do not know how to spend their gold correctly.

How to see mmr in tft

Remember, if you are a fan of the Hyper roll mode, you should keep in mind that the Hyper roll does not work in the same way as the normal mode when it comes to gold. If you are interested in learning more about the Hyper Roll mode, you can take a look at our guide on how hyper roll ranks works.

Finally, remember that, once you get a certain tier in Teamfight Tactics, play better and get higher rank, you can claim the TFT rewards. If you're interested in learning more about Teamfight tactics, you can take a look at our guide abouthow much XP per game in TFT, or you may also take a look at our guide abouthow to surrender in TFT. See you!

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