Best Alistar Skins | LoL

The Minotaur of LoL is an easy to love Support position tank that fits firmly within the Vanguard-class. He has a range of fantastic cosmetic options, so we've collected the best Alistar skins in LoL here for you.
Best Alistar Skins | LoL

Introduced back in 2009, Alistar is an old favorite for many LoL players and is still a popular pick for many. Even after all these years, he's still a firm tank and support Champion in the game

As a Vanguard-class character, Alistar is excellent at shrugging off damage and disrupting enemies regardless of the incoming damage. He might not be an incredible damage dealer, but the enemy team needs to be careful when Alistar is in the lane.


Unchained Alistar

The Unchained Alistar skin was released in 2011 and is inspired by ancient Greek mythology. Alistar is obviously inspired by the Minotaur myths, and this skin embraces it fully. It doesn't come with any unique animations, particles or sounds.

Unchained Alistar includes minor model changes and a new texture to give him a different feel. The skin comes with more prominent horns, which are now white instead. His wrist and feet chains have been swapped for spiked bracelets instead. It might be a small change, but it makes Alistar look much more ferocious and dangerous than his base skin does.

Sadly, this skin is very rarely available now. It was released a limited-edition skin in 2011, so it cannot be bought from the store. Since then, Riot Games has done promotions to give new players a chance to unlock the Unchained Alistar skin, but these are rare.

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Black Alistar

Black Alistar is an extremely rare skin in League of Legends, and it was one of the first skins to be released into the game back in 2009. It's a simple reskin of the base Alistar skin, but it gives him a completely different feel.

Alistar becomes a black minotaur with this skin instead of his regular purple-skinned self. Overall, the Black Alistar skin has a darker theme, with his hair and nose ring becoming regal gold. It's a much more premium look for Alistar, and the scars on his body make him much more dangerous, which suits the tank.

The Black Alistar skin was included in the League of Legends collector's edition pre-orders before it was released. Around 65,000 players received the skin in 2009, which means less than 1% of all players today have this skin. Riot Games disabled the redemption code for this skin in 2014, and there's no indication when or if players will be able to obtain Black Alistar again.

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Infernal Alistar

The Infernal Alistar skin was released in 2012, and it comes with a few bonuses, such as new particle effects. It's part of the Infernal range of skins shared by other LoL Champions, including Akali.

It depicts Alistar as a terrifying part of the infernal invasion and a machine of death and destruction. Infernal Alistar is covered in black and gold armour in a style similar to the Chaos Space Marines from Warhammer 40K. His skin and horns are now orange, a nice contrast to the dark armour he wears. 

However, Infernal Alistar is still a simple skin which is great for minimalists who would rather focus on the game. This is why this is a popular skin choice amongst professional players.

Infernal Alistar is an Epic tier skin which means it's available in the store to be bought at any time you like. It only costs 975 RP making it relatively inexpensive despite its high quality.

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Longhorn Alistar

Longhorn Alistar turns the beloved tank into a cowboy. This is a skin that is hotly debated by fans of this Champion. While players often either love Longhorn Alistar or hate him, the cosmetic is still a popular one.

Longhorn Alistar comes with stereotypical cowboy clothing, including the leather-style trousers, revolver in a holster and the classic cowboy hat. His hat and belt come with an "A" buckle for Alistar, which is excellent attention to detail. Alistar keeps his purple skin and gains a red bandana around his neck to complete his cowboy transformation.

Releasing in 2011, the Longhorn Alistar is a Regular tier skin that is no longer available through the in-game store. To grab this skin, you'll need to wait for Riot Games to open the Legacy Vault in League of Legends. You can buy Longhorn Alistar for 520 RP when the vault is open, making it a very cheap skip option.

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Hextech Alistar

Available through crafting, the Hextech Alistar skin is part of the Hextech skin series. It comes with new animations, effects and particles that make Alistar stand out when he's slaughtering enemies in the Bottom Lane.

It turns Alistar into a mechanical golem-like creature. Hextech Alistar was created to protect the secrets of making artificial life forms, and he definitely looks like he can do that! His large mechanical armour uses a geometric style that is stylish yet intimidating. The blue and gold colours give him a premium look as he charges down the lane.

Hextech Alistar is a Mythical tier skin. This means it can only be obtained through the Hextech crafting system. Crafting this requires ten rare Gems, which can be spent to purchase this Champion a new skin.

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Alistar has been in the game a long time, and the Minotaur has a lot of great cosmetic options. Choosing the best skin for him can be tricky, and selecting the best skin to spend your RP or Gems on is difficult. We've created a list of the best League of Legends skins for every Champion in the game. 

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