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How To Level Up In TFT | The Complete Guide

Leveling up is an important mechanic in TFT. It can control the pace of the game, and will decide how many units you can put on the board.

Updated on Sep 19, 2022
How To Level Up In TFT | The Complete Guide

Leveling up is important in Teamfight Tactics in all stages of the game, whether the late game, early game or mid game. This is because the level mechanic affects all other things in TFT, including the number of units that you can put on your board and the tier of champions that will appear in the shop. Here is a TFT leveling guide that will make you win more games!

How Does Leveling System Work In TFT

Like all other strategy games, the player level will also dictate how strong a player is, of course, this is not everything in a Teamfight Tactics game, because there are more things that go into play. Everyone starts at level 1. And the game gives 2 XP per turn to all players. Thankfully, Riot Games added a mechanic where all tacticians can level up anytime by using gold, 4 to be exact, which adds more strategy to the game.

The amount of champions that you can put on the board depends on the level of the player. For example, if you level up from 3 to 4, then you can put an additional champion in the field. Here is the required XP to level up to the next one in TFT.

Higher cost units will also appear as you increase in level. Champions appear depending on a certain percentage. It differs from set to set and augments, but high cost units will always have a lower appearance rate.

Here are the required XP per level to aid you in your leveling strategy:

When To Level Up in TFT – Complete Guide

Now that you have learned about the leveling mechanic in Teamfight Tactics, there is more about it on paper. Of course, TFT being a strategy game, has different leveling strategies that will help every play style.

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Standard Leveling Strategy

This is the usual strategy that most compositions follow and is actually the safest because it does not break your economy and does not rely heavily on luck to get the most out of your units.

  1. Level up early to 4 if you have strong units early in the game for a win streak or save some gold when you are currently in a losing streak
  2. Level up to 5 at round 2-5 or 2-6, but 2-5 is preferable.
  3. Level up to 6 at rounds 3-2 regardless of whether you have a strong or weak comp
  4. At round 4-1, level up to 7 to stabilize the comp and roll some core units to have a power spike.
  5. Save some gold if you are winning battles against players, and level up to 8 to finalize your late game composition.

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Slow Roll Comps Leveling Strategy

On the other hand, slow roll comps require players to save up some gold to have the best economy possible in order to have gold to roll for the best units during the late game.

  1. Level up to 4 at stage 2 to start an early win streak and have strong low-cost units
  2. Spend some gold to level up to 5 to continue your win streak, but do not spend some gold if you are losing
  3. Level up to 6 at stage 3, this can be around at any round, but it is preferable at 3-2
  4. At stage 4-1, level up to 7 immediately and use all your gold to roll for the required units to finalize your team comp. However, save a little bit of gold if you want to hit level 8 and roll for 5-tier units.

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Hyper Roll Comps Leveling Strategy

Hyper rolling is using gold entirely to buy units. It requires a player to save up some gold, like slow roll, but it is extremely risky because you have to play behind in levels compared to the whole lobby.

  1. Level until five naturally (Do not use your gold to buy XP)
  2. Stay at a low level to roll for units; it can be 4 or 5, depending on the tier of units you need for your team comp.
  3. Save up all your gold when you finalize your units and carries, then level up to 7 and 8 as soon as you can

Can You Roll Gold In TFT?

Unfortunately, no. It is not possible to roll for gold in Teamfight Tactics. However, there are certain comps in TFT that grant gold in different ways. For example, the Astral comp in set 7, gives gold whenever a player refreshes their shop. Another example is the Pirates comp from set 6 which gives players a bonus that increases for every round they lose.

Nevertheless, gold is an important part of TFT, so you should have enough gold every single time to have better odds of reaching the late game and winning.

That concludes the complete XP guide in TFT. There is more to learn about Teamfight Tactics, like hotkeys and champions, but XP is one of the main things that you should know about. Apply all of the tips above to have a more complete game and increase the chances of winning your ranked games!

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