All Methods to Get to Level 3 in TFT in no Time

Find out now how to get level 3 fast in TFT League of Legends and start dominating in this tactical game. All methods to get level 3 fast in TFT here!

All Methods to Get to Level 3 in TFT in no Time
All Methods to Get to Level 3 in TFT in no Time

Teamfight Tactics is a strategy game linked to League of Legends and RIOT Games. Its mechanics, based on Autochess, have turned out to be a complete success and thousands of players have fallen for the charms of this new game. Without a doubt, TFT has what it takes to succeed. However, controlling its mechanics and knowing everything to win can take a long time. So, it’s time to learn how to get level 3 fast in TFT League of Legends.

Anything You Need to Know About Leveling in TFT

To level up a champion you will need to match three units of the same level as your champion. Each unit in the game will only be able to reach a maximum level of 3. In this way, the champions will be ranked by the value of the units that you will collect. These will range from one to five coins.

In order to get higher value champions, you will need to upgrade your mini-legend. Thus, each time you level up, the percentage of obtaining better champions in terms of pure value will increase.

how to get level 3 fast in tft league of legends

Also, the more value the champion has, the less units of it are available in the game, and consequently the less likely it is to appear in the store. This means that if half of the players are playing a specific champion, it will be more difficult to level it up. This is because the units will be spread out among more players. Take a look at our guide about the worst champions TFT to avoid creating a bad strategy in your games.

How To Get Level Three Fast in Teamfight Tactics

In this guide we offer you some tips and information on how to improve your units, level up, what is the best time to do it and other techniques that will help you improve within TFT and aspire to win games. So, let’s talk about the Candy Land method!

The Candy Land Method

The Candy Land method is a trick used by many players to quickly advance between divisions in TFT. You must follow these single steps: 

  1. Using tier 1 champions; that is, at a cost of 1 gold.
  2. Buy other champions of the same cost.
  3. Raise them to the 3-star level. 

Note: Try to spend the gold you have left. That way you will save money to get the champion you’re looking for. 

To use this method efficiently, we must know that the higher the tier (which is the level of each champion), the less quantity of each champion will be available. In other words, if players want to take down opponents, it's hard to do that if you're trying to get nine units of the same four-coin champion to turn it into a three-star unit. It is what is known as Candy Land.

how to get level 3 fast in tft league of legends

This build will usually consist of Poppy or Tahm Kench  and Leona's main tank and damage build. We will have Zoe, Twisted Fate, Ahri and Lux ​​or Syndra. The main damage carry will be Twisted Fate, in the late game it will be Syndra or Lux; depending on how the game unfolds in your favor.

how to get level 3 fast in tft league of legends

To get the best chance of hitting a top tier unit, the player we discussed earlier recommends buying other champions of the same cost. In this way, you will make the pool (group of champions) smaller, which will increase the chances of finding the unit you are looking for when you reroll, that is, when you update the store to acquire other champions for the game.

Candy Land method is not the only one you can use to get to level 3 quickly in your TFT games. There is a whole series of strategies that players have developed over the years that can help you achieve this goal easily:

Hyper Roll

Hyper roll is the strategy of using the reroll option a lot of times to get your a bunch of low cost units to 3 stars early and take advantage of xp boost. From there, the hope is that you can snowball this early lead into an easy win because you will have some very strong competition early and mid game.

how to get level 3 fast in tft in league of legends

However, hyper rolling is not without risks. Most hyper roll strategies rely on one or two units reaching that 3 star champions level first. Not doing this means that you will have invested a lot of gold in a fruitless effort and will probably fall behind your enemies in the levels. You may also learn how to rank up in TFT with our exclusive guide. 

Slow Rolling

Slow rolling is all about trying to get at least 50 gold through rerolling until you gradually find the units you need to dominate a normal game.Normally, it is a game mode strategy used when your carry champion has a low cost. Although it is a good strategy, you can significantly affect your early game or, on the contrary, lose a lot of potential in the late game.

how to get level 3 fast tft league of legends

Although this method is the one that is currently being used; and with which many have managed to magically climb divisions, it is quite risky and does not guarantee that you will win. Before going into convulsions due to this contradiction, everything has a reason. This method consists of using tier 1 champions, for which all players will go for them, reducing the probability of having them at level 3 star.

The Regular Leveling Strategy

This is a fairly simple and standard TFT strategy among players these days. As a primary focus, you should have at least one 4 cost carry champion and then in the late game look for a 5 cost champion to strengthen your team.

how to get level 3 fast in tft league of legends

However, this strategy does not evaluate proper gold management compared to other strategies, so it may take a little longer than usual to reach level 3 and get rewards in your TFT game depending on TFT patch. Therefore, be careful against players who implement a strategy more focused on an aggressive early game.

The Fast 8 Method

This method has been dropped in the current new TFT meta, and was to get to level 8 quickly to boost your chances of acquiring champions with costs between 4-5 and having a powerful team to win the game.

how to get level 3 fast in tft league of legends

However, this method has been superseded by the candy land method and the regular leveling method, but knowing it is important in case you want to counter it if you find it in your TFT ranks. You may also practice this method in bot games. 

The Champion’s pool controller

The trick is pretty simple, for example, being at level seven if we want to find Jhin, there will only be 12 Jhins in the pool. So if we have extra gold, we can buy Soraka, Fizz, or any other four gold units to make the group smaller. Thus, the next time we update the store (reroll), we will have a higher probability of finding a Jhin than with another tier four.

how to get level 3 fast in tft

But that implies spending too much gold, and we have already told you before that it should not be the central objective of the game, since we will lose the prospect of victory. What you have to do is spend only the gold that is left over for this to work. If you have 37 gold, for example, only seven coins would be used to buy champions. This ensures that you receive the 30 coin bonus on the next round.

how to get level 3 fast in tft league of legends

The best tactic to master teamfight tactic in League of Legends, you must make a correct administration of gold and correctly know the possibilities of appearance of the champions according to their tier. Evaluate the composition of your team combat around the minutes of play to destroy your enemies and make a good management of your finances.

Tips to get level 3 in TFT League of Legends

Prioritize early game 1 or 2 star champions

Some synergies like Vanguards can be good if you’re an early game player, but focusing on just buying those champions and ignoring pairs is where the mistake lies, as 2-star champions are the ones that are going to give you the most potential to win rounds early in the game.

get level 3 fast in tft league of legends

Level up to keep streaks

Health is an important resource for any TFT player and preserving it is the best way to ensure a Top 4. By itemizing and having 2 star champions, you are ensuring you have power on the board and at least minimize the damage taken. That said, a common mistake any player can make is not taking advantage of the streak and potential power spikes by leveling up at unusual times.

how to get level 3 fast in tft league of legends

Don't be afraid to use your gold to level up or roll a bit to keep your win streak going, as you'll not only preserve more life in the long run, but also have a better economy thanks to your accumulated win streak.

Limit Excessive Roll 

It has happened to all of us that we lack a Jinx to make it 2 stars and roll ALL IN +40 gold looking for it without having any luck, and then continue rolling with little gold until slowly dying. The ideal is to always roll/update stores with several purchase options in mind and only go ALL IN (spend all your gold) when you are at risk of losing the game soon.

 get level 3 fast in tft league of legends

Learn to change your team composition

Forcing a TFT set or a team comp 100% of the time will only bring you unlucky games for not getting the desired champions or items. Instead, learning the art of "pivoting" among any TFT set and comp can save you several games. For example, you don't always need 4 Vanguards as tanks, you can vary to 2 Vanguards and 2 Brawlers with Gnar and Nautilus, and thus you can complete an extra comp synergy by using one more Star. 

how to get level 3 fast in tft league of legends

Another example is using a carry that doesn't have useful synergies, but holds your ideal carry's items properly until it spawns. Also, remember that legendary champions are very strong, and if you have them at 2 stars, it may be worth adding them to your TFT set even if you lose what you consider to be your ideal synergy.

This has been all for this guide, but if you are interested in learning more about TFT, you can take a look at our guide on how to level up tacticians in TFT or our guide on how to slow roll in TFT League of Legends. See you in the battle arena and at the summoners rift!