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Best Pantheon Build Guide | Runes | Spells | Items in League of Legends

Want to be an awesome gladiator in League of Legends? Main Pantheon and destroy all of your enemies by reading this comprehensive guide all about him!
Best Pantheon Build Guide | Runes | Spells | Items in League of Legends

In terms of the coolness of a champion, then Pantheon might be up there. He has a gladiator concept that will surely woo a lot of League of Legends players. If you are currently finding an awesome champion to main, then here is the best Pantheon build, runes, spells, and items in League of Legends.

Best Pantheon Build

Pantheon has one of the strongest early game potentials in the history of League of Legends. He has great crowd control and damage pre-6. Also, he's a menace when he gets fed and can burst anyone in a decent range. To top it all off, Pantheon is not a demanding champion by any means, so follow this guide to get a high win rate in no time!

Best Pantheon Runes

Pantheon is probably the most flexible champion in the game. He is viable in mid, jungle, support, and top lane. However, the best rune for him is always conqueror because it provides him sustain and additional damage that is really helpful for a bruiser like Pantheon.

Best Rune Path



Best Keystone

Press The Attack

Best Slot 1 (Rune)


Sudden Impact

Best Slot 2 (Rune)

Legend: Tenacity

Treasure Hunter

Best Slot 3 (Rune)

Coup De Grace

The supporting runes will provide you with tenacity, gold, and damage. On the other hand, always use inspiration as your secondary tree to get free boots and ability haste.

Best Pantheon Rune Shards

Early game prowess is Pantheon's game, and these rune shards will help him achieve that game plan. Pantheon does not need additional tankiness and attack speed because he focuses on physical damage to kill enemies. Also, some of his abilities, like shield vault, give him the durability for skirmishes.

Best Rune Shards



+9 Adaptive Force


+9 Adaptive Force


+6 Armor

Best Pantheon Summoner Spells

Summoner spells are required in every League of Legends game, and they are used by everyone in every match. Currently, flash and ignite are the best summoner spells for Pantheon because it gives him flexibility (flash) and execution potential (ignite). Use these in your games to win even against the strongest lane champions!

Best Spells




Best Pantheon Ability Order

As mentioned previously, Pantheon is a flexible champion. However, his skill order remains the same whatever role he plays, whether you play the top, support, or mid lane. Thankfully, his skill order is easy to remember, so following it will not be a hassle for anyone.

The first ability that you should focus on leveling is comet spear, and the next one is aegis assault. However, always get shield vault at level 1 to get the crowd control and durability that you need during the laning phase.

Best Pantheon Items

Managing League of Legends items is hard for some champions, and thankfully Pantheon is not one of them. Pantheon does not require complex itemization, such as bonus movement speed, to be effective. Here are Pantheon's core items for each game phase that will maximize his power all throughout the game.

Best Early Game Pantheon Items

The early game is one of the times when Pantheon will shine. You do not even need to auto attack to harass enemies on a long range. The best item for Pantheon during the early game is corrupting potion because it provides additional damage to a basic ability and auto attack. Also, do not forget a trinket to get vision around the map.

First Item

Second Item

Corrupting Potion

Stealth Ward

Best Mid Game Pantheon Items

Arguably the point where Pantheon will be the strongest, you should focus on buying your core damage items in the mid game. There are a lot of mythic items viable for Pantheon. However, you should build Eclipse 99% of the time because of the additional burst potential and shielding.

First Item

Second Item

Third Item

Fourth Item


Plated Steelcaps

Control Ward

Long Sword

Next, focus on buying some items to complete your next legendary item build to get the most out of your passive, mortal will. Scout your enemies and their inventory to know what kind of item you will build next!

Best Late Game Pantheon Items

All the items below grant attack damage that will greatly help Pantheon in the late game. It is also a great plan to build at least one defensive item, like guardian angel, to mitigate some damage and grant you durability. Just follow all the items below to get the maximum lethality possible and destroy enemies!

First Item

Second Item

Third Item

Fourth Item

Fifth Item

Sixth Item


Black Cleaver

Guardian Angel

Death’s Dance

Umbral Glaive

Serylda’s Grudge

Best Champions To Pair With Pantheon

These are the best champions to pair with Pantheon because they deal huge damage, crowd control, and are also durable during skirmishes. See to it that you get officially involved with these three to have the best win rate!


Win Rate %








Strongest Champions Against Pantheon

Riot Games released a ton of champions already, but the ones below are the strongest when going against Pantheon. The champions below will win most skirmishes because they have excellent shielding that negates Pantheon's burst potential.


Win Rate %






Jarvan IV


Weakest Champions Against Pantheon

Below are the worst champions against Pantheon because they are really squishy and can't deal with Pantheon's shield vault. You will always win skirmishes against these champions as long as you do not commit errors in your gameplay.


Win Rate %




Twisted Fate




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