How To Slow Roll In TFT

Slow rolling is one of the core mechanics in Teamfight Tactics (TFT). This guide teaches how to slow roll in TFT and tips that will surely win you more games.
How To Slow Roll In TFT

What Is Slow Rolling In Teamfight Tactics?

From the term itself, slow rolling is when a player waits until they reach higher than 50 gold before they roll, hence the term “slow.” It is not like hyper rolling where they refresh their shop every time they want to level their units to a higher star because it involves carefully managing the economy.

If you did not know it yet, sitting at 50 gold also gives you the max possible interest, which is five gold every turn. 

This strategy is the best for team compositions with strong late-game carries that can wipe the whole map. Of course, players who have great economic management will be the ones to reach the late game. Nevertheless, slow roll comps vary from staying at a low level to rolling for a low-cost unit or saving money until the late game to get a high-cost unit. Still, it is an important strategy that everyone should learn to have variance in their Teamfight Tactics gameplay!

How To Slow Roll In A Game Of TFT

Now that you have learned about the slow rolling strategy, you probably want to know how to do it. It is pretty easy and applies to all TFT games that you will play in every TFT set. Here is a step by step guide on how to slow roll in Teamfight Tactics:

  1. Build the best team that you can early in the game to get a stable economy
  2. Save money until you reach 50 gold. Do not refresh the shop unless you really need to.
  3. Assess the situation once you have saved money. Slow roll for one cost unit when you reach level 5, 2 cost units at level six, and 3 and 4 costs at levels 7 and 8. 
  4. Remember never to go below 50 gold when refreshing the shop to have the maximum interest possible.
  5. Once you have the desired units, choose whether to spend all your money to level up fast, get more unit upgrades, or slow roll for five cost champions.

When Is Slow Rolling The Best Strategy?

Just like the other strategies, like hyper rolling, you should always weigh the pros and cons before proceeding into slow rolling. This strategy will be the best if you want to focus on having all the best items in a single unit because this is the only way where they can carry and destroy everyone on the board. Remember, having compatible items for your slow roll carry is always a must for this strategy. 

Sometimes slow rolling to transition to different compositions and carry is also viable. Still, it is very tricky and is only done by players who have a lot of experience doing it. Furthermore, it is also a great time to slow roll when you find multiple copies for a low-cost unit in the early game that can carry your team until the mid or late game. Just keep playing the game to gain experience to know when will be the best time to slow roll. 

Pros and Cons of Slow Rolling

Pro of slow Rolling

The first benefit of slow rolling is that it is an easy strategy that many can master. It is straightforward compared to TFT hyper rolling and fast leveling, which requires a lot of TFT experience to execute correctly. Second, it is extremely great for team compositions not contested in the game. 

Con  of slow Rolling

Furthermore, slow rolling only has a single con. This strategy will make you behind in levels compared to your enemies, thus making it harder to complete synergies and get high-cost units early in the game. Remember that every TFT strategy has pros and cons, so weigh each of them carefully before committing to it!

What Are The Best Team Comp For Slow Rolling?

Usually, team synergies with a unit carry that can deal tons of damage will benefit the most from this strategy. Still, it will work for most flexible team comps because champion/unit carries will get high stars more quickly. 

It is also a great time to use slow rolling when you have a strong early game to mid game that can secure a sure winning streak to have a good economy.

Also, remember to focus on the items for your carry during the carousel because this will be the only way they can carry you during the late game, like Infinity Edge for attack damage champions and Jeweled Gauntlet for magic damage champions.

Now that you have learned all about slow rolling in Teamfight Tactics, it is time to apply these to your games to get that sweet top 4. 

That will be the end of the Teamfight Tactics guide for slow rolling. Remember that there are different TFT game modes, like standard TFT and double up, but this strategy is still applicable to every mode!

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