How To Check Match History In TFT

Want to check your Teamfight Tactics match history to know whether you are climbing or using meta compositions? Check out this guide to know how to do it!

How To Check Match History In TFT
How To Check Match History In TFT

Riot Games' strategy game, Teamfight Tactics, has a match history like their famous League of Legends. Both games are played on the same client, so viewing it is not a hard process to do. Here is a complete guide that teaches how to view your TFT match history

How To View Your TFT Match History

Viewing your match history in TFT is an easy process, here is a step-by-step guide to do it:

  1. Open the Riot Games client and log in your League of Legends account
  2. Once you are in the client, go to your profile by clicking on the circle with a silhouette of a person on the upper right corner of the client
  3. Click match history, then choose the TFT tab beside the "general" tab.
  4. You will now see your last 20 games played on TFT

Checking your TFT match history does not require complex things like managing riot games properties or associated properties, so make sure to do this as much as you can!

What Does The Match History of TFT Include?

Riot Games added the important details that a player should see in their Teamfight Tactics match history. It shows the champions used, traits activated, game mode played, overall place in the lobby, augments used, and the game duration. All of these are important to know whether you have played well over the past few games.

However the sad thing is, Riot Games has not included a replay system unlike League of Legends. Players will not be able to download their gameplay and watch to review their mistakes or record amazing comebacks, unlike their famous MOBA game mode.

Viewing Match History In Different Ways

Fortunately, there are other ways to view match history in Teamfight Tactics, namely third-party websites. These sites are not affiliated with Riot Games in any way, but using them is not bannable because they follow the terms of service of Riot Games and do not violate the registered trademarks of the company. An example of this website is is a great website to view your match history because it also shows stats like win percentage, number of wins, matches played, and number of losses. Like the match history in the League client, it also has champions used and overall place in the lobby. The great thing about is that it is really accessible and it also shows your enemies for the match.

Not only that, but also has a leaderboard, which you can track your own progress or view the matches of the top players in your respective region to learn what compositions they play or items they use.