Best Trundle Skins | LoL

It’s time to dominate solo queue and main a new strong jungle champion by choosing Trundle and purchasing some of his powerful skins released in League of Legends.
Best Trundle Skins | LoL

Increase your win rate and defeat the likes of Xin Zhao, Lee Sin, and Master Yi in the jungle with the king of the trolls, Trundle. Even though his kit is not flashy, and he is one of the earliest champion releases by Riot Games, the Troll King has many appealing skins with cool models and animations. 

Build attack speed and magic resistance because it is time to use your club to beat everyone to death with the best Trundle skins in LoL. 


Constable Trundle

If you did not know yet, Riot Games releases “meme” skin lines at least once a year, and Trundle is one of those lucky champions who received one. 

Both released on November 28, 2014, and priced at 750 Riot Points, Constable Trundle and his partner Captain Volibear are the policemen version of the infamous beasts in League of Legends.

Constable Trundle has the usual policeman outfit that you will see in action movies. The badge, blue coat, and gloves all enhance the action star theme of the skin. Not to mention, Constable Trundle wears shades too, which gives the skin a more natural feeling. And did I mention that they destroyed something on their way? Just look at how badass these policemen are.

There are only slight changes to this skin, namely his Pillar of Ice ability and auto-attack animation. Constable Trundle uses traffic cones for his Pillar of Ice, while he will smack enemies with his huge police baton when attacking. Other than that, there are no changes to Constable Trundle anymore, considering this is one of his cheapest skins.

But the model and laughs alone make it one of his best skins available in the game. You can still get this cool policeman by visiting the League store today!

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Dragonslayer Trundle

Riot Games made a stronger and more frightening version of Trundle as if a giant troll is not scary enough. Dragonslayer Trundle has the power of the ice mountains in his hands and is hellbent to destroy every creature in the dragon world.

I would say that Dragonslayer Trundle’s model is similar to his classic skin. Riot Games decided to retain the icy and troll-like visuals of Trundle. They added cool armor and used a bigger ax instead of his iconic club. Honestly, his armor looks plain, but it is enough to make him look more powerful.

If you ask me, Dragonslayer Trundle looks like the Elder Dragon, which is ironic because he is meant to destroy the dragons. Nevertheless, the purple and blue particles of his abilities are amazing. And on top of that, Dragonslayer Trundle generates tiny dragon screeches when he casts his skills, which makes everything better.

This skin was priced at 1350 Riot Points during its release on January 30, 2020. The good news is you can still be a Dragonslayer by buying this skin in the League store now!

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Worldbreaker Trundle

Classic Trundle as a huge troll is big enough, right? Riot Games plainly said nope and released this skin on November 10, 2016. If you thought Dragonslayer Trundle was huge already, then he is minuscule compared to Worldbreaker Trundle, who is a titan destined to destroy the world.

I love how Riot Games designed the model of this skin. Ancient Egyptian culture has always been a sight to behold, and Riot did a great job implementing it to Worldbreaker Trundle. He has a new club with a unique shape and a giant stone helmet that only the worthy titans can wear.

However, Riot Games missed the opportunity to include additional effects on this skin. Like Constable Trundle, this skin only has a new Pillar of Ice model. Worldbreaker Trundle will summon a triangular monument when casting his Pillar of Ice ability. Riot retained the rest of the animations and particles of the classic skin.

Considering that he is an otherworldly titan, I think the icy looks of his abilities do not suit the overall concept of the skin. However, this skin is still cheap, priced at 750 Riot Points. It is still worth it if you like the model. Don’t wait and grab this skin in the League shop today!

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Traditional Trundle

Because of Trundle’s longevity, Riot Games decided to give him an overhaul last 2013. Many fans missed the looks of the original Trundle, and the good thing is, Riot listened to its players by bringing it back in the mode of a skin called Traditional Trundle.

Traditional Trundle is not a 100% copy of the original Trundle, but it perfectly captures the looks and feels of it. Compared to his classic skin, Traditional Trundle is more of a jungle troll king instead of the icy ruler. If you look at the splash art above, he looks intense and powerful enough to destroy everyone with his wooden club.

Fans will surely love how the designers retained everything about the original Trundle, including the animations, sounds, and particles of his abilities. His green and gooey-like of his skills suit the whole jungle king concept of this skin. Not only that, but Traditional also has voice effects of the original Trundle, which will surely appeal to the veterans of the game.

Unfortunately, only those who owned Trundle before the rework received the Traditional Trundle giveaway by Riot Games. You can still get it through loot or once the Legacy Vault reopens, though, so keep your eyes peeled for some skin news!

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Trundle is one of the few League of Legends champions who rely on his attack damage to strengthen his champion abilities and stats, but you can easily do it with style by buying some of the skins mentioned above. 

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