Best Skins Amumu | LoL

Amumu is often considered a famous champion in League of Legends, and he's a favourite for many. He has a range of great cosmetics so here are the best Amumu skins in Lo

best skins amumu
best skins amumu

Amumu was not among the first League of Legends Champions in the game, but he did join the roster in 2009. While he's received a lot of changes over the years, Amumu The Sad Mummy is still a Vanguard classed Champion. He's a popular Jungler in the game due to his ability to shrug off incoming damage while also being capable of crippling the opposition with his abilities.

The popularity of Amumu fluctuates with every nerf or buff, but players won't be abandoning him any time soon. He's remained a consistent favourite for many over the years, and the great skins add to the joy of playing him.

Vancouver Amumu

The Vancouver Amumu skin was released in 2010, the same year the Winter Olympics were held in Vancouver. Riot Games must have thought that Amumu was a good fit for a cosmetic inspired by the Olympic logo due to the colour scheme easily working with him.

Vancouver Amumu is almost identical to the base skin. However, the model colours have been tweaked. The Olympic Ring colours have been applied to his skin, giving him a green head, a red leg, a yellow leg and then a blue body to go with it. A handful of other LoL Champions also received the same treatment in 2010 with unique skins themed around the Olympics.

This is a very rare skin for Amumu since it was discontinued after the 2010 Winter Olympics event concluded. Vancouver Amumu can still be obtained from mystery gifts, and he might also reappear during future winter events. If he does appear again, it will most likely be priced at 520 RP.

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Re-Gifted Amumu

Following the classic theme of The Sad Mummy, this skin turns him into a very sad, unwanted present. Re-Gifted Amumu gives him a relatively small model change compared to other skins in the game.

The Re-Gifted Amumu skin adds a rather well used present box to his head, competed with a pretty bow on top. In true Sad Mummy fashion, the Re-Gifted Amumu skin also shows him with a single tear coming from an eye and a very sad look.

While this is a regular skin, it's also a Legacy skin, so it's no longer possible to buy Re-Gifted Amumu from the in-game store. Thankfully, it's possible to purchase it from the Legacy Vault when it's open. The skin only costs 520 RP when the vault is open.

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Pumpkin Prince Amumu

Pumpkin Prince Amumu might be the prince of the pumpkin patch, but that comes with a high cost. Every year, he's forced to watch possums and rowdy teenagers decimate his people during the Halloween period.

Pumpkin Prince Amumu has lost his mummy bandages and gained a purple outfit instead, completed with a giant orange pumpkin for his head. Amumu might not have any apparent tears in his eyes, but one of his sad half-lidded eyes does have a slight nick at the bottom to replicate a tear. The cosmetic also comes with a range of new animations, including a new recall animation.

Pumpkin Prince Amumu is an Epic tier skin which means it does cost a fair bit. It comes with a brand new model, textures and a range of animations. This skin was released in 2020 and can be purchased from the in-game store for 1350 RP.

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Infernal Amumu

Amumu is one of several LoL Champions with an Infernal themed skin. When the ancient pryomasters unleashed Infernals into the world, they accidentally summoned a smaller and younger creature. According to the lore, Infernal Amumu only wants to make friends, but he incinerates anyone he touches.

Infernal Amumu comes with drastic changes, including a new model, texture, and animations. He becomes a firey version of himself who doesn't look as sad as his other skins with this skin. Infernal Amumu has a broken chain attached to one foot, and his clothing has a premium feel.

Infernal Amumu was released in 2018 as an Epic skin. The Infernal Amumu costs 1350 RP as an epic skin, making it quite expensive. However, this skin for Amumu does come with many new additions with particles and animations.

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Surprise Party Amumu

The lore for the Surprise Party Amumu skin is based on the idea of the sad mummy being late to a surprise party, and then they wouldn't let him in. Surprise Party Amumu has turned his anger towards the rift in response to this. Poor Amumu can't catch a break.

Surprise Party Amumu has a cake on his head, and he's dressed as a young boy. He has pink frosting dripping down his head and tears in his eyes from missing the party. The Surprise Party Amumu has a new model, some new particles and some new sounds. Amumu still looks like himself with all his bandages, but he's wearing a t-shirt, shorts, shoes and has a cake on his head.

After releasing in 2015, this skin became a favourite for many players. It's an Epic skin that can be bought in-game from the store for 1350 RP.

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Hextech Amumu

As part of the Hextech skin series, Hextech Amumu is only available through crafting. This skin has a new model, textures, recall animation and some new sound effects. The Sad Mummy has been converted into the saddest robot in the game. Amumu has been given the complete Hextech treatment to become a robotic playmate for children.

Hextech Amumu has been completely converted into a robot. His glowing blue eyes have small lines underneath them to mimic tears, and even though he has a fully robotic face, he still looks sad somehow. Amumu has swapped his bandages for silver, gold and purple metal plates instead. He also has a purple broken cable coming from one of his feet with wires sticking out the end.

The Hextech Amumu skin is a Mythical tier skin that can only be obtained through the Hextech crafting system. Crafting this skin required ten rare Gems to make this specific skin.

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Pharaoh Amumu

It was only natural for Amumu to get an Ancient Egyptian themed skin. The Pharaoh Amumu skin depicts him as the immortal body of a great pharaoh who rose from his ancient tomb. He was a very young pharaoh, and after his death, crying could be heard coming from his tomb.

Pharaoh Amumu decks him out in traditional pharaoh clothing. He's still wearing his bandages underneath it all, but his new clothes are the main feature. Amumu has a black and gold headdress on top of his head, and he's also wearing a gold and purple tunic. The theme fits The Sad Mummy perfectly though he doesn't look quite so sad with this skin.

Releasing in 2010, the Pharaoh Amumu skin is now a Legacy skin in the game. This means the skin is only available when the Legacy Vault is opened. When the vault is open, it costs 520 RP to buy.

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Little Knight Amumu

Little Knight Amumu depicts the sad and young mummy as a tragic knight who is absorbed into a world of constant trouble. The splash image shows Little Knight Amumu sitting on the floor and crying next to a broken sword in the stone.

It's difficult to see the bandaged Amumu wears underneath all the armour and the Little Knight Amumu skin makes him look very different. He wears a complete knight armour set and a scarlet plume on top of the helmet. It's a very simple skin, but it gives him a brand new feel, and it's difficult to see how sad Amumu is behind all that armour.

This regular skin is relatively inexpensive, but it's not the cheapest Amumu skin available. Little Knight Amumu was released in 2011 and cost 750 RP to purchase from the in-game store.

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Amumu has plenty of skin options in League of Legends, and most of them play into The Sad Mummy theme. While he has many great skin options, knowing which one to buy with your RP can be tricky. There are a lot of fantastic cosmetics in League of Legends to select from across all the Champions. If you aren't sure about an Amumu skin yet, take a look at the best Anivia skins next. Also, please take a look at our League of Legends skin hub for a complete list of all the best League of Legends Champion skins in the game.