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Best Cho’gath Build Guide | Runes | Spells | Items in League of Legends

Looking to main Cho’gath in League of Legends? Know the best runes, items, and builds for him by reading the most comprehensive guide about Cho’gath available!

Updated on Sep 24, 2022
Best Cho’gath Build Guide | Runes | Spells | Items in League of Legends

In terms of soaking up damage, or tankiness, for starters, Cho'gath will always be one of the best champions in League of Legends in this area. His stats and longevity are better than most champions in the game. 

Not only that, but Cho'gath is also flexible. He can be played in the mid lane and top lane as either a mage or tank. 

Here is a complete Cho'gath top guide that will help you boost your win rate and destroy enemy champions!

Best Cho'gath Build

chogath  league of legends build

As mentioned previously, Cho'gath can either be played as a mage or tank. However, the most common build for him is a hybrid or pure tank to bring out the most of his kit. This will be the focus of the next section, which is entirely about the best items to buy for him. Make sure to follow the build path in order to have no problems entering the late game.

Best Cho'gath Runes

Whether you are going to play a mage or tanky Cho'gath, the runes will probably stay the same. The most optimal rune path for him is resolve to maximize his tank potential in the late game. Additionally, resolve runes will also improve his laning and sustain, which is one of his weak points. 

Best Rune PathResolve
Best KeystoneGrasp of the Undying
Best Slot 1 (Rune)Demolish
Best Slot 2 (Rune)Second Wind
Legend: Tenacity
Best Slot 3 (Rune)Overgrowth

Grasp of the Undying is the best primary rune for Cho'gath because of the permanent increase in health. This is extremely strong when paired with his ultimate, which makes him stronger as the game continues. Grasp of the Undying also improves Cho'gath's sustain.

Choosing precision as the secondary rune path, specifically triumph and legend: tenacity, will also help Cho'gath sustain during the laning phase. The tenacity rune set will also come in handy during the late game when he is the focus of crowd control during team fights. 

Best Cho’gath Rune Shards

Cho'gath's rune shard choice is pretty simple. You should always go for defensive shards because that will benefit him the most. Also, it is not worth it to choose offensive rune shards because Cho'gath is really squishy in the early game, so it is best to build defense early.

+10% Attack Speed
+8 Armor
+8 Magic Resist

Built armor when going against attack damage champions and magic resistance against ability power champions. It is not recommended to get the additional health rune shard because Cho'gath will be tanky enough during the late game. 

Best Cho’gath Spells

Flash will always be the most picked summoner spell because of its mobility and flexibility. Cho'gath will greatly benefit from flash because it can be used in a combo with rupture and feast. 


Since the top lane is the most isolated one in League of Legends, all top laners should also choose teleport to make it easier for them to roam around the map. Teleport is also great for mid-lane Cho'gath because he lacks the mobility to roam around the rift. 

If you are looking for great alternative summoner spells, then ghost is also great is what you are looking for. If you are going against mobile champions, such as Singed and Vayne, then ghost will be a viable choice. However, teleport will still be better 99% of the time because of the roaming and team fighting potential it provides. 

Best Cho'gath Abilities Order

Thankfully, the ability order for Cho'gath is the same for both builds, tank or mage. Rupture provides healing and poke, which are really important in the early game, making it the priority for leveling up abilities. 

chogath abilities order league of legends

The next ability that you should prioritize is feral scream to shorten its cooldown. You will be able to use this more in the mid game and late game to counter enemies that want to use their abilities during team fights. Nevertheless, you will see a complete skill order that above, just follow it to get the most out of his kit!

Best Cho’gath Items

As mentioned previously, the focus of this guide will be a hybrid Cho'gath build that brings out the best of his abilities. Managing League items is no easy feat, but everything will be included in the next section (build guide), which includes the early, mid, and late games that will help you win ranked games!

Best Starter Cho'gath Items

Sustain should be the priority of every Cho'gath player, and Riot Games designed this champion with this in mind because his real strength relies on late-game tankiness and the ability to soak both attack and magic damage.

Doran’s Shield
Health Potion
Cloth Armor

Best Mid Game Cho’gath Items

Next is the mid-game items, which are extremely important because they will decide if your team can prolong it to the late game or win as early as possible. This is also the point where you should have finished your first mythic item, preferably Frostfire Gauntlet.

Bami’s Cinder
Plated Steelcaps
Refillable Potion
Null Magic Mantle

Best Late Game Cho’gath Items

The late game is where your strength lies. This is the point of the game where you build the best legendary items possible, which give you the most bonus health, magic resistance, and armor. Here is a sample of what you should have during the late game to be an effective front-line and crowd control dealer.

Frostfire Gauntlet
Randuin’s Omen
Gargoyle’s Stoneplate
Warmog’s Armor

Best Champions to Pair With Cho’gath

The highest win rate champion to pair with Cho’gath is Trundle. Mobility is the worst enemy of Cho'gath players, and Trundle will be able to fix that problem for you because of his pillar of ice. The second best pair for Cho'gath is Master Yi  because he can engage when enemies are crowd controlled by Cho’gath.

Lastly, Udyr being a mobile jungle champion, can go in and out of the battle while Cho’gath soaks everything during skirmishes and team fights. These champions are also strong split pushers, which is a great help for the team. 

Master Yi54.79%

Strongest Champions Against Cho'Gath

Here are the worst champions to go up against as a Cho'gath. These three, Kled, Poppy, and Lillia, possess one main problem that Cho'gath has a hard time dealing with, which is mobility.


Weakest Champions Against Cho'gath

On the other hand, you will have a smooth sailing time dealing with these champions because they do not have the abilities that can either burst you or deal with your crowd control. Always look out to be officially involved with these champions in-game.

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