Hottest Female Skins | LoL

There are many lists online discussing the hottest female skins LoL has to offer, and we’re going in to share our opinion regarding this discussion.

Updated on Aug 05, 2023
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Hottest Female Skins | LoL

It’s no secret that Riot Games has created some of the hottest champions for League of Legends, and when it comes to cosmetics, the ladies get a lot of attention and some of the best designs in the game. Riot Games’ female characters have many beautiful skins, but today, we’ll be choosing the hottest female skins LoL has to offer.

Hottest Female Skins

Out of all the LoL skins, the female League of Legends champions have had some of the most intricate designs, with many of them being purposely seductive. It can’t be helped, considering it appeals to the truth that the majority of the League of Legends community is male. Now that we’ve discussed the hottest male skins, it’s time to move on to the next category.

There’s no harm in appreciating the hottest female skins in the game. While there’s no objective meter to justify our answers, we’ve come together to discuss what we think are the 10 hottest female skins in League of Legends in ascending order.

1 /10

Officer Caitlyn

Don’t even think about turning to a life of crime as Officer Caitlyn is sure to arrest you on the scene. However, looking at her in this uniform may make one think about speeding because receiving a ticket from her is all worth it.


This skin proves that women don’t always have to wear extremely revealing clothing to look mess. Caitlyn manages to slay the competition while downing that donut.

2 /10

Kitty Cat Katarina

Kitty Cat Katarina has probably been around for a very long time, but it still doesn’t change the fact that this skin makes your jaw drop. I know what you’re thinking, and NO, I’m not a furry.


This skin only ages like fine wine because the appeal remains o matter how old it gets. Hopefully, Riot Games doesn’t rework this skin’s splash art anytime soon because it’s still a favorite among fans.

3 /10

PsyOps Samira

You may think she’s cornered, but the fight only gets interesting once you’re back is against the wall. PsyOps Samira features the champion’s love for a fight in the most alluring way possible. The excited smile and pbuttionate eyes draw you in to make a terrible decision.


Curves may be the most overused feature used to measure hotness, but in this case, you can’t disagree that it certainly showcases Samira’s charms.

4 /10

Pool Party Leona

Out of all the Pool Party Skins, we’ve chosen Pool Party Leona as the winner just because she manages to showcase her feminine appeal without needing to showcase that much skin. Even if she were a priestess of the sun, it’s really hard to take our eyes off her.


Many League of Legends champions is featured in the Pool Party skin lines, so it was tough choosing out of all of them. However, the majority of them showcased very similar designs, which Leona broke away from in a good way.

5 /10

Headmistress Fiora

Headmistress Fiora is the epitome of the male fantasy and would be an utter disrespect if she wasn’t in the top 10 hottest babes in League of Legends. The uniform signifies her position as the higher authority, making men sit quietly in submission.


Fiora is one of those League of Legends champions who simply have a large fanbase. It’s hard for Riot Games to mess up on her design since she has a natural appeal, but this skin takes it to the next level.

6 /10

Bewitching Janna

There’s something about Janna and big round glbuttes that give her an added bonus in her appeal. Bewitching Janna makes it to the top 10 list simply because the splash art on this cosmetic is on a level that should be framed in a museum.


Janna’s feminine appeals are hardly appreciated in the League of Legends community but everyone who takes a few seconds to look at this art comes to the realization that she’s a total babe. It was tough to choose with so many great options in the Bewitching skin series.

7 /10

True Damage Senna

Riot Games loves having the viewers at a lower POV when looking at skins, but in True Damage Senna’s case, that’s all worth it because we get to see her in all her glory. Louis Vuitton never fails to deliver iconic clothing, which extends even in the video game world.


The original version of this skin looks hotter than the prestige edition simply because the rugged look gives her more of an attainable feel.

8 /10

Secret Agent Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune is probably one of the most sexualized characters in League of Legends, and it’s evident that Riot Games wants to make the most out of that fact. Nevertheless, Secret Agent Miss Fortune is a skin that melts everyone in the room due to the smoldering sexual appeal that it radiates.


This skin has everything a person dreams for, and no matter what your sexual preference is, it doesn’t change the fact that Miss Fortune can leave you enchanted.

9 /10

Battle Queen Diana

One of the most popular tropes in anime is the warrior princess look, and Battle Queen Diana represents the role in a way that simply puts the world in slow motion. This skin doesn’t follow the cheezy RPG “female armor” design, but they managed to make it look absolutely hot despite that.


Maybe it’s Diana’s natural allure, but we can’t stop looking at this skin and feel attracted to the champion’s features. League of Legends is filled with tons of characters that really surprise you.

10 /10

K/DA Ahri

K/DA Ahri wins as the hottest female champion with the hottest skin. As the seductive fox, she manages to charm everyone who lays their eyes on her. K/DA Ahri represents the ever-popular K-pop trend, using real K-pop artists to put life into this character.


The standard version is a lot better than the prestige edition because the long, blonde hair and outfit give this champion more of an alluring and mature look that both men and women will appreciate.

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