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Best Vi Build Guide | Runes | Spells | Items in League of Legends

Vi wields gigantic gloves that she can use to punch her enemies with devastating damage. She has an ultimate that she can use to quickly burst ADC champions!

Published on Dec 03, 2022
Best Vi Build Guide | Runes | Spells | Items in League of Legends

Riot games boosted the popularity and pick rate of Vi after the release of the animated series Arcane. As of Patch 12.16, Vi jungle has one of the highest win rate in the game. Learn how Vi players find so much success in her with this guide. 

Best Vi Build

Vi jungle is a strong back-line access champion that can be great as an assassin or a tank. We will focus on tank items for this build for her as it is the build with the highest win rate. Before we proceed to items, let us first discuss the best runes on Vi.

Best Vi Runes

When you play a tank that can deal damage, Conqueror is the best keystone on Vi as it doesn't only make her stronger on extended fights, it also improves her healing. 

Best Rune Path



Best Keystone


Best Slot 1 (Rune)


Magical Footwear

Best Slot 2 (Rune)

Legend Tenacity

Cosmic Insight

Best Slot 3 (Rune)

Coup de Grace

Triumph and Legend Tenacity will both improve Vi's survivability whenever she dives enemy champions with her ultimate cease and desist. She can be a frontline tank especially when she has Guardian Angel. 

The inspiration rune set however is great for early to mid-game. Magical footwear gives gold efficiency to Vi as she doesn't have to buy boots anymore. 

Best Vi Rune Shards

A balance in adaptive force and attack speed on both Offense and Flex will help Vi clear jungle camps faster. Denting blows also synergize with these rune shards as they can activate its passive faster. 

Best Rune Shards



+10 Attack speed


+9 Adaptive Force


+6 Armor

Best Vi Spells

Vi jungle needs to have smite just like all junglers. Smite is what will give you the exp you need to catch up with the level of other laning allies. Flash is also a staple out of all Summoner spells choices as it fits with almost every combo in league of legends. 

Best Spells




*Insert Q ability*

Best Vi Abilities order

Vi's main ability is her Q, Vault Breaker comes first in her skill order. It has tons of damage and allows her to relocate really fast when ganking. Vault breaker is also great when jumping walls for ganking or even invading the enemy jungle. 

Vault breaker can also be used to get close before using Cease and Desist on the enemy ADC. This combo can be followed by Excessive force which is the second ability to be maxed in her skill order. Excessive force is great when opponents are clumped together during team fights. 

Finally Denting blows is the last ability to be maxed as it is a passive ability that can be triggered by all of Vi's abilities. 

Best Vi Items

The best items on this Vi build are the ones that give her tons of survivability during team fights. Plated steelcaps can be a great early-game boots upgrade as she can use this to tank some turret shots when ganking. Let us first start with her starter items and move on to her best items.

Best Starter Vi Items

Ember knife leads to a challenging smite which is really great during team fights. This smite gives Vi damage reduction and is also great during jungle invades. Refillable health potion however is a great item to refrain from buying potions every reset. 

First Item

Second Item

Ember Knife

Refillable Potion

Best Mid Game Vi Items

When mid-game comes, enemies would have already built their mythic items and so should Vi. Divine sunderer is a great item for a bruiser as it gives the user both damage and survivability. 

First Item

Second Item

Third Item

Divine Sunderer

Plated Steelcaps

Death’s Dance

In this Vi build, Trinity force can also be a great alternative to Divine Sunderer however you should only build this item if your team has an early lead against the opposing team. Trinity force is great for clearing epic monsters as it gives Vi attack speed and spellblade passive. 

*Insert ultimate ability* 

Best Final Late Game Vi Items 

To complete this Vi build, Guardian Angel is a great fourth alternative item because of the defensive stats and unique passive it gives Vi. Black Cleaver is an all-around better late-game item as it can shred multiple armors of enemies when used with relentless force. 

First Item

Second Item

Third Item

Fourth Item

Fifth Item

Sixth Item

Divine Sunderer

Plated Steelcaps

Death’s Dance

Black Cleaver

Maw of Malmortius


Maw of malmortius is great for mitigating magic damage in league of legends seeing as how low magic resistance you have with all these items. Thornmail is also great for late game when dealing with the enemy ADC thanks to its reflect damage. 

Sometimes, in league of legends, when certain enemies try to counter you, you need an alternative item. Guardian angel is great as I mentioned above and so is Sterak's Gage. Both of these items will let you extend your fight duration by giving you a boost in defensive stats. 

Best Champions to pair Vi with

Singed, Renekton, and Cho'gath are all tank top laners . Top lane benefits the most when they are playing with their jungler and these allies have great follow up or initiation whenever Vi decides to gank top lane. 


Win Rate %








Strongest Champions Against Vi

Vi is a champion that needs to get close to her enemies in order to punish them. She is greatly countered by these enemies when her ultimate is down as they can simply outrun Vi and disable her multiple times putting her at a great disadvantage. As result, Vi has a really low win rate against these enemies.


Win Rate %








Weakest Champions against Vi

While Lee Sin is a great mobile champion, he cannot out run Vi because of her ultimate. Poppy is also countered by Vi simply because Vi can simply mitigate Poppy's damage with Blast shield and lower her defensive stats with Denting Blows. As of Patch 12.16 Vi has a win rate of over 50 against these champions.


Win Rate %


Lee Sin






Lee Sin cannot handle the burst damage of Vi's engage and can be used to quickly kill him. When you play Vi against these junglers, you can easily invade their jungle camps in the early game and win a 1v1. Vault breaker is a great counter to them as it can be used to hop walls or even engage. 

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