League of Legends Gets a New Champion, Bel’Veth!

League of Legends has just unveiled a brand new champion, Bel’Veth. Learn all about the 160th LoL champion now!

League of Legends Gets a New Champion, Bel’Veth!
League of Legends Gets a New Champion, Bel’Veth!

In League of Legends’ latest patch (12.11), Riot Games have released a brand new champion - Bel’Veth. This scary champion is a Void empress who has entered the material realm! She is known for her fast attacks with no speed cap, she might be the jungler meta now! You can bet on matches featuring Bel’Veth at https://gg.bet/de/league-of- legends.

Who is Bel’Veth?

Bel’Veth is the leader of the Voidborn! She is a shocking, scary empress who is a manifestation of the emotions and memories of a destroyed port city and its surrounding sea. 

Her mind is filled with incredible knowledge dating back millions of years. She has omnipresent powers and is on a quest to crush Runeterra and the realm of her main enemies, the Watchers.

What Does Bel’Veth Look Like?

Bel’Veth appears as a middle-aged woman with a cloak. She has creepy gray skin, and if you look closely, you will notice that her “hair” is actually strands of flesh. She also has a 3rd eye and a lovely flowing purple coat. However, this is all just a clever disguise!

What Does Bel’Veth Look Like?

Don’t let the old woman's disguise fool you. Bel'Veth's is actually a huge stingray with four eyes and a very sharp mouth that will bite you in a second! She has teeth jutting out from everywhere. Bel’Veth has a hole on her head, which houses her false head. She also has a nice set of horns. And her cloak features a pair of fins with stingers attached; better play her on high settings to watch her true beauty.

What Are Bel’Veth’s Attacks?

Bel’Veth has a wide range of interesting attacks that will ensure this Void empress is a popular champion. Her mobility and ability to dash are her defining features. Check out all of her abilities below!

Death in Lavender (Passive Ability)

Bel’Veth has a cool passive known as “Death in Lavender '' which boosts the Voidborn’s attack speed for the following 2 attacks

Death in Lavender (Passive Ability)

Moreover, whenever she defeats a monster or champion, she unlocks a Lavender stack, which results in a fixed boost to Bel’Veth’s bonus attack rate. She is a very fast and mobile character and does not have restrictions on her speed. However, she does not recover health as fast as other champions. 

Void Surge (Q Ability)

This ability allows the terrifying empress to dash in different directions

As soon as the enemy moves through, they are immediately struck and suffer on-hit effects.

Above and Below (W Ability)

Bel’Veth’s W is “Above and Below,” which causes her tail to smack into the enemy and thrust them into the air! 

Royal Maelstorm (E Ability)

Bel’Veth’s E is called “Royal Maelstrom,”. This unique ability increases the Voidborn’s damage reduction and boosts her life steal after every slash attack

Endless Banquet (R Ability)

Finally, the Void empress’ R is “Endless Banquet”, the passive results in every second strike on the same enemy dealing additional True Damage. The active ability results in Bel’Veth consuming void coral and blowing up.

Endless Banquet (R Ability)

Bel’Veth will also transform into her True Form, and when in this state, her Q shoots up like crazy as her max health rises as well as her speed, range, and attack speed.

When playing as Bel’Veth you need to be careful about being locked in the same place. Bel’Veth is vulnerable to champions like Jax, Poppy, and Taliyah. Still, Bell’Veth is an incredible new addition to the game; she is a highly mobile and fast character known for her dashing ability. So yeah, the last thing you want to do is get stuck in front of this Void Empress!