9 Best LoL Emotes to Tilt Enemies With

Look into the best LoL emotes for tilting enemies, ranging from baiting opponents with "Come at Me" to ridiculing misplays with "Clean Fiora".

Updated on Oct 14, 2023
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9 Best LoL Emotes to Tilt Enemies With

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Come at Me

The Come at Me emote can be used in a variety of ways. The first, and the most obvious one, is to bait the enemies into attacking you, when it suits you, such as when you have a gank incoming, either by a jungle or the rare roaming top lane champion.

LoL - Come at Me Emote

Another way is to use it when you suspect there is an enemy jungler waiting in your bush. By flashing this emote, you can make enemy players think you have vision of them. It's a good spammable emote to get an advantage over your enemies!

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Fiora is one of the hardest LoL champions to master, with the best outplay potential. So, her Clean emote is incredibly useful to tilt enemies. Especially after you kill the enemy laners easily.

LoL - Clean Fiora Emote

Another use is for ridiculing enemy misplays. Whether the opponent makes a mistake allowing for an objective steal, or they fail a tower dive, this is one of the best emotes to tilt opponents into playing even worse!

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Does Not Compute

The missing ping is one of the most infuriating in LoL, but pinging your enemies is not possible in League of Legends. So, the Blitzcrank emote with a question mark does that job for you!

LoL - Does Not Compute Emote

Whenever the enemy could use advice on how to improve early game farming due to missing minions, misses a skill shot with a long cooldown, or overextends for no reason for some punishment, this is the emote to use. It will allow their own team to pile on their own pings, to tilt them even further.

If you are playing a champion that has an obnoxious laugh to spam alongside this emote, that would complete the psychological attack on the enemy mental, winning the game before it even begins!

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According to Plan

All LoL players have had instances where they lived due to sheer dumb luck on their part. So why not turn that to your advantage with the According to Plan emote?

LoL - According to Plan Emote

The enemy ADC knows you lived by chance, the enemy jungler and support do as well, and so do you! But by flashing this emote, both become infuriated at your arrogance, pushing them into forcing a bad play! with how often it becomes applicable in games, it's a must-have on everyone's emote wheel.

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Some LoL champions are considered annoying LoL champions merely because of the laugh that they can spam in lane over and over. And, if your main isn't one of those, you are missing out on the psychological warfare advantage.

LoL - Wahaha Emote

Jinx crying from laughter is there to save you, however. This is a great emote that you can spam whether the enemy makes mistakes or plays well. Either way works, as it's bound to tilt them to oblivion due to its obnoxiousness, and make them think you know something they don't!

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Goodbye Friend

Faux pity from your enemies is the worst feeling one can experience. And the Goodbye Friend emote is the worst of them all, as it's only used when killing the enemy.

LoL - Goodbye Friend Emote

So, aside from getting gold from enemy kills and denying them experience, with this emote you can also make them return to lane furious, only intent on killing you, and spamming their jungle for help.

And if you have one of the best LoL counter junglers in wait, for a perfect counter gank to repeat this emote and ruin their mental, that is as clean as the Fiora emote up above!

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Maybe Next Time

Not all League of Legends champions are created equal. And Fizz's intargetability makes him one of the most overloaded LoL champions there is. Pair that with using this emote, and the enemy will pop a vein in their rage.

LoL - Maybe Next Time Emote

After all, they were already ready to complain that your champion is unfair and has no counterplay. Adding this on top, is the straw that breaks the camel's back. It also goes well with champions such as Zed, Qiyana, Akali, and Talon.

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Nobody can be mad at a cute dabbing penguin, right? Well, that's the idea. So that, when you kill the enemy solo, they don't get tilted to no end and call their jungle for a gank.

LoL - Dabbing Penguin Emote

That way, you can play the pig to eat the tiger, before the enemy catches on that they can't actually take you on alone anymore. But by that time, it's too late!


All is fair in love and war, and on the Rift, there are no holds barred for getting an advantage. But, at the end of the day, it's just a game we all play to have fun.

LoL - M'Pengu Emote

M'Pengu is the only emote in LoL that does not have an alternate meaning, and is understood by all players as a way to thank one another for the played out match. So, we end our tier list of the best LoL emotes with a Penguin tipping his hat. After all, League of Legends could use some wholesomeness to negate the toxicity every one in a while!

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