Best Xin Zhao Skins | LoL

One of the best warriors in the lore of League of Legends, Xin Zhao has received a lot of skin releases by Riot. Here are the best skins for the Seneschal of Demacia.

best skins xin zhao
best skins xin zhao

The Seneschal of Demacia, Xin Zhao, released on July 13, 2010, is one of the earliest League of Legends champions. Over the 11 years of his existence in the game, Riot Games has unveiled numerous cosmetics for him. If you are currently shopping for skin for Xin Zhao, here is a list of his best skins to help you choose. 

Secret Agent Xin Zhao

Have you ever wondered about a League of Legends champion becoming a spy? Well, this skin will bring the fantasy to life. Wield modern-day gadgets and the Mark-VII utili-spear to gank your enemies with style with the Secret Agent Xin Zhao skin. 

Looking at the splash art above, Xin Zhao looks like the usual spy that you see in the movies. He has an excellent suit, gloves, and tie that are paired with iconic shades, which will surely leave your teammates in awe. Not only that but previously mentioned utili-spear looks like it can cut enemies within a second. 

You should not expect drastic changes from this skin because it is one of the cheap cosmetics available in the game. However, it does have a new recall and particles for the Crescent Sweep. 

Secret Agent Xin Zhao, released on March 16, 2015, is currently available in the League of Legends store for 975 Riot Points.

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Marauder Xin Zhao

The newest skin release by Riot Games for Xin Zhao, this skin has the concept of Marauders in the League of Legends lore. Xin now looks like a champion who will destroy anyone who stands in his way. 

If you look closely at the art above, Xin Zhao now has a cool shiny armor and helmet that is red and silver. His eyes are also glowing, indicating that he is filled with rage and that the enemies will fear him. There are also a lot of soldiers behind him, which suggests that Marauder Xin Zhao is probably the leader of an army.

When you buy this skin, expect many changes in animations, particles, textures, and sounds for Xin Zhao. To give you an example, his Wind Becomes Lightning and Crescent Guard are red-colored and have horrifying sounds. Not only that, but this skin has several voice effects, which give a better touch to the skin.

Riot Games' most recent skin for Xin Zhao, Marauder, was released on January 7, 2021. It is currently available in the League shop for 1350 Riot Points.

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Warring Kingdoms Xin Zhao

This skin makes Xin Zhao look like a part of the Dynasty Warriors game. He is probably based on Zhao Yun, a military general who lived during China's early Three Kingdom periods. Harness the power of Chinese generals by buying the Warring Kingdoms Xin Zhao skin. 

If you look closely at the splash art above, this skin gives out ancient cultural feels. Xin Zhao is seen riding a horse and has cool old armor and spear, confirming that he is indeed from the Three Kingdoms period. To top it all off, Xin Zhao seems to be controlling the power of lightning with his weapon. Warring Kingdoms mostly has blue colors that perfectly suit the concept. 

On the other hand, since this skin is part of the epic category, expect changes to the animations, particles, sounds, and textures. His Tree Talon Strike, Audacious Charge, and Wind Becomes Lightning have lightning animations and sounds, while his Crescent Guard has a wind sound and dragon armor animation. 

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Dragon Slayer Xin Zhao

This skin is entirely different from the other cosmetics in this list because it has a concept of Xin Zhao as a mighty knight who is tasked to control and defeat dragons. 

If you look at the photo above, Xin Zhao has armor and helmet that looks like it was made from dragon skin. His glowing eyes also indicate that he is powerful and does not fear the dragon that he is currently facing in the splash art above. 

Like the Warring Kingdoms, expect Dragon Slayer Xin Zhao to change this champion drastically. It has new particles, textures, animations, and sounds. For example, Dragon Slayer Xin Zhao's skills have fire and dragon sounds. On top of that, his spear will also burn if he casts his skills. 

Dragon Slayer Xin Zhao was released last March 9, 2017. The good thing is that you can purchase it in the League shop for 1350 Riot Points. 

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That was the best Xin Zhao skins that you can buy in League of Legends. Dominate the jungle with style by buying one of the skins listed above. If you want to see the best skins for each champion, check this list of the best champion skins in League of Legends. However, if you prefer looking for a skin for a mid lane champion, here is a list of the best Xerath skins.