How To Rank Up In TFT | The Complete Guide

Has it always been your dream to become one of the top players in TFT? Learn several strategies to rise through the ranks by reading this comprehensive guide!

Updated on Sep 07, 2023
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How To Rank Up In TFT | The Complete Guide

Who doesn’t want to climb a competitive game you are playing? Even though everyone likes to climb every rank in TFT, not all of them have the skills to do so. Here are several tips that teach the different strategies in Teamfight Tactics that will surely help you win every TFT ranked match and gain lp!

Leveling Tips To Climb The TFT Ranks

Leveling has always been an essential part in Teamfight Tactics. No matter the ranked season you are in it is always the best move to level up the right way. Of course, you will encounter multiple situations where you have to modify your usual game plan a little bit. Nevertheless, it is a great practice to remember the proper way of leveling up.


  • Level up to 3 at stage 1-4, then save some gold to get ready to either reroll or level up for the next stages

  • Decide where you want to level up at stage 2. As a rule of thumb, level up to 4 at stage 2-1 when you are in a win streak, but save gold and level up at 2-3 when you are one a lose streak.

  • Most players should level up to 5 at 2-5. However, it might be a better move to save gold and level up at 3-1 if you are currently on a lose streak.

  • Spend your gold to level up to 6 at 3-2. There may be times where you have to reroll at 3-2, especially when you have a weak board. But remember to always stay above 30 gold no matter what happens in this stage.

  • You can either level up to 7 at stages 4-1 or 4-2, whichever you prefer. It is also a great practice to roll for units after leveling up to 7 to stabilize your composition.

  • There are a ton of options for leveling up to 8. You can either spend your gold to level up at stages 4-5, 5-1, or 5-2. You can also save some money if you want to push to level 9 or roll for a ton of units.

  • Try saving up and leveling up to 9 any time during stages 5 and 6. However, stages 5-5 and 6-1 are the best stages where you spend all of your gold to level up because you now probably have a stable economy.

As mentioned previously, there is no absolute way of leveling up in TFT, but these are the usual and safest way of spending gold to up a level. Follow these most of the time because they are stable and give an advantage, but remember to adjust your playstyle accordingly.

Build Your Items As Early As Possible

One of the biggest blunders that low-ranked TFT players make is that they do not build the items that they have. You will often see players that have more than 6 items on their bench, and this is a big mistake.

Make it a habit that you have less than 5 items in your storage. You do not have to wait for a specific unit to build items that you need since the early game is a vital part of every TFT game. You will surely climb all TFT ranked seasons when you start doing this strategy!

Adjust Your Positioning Every Round

This is something that is not prioritized by low-ranked players. However, this is one of the few important things that will make a drastic change in your game. Positioning is not just about putting the tank champions in the front and the carries on the back.

You have to scout the board and adjust your units accordingly. For example, most of your enemies put their carries on the lower left side of their board, counter it by putting Zoe on the opposite side of it. In this way, Zoe will be able to reach the carries easier because she cast her abilities to the opposite corner of the board.

Of course, there is more to it than the examples above. There are more situations that value positioning in TFT. Just like avoiding buttbuttins that will dive on the back line of your board. As you gain more experience and knowledge, you will find it is easier to position your units the right way.

Develop Your Own Playstyle

Probably the most important thing in TFT. Developing your own playstyle is the key to enjoying and winning games. You can copy how the best players do in their games, but you do not have to duplicate every single move.


Learn about what items you like to use, how you position units in a correct way, and your favorite comps to play. These things are keys to become a successful Teamfight Tactics player. Found the units and traits that you like to play? Master them and use them in every game if possible.

These are some of the things that will come when you develop your own TFT play style. Of course, be honest with yourself if your game needs some work, that might be the time where you should copy the top players and build your progress around them. Because let's be real, copying their every move is not possible, so being a good player on your own will be the key to rise the TFT ranks.

What Are The Ranks In Teamfight Tactics

There are a total of nine rank tiers in TFT. It is unclear whether Riot Games will add more ranks in the future. You have to play five placement matches when you start playing TFT or when the new season arrives, and these are arguably the most important games of the season, especially placement matches give the most lp out of all.


  • Iron Division

  • Bronze Division

  • Silver Division

  • Gold Division

  • Platinum Division

  • Diamond Division

  • Master Division

  • Grandmaster Division

  • Challenger Division

The divisions are different when it comes to other TFT game modes, Riot Games did not specify why they added more divisions, but it may be because the other modes are more fast-paced and have different mechanics compared to the usually ranked play of TFT. Here are the ranks for Hyper roll and Double-up:


Grey tier

0 points

Green tier

1400 points

Blue tier

2600 points

Purple tier

3400 points

The Coveted Double/Hyper tier

4200 points

That ends the complete guide that teaches all about the strategies of ranking up and the TFT ranking system. Similar to its MOBA counterpart, there are a ton of ranks in Teamfight Tactics. Make sure to play TFT ranked while applying all the tips above to soar through the ranks in every TFT ranked season. Good luck aspiring tactician!

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