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League of Legends Jinx Full Lore Explained

League of Legends lore is unstable even in the best of times. Add to that Arcane, and you have a hodgepodge of conflicting information.
League of Legends Jinx Full Lore Explained

With the inclusion of Arcane as a side-canon to the main League of Legends universe, some details of Jinx’s life have been revealed. Unlike the lore of Viktor and Jayce though, Arcane does not change Jinx’s story too much, just fills in the gaps. Here we bring you her full story, as released by Riot Games.

What is Jinx’s Lore in League of Legends?

Jinx’s official lore in both League of Legends and Wild Rift, remains ambiguous. It focuses on her young adult life, one filled with everything from bright explosions, lining bridges with her flame chompers, carrying oversized rocket launchers, to petty pranks such as releasing animals from petting zoos in Piltover.

League of Legends - Firecracker Jinx

This story portrays Jinx as a League of Legends Harley Quinn, though her motives, past, and origins of her crazy nature remain uncertain. The only thing that is certain though, is her obsession with a Piltoveran Enforcer Vi.

What is Jinx’s Lore in Arcane?

As we stated previously, Arcane sheds light on Jinx’s origins and can be considered a prequel to her established League of Legends lore. From Arcane Season 1, we see her progress from an innocent young girl in the orphanages of Zaun, to a mad-woman intent on dealing as much damage as possible, and all-around being The Loose Cannon of an ADC champion we know and love.

League of Legends - Arcane Jinx

What Arcane changes to Jinx’s lore is her relationships with Vi and Ekko, as well as give us an insight to what exactly is the cause of her, frankly, mentally-damaged nature.

Are LoL Vi and Jinx sisters?

The largest and most impactful piece of information Arcane gives us on Jinx lies in explaining her obsession with Vi, one of the game’s iconic jungle champions. As before Riot Games have only hinted at them having some sort of familial relations, Arcane outright confirms it.

League of Legends - Arcane Vi

Jinx and Vi are sisters, per Arcane lore. Jinx’s obsession stems from the fact that Vi has, in Jinx’s mind, abandoned her younger sister to the horrors of Zaun when she needed her most, prompting Jinx to chase after her and stand against all that Vi protects.

The fact that Vi has elected to stand with Piltover, a sworn enemy of Zaun, as the city’s lore explains, is just icing on the cake.

How did League of Legends Jinx go Insane?

Jinx’s insanity stems from her traumatic childhood in the slums of Zaun. However, there is more to her insanity than just mental illness. In her youth, Powder, Jinx’s original name, and Vi were adopted and taken in by different parental figures. Where Vi was taken in by Vander, a well-meaning older man, Jinx was adopted by Silco, a Zaunite Chem Baron.

League of Legends - Jinx

They reunited in a daring try by Vi to bring Silco down, and save Vander, during which Jinx, still called Powder at the time, tries to help by triggering a magical bomb that kills everyone but her and Vi and injures her heavily.

League of Legends - Silco

Following this turn of events, Jinx stays in Zaun, convinced her sister hates her, while Vi is arrested and taken to Piltover. In Arcane Season 1, Act 2, Jinx is once again heavily wounded. To mend her condition, her adoptive father Silco takes her to one of the game’s oldest champions, Singed The Mad Chemist, who injects Jinx with a Zaun-made drug called Shimmer causing her to truly go insane.

Are Ekko and Jinx in Love?

Prior to the Arcane series, there was no known interaction between Jinx and Ekko. However, Arcane has revealed that they used to be childhood friends, while Jinx was still called Powder, who took similar but ultimately different paths in life.

League of Legends - Ekko

The relationship between Jinx and Ekko is a complicated one. Due to her abandonment issues, Jinx is obsessed with Vi and pays no attention to anything else in her life. Aside from dealing as much damage as possible to Piltover, of course. The time-warping mid-lane champion though, Ekko, is in love with Jinx.

League of Legends - Jinx and Ekko duel

Their story, as of Season 1, Act 3 of Arcane, does not end happily. Due to various circumstances lining up, Ekko and Jinx have a battle, which is the one that injures Jinx to the point of needing Singed’s help, and ultimately making her as close to Harley Quinn as you can get without copyright infringement.

With the end of Arcane, we are left to our own head-canons to fill in the blanks of what happens between the story of Arcane, and the League of Legends lore where Jinx is much older. 

Some questions, though, will likely remain unanswered, such as those pertaining to the fate of Vander, Silco’s grand ambitions, and whether the relationship between Jinx and Vi can be mended. 

Still, there is still hope in regaining Jinx’s lost innocence, as no one rotten to their core would name the pinnacle of their deadly weaponry Super Mega Death Rocket. One thing to mention is the fact that Arcane is called side-canon for a reason, as all events can be in an alternate universe to the one the game is placed in, as much as they can be actual, direct prequels.

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