Most Popular Skins | LoL

Feeling curious about the most popular skins LoL is known for? We’ve compiled a list ranking all the cosmetics according to their popularity.

Updated on Aug 08, 2023
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Most Popular Skins | LoL

League of Legends is growing in popularity, and the skin market is as thriving as ever. 

Riot Games has done a great job at diversifying the designs of their cosmetics, but with the hundreds of skins available in this game, it seems players seem to favor a handful of them every time. Let’s take a look at the most popular skins LoL has to offer.

Most Popular Skins in LoL

When talking about the most popular skins in League of Legends, there are several factors that we need to consider. Skin sales and use aren’t the only factors in making a skin popular. 

There’s also its popularity among the community in terms of fan art and general recognition from the fans. Here are all of those skins ranked in ascending order.

1 /10

God Fist Lee Sin | 19.6% Pickrate

Lee Sin has a variety of skins, but the fans seem to love God Fist Lee Sin. This skin is popular in terms of usage, and it helps that he’s one of the best junglers that many players like to use. The art style perfectly depicts how the champion has ascended from his rigorous training, which is always amusing to think about.


This is arguably one of the best League of Legends skins in the game, with both its splash art and in-game model slaying the competition. Lee Sin also has many skins that would have made the list, but this one is undoubtedly the best choice.

2 /10

Spirit Blossom Yasuo | 19.7% Pickrate

Spirit Blossom Yasuo isn’t really that overused in-game, but this skin is undoubtedly his most popular cosmetic due to its presence in the Spirit Blossom cinematic and his status as one of the most popular champions in League of Legends.


There are also many fan arts using this design that usually includes his brother Yone.

The spirit blossom line is an extremely cool series that deserves the popularity that it has earned. Hopefully, we get more skins from this series during the next Spirit Blossom event.

3 /10

Battle Bunny Riven |19.9% Pickrate

Riven is a pretty popular champion, and it’s no surprise that players always buy Battle Bunny Riven. It’s one of the hottest skins that she has and definitely appeals to a lot of people’s fantasies. Whether you’re male or female, Battle Bunny Riven will always appeal to you as a player.


This skin isn’t just hot, it’s also pretty iconic to her character. Cosplayers love using this design for their costumes, which you’ll often see when you go to video game or anime conventions. Streamers also overuse this skin since it probably gives them a boost in viewership or something.

4 /10

True Damage Senna | 20.2% Pickrate

For some reason, it’s pretty often that you get to see True Damage Senna when players use this champion in the game. It’s even more popular than her default skin. Maybe it’s due to the collaboration between Riot Games and Louis Vuitton.


The True Damage series is one of the best League of Legends cosmetics out there, and it should speak to how much that has impacted the skin market. This skin is worth every penny, so it’s pretty cool that it got on the list.

5 /10

Pulsefire Caitlyn | 20.2% Pickrate

Pulsefire Caitlyn is another cosmetic that is extremely popular amongst fans. This skin is such a flex because it is a legendary skin that has so many additional features that you simply need to buy it if you have Caitlyn.


During the early stages of the League of Legends, this was one of the most expensive skins out there, but as time grew, ultimate skins were introduced, and this skin became more common. That didn’t stop people from owning it.

6 /10

High Noon Lucian | 20.3% Pickrate

It’s pretty rare to see a Lucian player that doesn’t use the High Noon Lucian skin as their current cosmetic. This cosmetic is one of the hottest male skins out there and is a must-own for players who like to play this champion.


The High Noon series is such a cool concept, and champions like Lucian and Senna really rock it to the next level. It would simply be a shame if players didn’t use these skins whenever they played those champions.

Both Senna and Lucian made it to the list, which is fantastic because they always prove that they’re such a power couple in League of Legends.

7 /10

Dark Cosmic Jhin | 23.9% Pickrate

Dark Cosmic Jhin has come as such a surprise, mainly because all of Jhin’s skins are really well-made. However, the Dark Cosmic version won out because it gave his abilities such a unique design that gave the champion more personality.


Jhin is one of the best ADCs for beginners and veterans, so his popularity is sky-high. Combining that with the fact that he’s an iconic character and this skin perfectly represents his character’s identity gives it all the justification it needs to be the top pick for this champion.

8 /10

PROJECT: Vayne | 28.1% Pickrate

PROJECT: Vayne is a pretty objective choice since Riot Games, themselves, announced their three most popular skins. This Vayne skin was the fastest-selling skin in the game since it included so many excellent features, such as the FREAKING motorcycle that this skin is iconic for.


The motorcycle was simply enough to convince players to buy this skin. However, Vayne’s status as one of League of Legends' coolest women really bolstered her status to make every Vayne player purchase this immediately.

9 /10

Star Guardian Jinx | 28.2% Pickrate

Star Guardian Jinx is the most popular skin in the series simply because this was such an iconic choice for her character. All of her other skins depicted her as more of a lunatic, so the refreshing concept of the Star Guardians was a welcome sight for all.


The Star Guardian series is the best League of Legends design in terms of its concept and artistic variety. None of the star guardians in the game looked terrible. So much so that even the men really looked stylish in these skins.

10 /10

Elementalist Lux | 34.7% Pickrate

Elementalist Lux wins out as the most popular skin in League of Legends. I mean, who doesn’t love this skin? Even though it’s an ultimate skin priced at 3250 Riot Points, it’s worth all the money because it’s basically four skins in one. Elementalist Lux is a crazy good deal with the best League of Legends skin animations.


Lux is one of the most played champions in the game, so it’s no surprise that one of her cosmetics will take the top spot on this list. This skin isn’t just popular in terms of sales, it is also an iconic piece in fan arts, cosplay, and even media portrayal of her character.

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