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League of Legends Singed Full Lore Breakdown

Morals and ethics don’t seem to have a place on Runeterra. Singed, the Mad Chemist is the best example of this.
League of Legends Singed Full Lore Breakdown

Science will never betray you, and those that turn to it completely will stop at nothing to achieve this, evidenced by Viktor’s story. However, Singed was the originator of this kind of thinking and, as the oldest LoL champion, is responsible for the creation of many other champions in the game.

What is Singed’s Lore in League of Legends?

Singed is a League of Legends champion with unmatched intellect. Seeing Piltover be taken by the obsession over hextech, he delved into alchemy instead, to prove that science is above magic. Due to that, he was forced to relocate to the City of Zaun, and continue his research with whatever means necessary.

League of Legends - Singed

His most frequent subject was himself, due to a lack of funding. To continue his research he would go on to invent things such as the insanity potion, to keep himself focused and working for days on end, all for the sake of science itself, and his own ambition to prove his former colleagues wrong.

League of Legends - Singed

By inventing a chemical weapon to help Noxus in their war against Ionia, he has given rise to quite a few Ionian champions in League of Legends. However, his latest project, built on the back of Noxian funding, is Warwick. Even though it has escaped, Singed remains undeterred in finding the secret to immortality.

Does Singed Appear in Arcane?

In Arcane there are two instances of Singed’s appearance, and interaction with the main character cast. 

The first time Singed appears in Arcane is when he takes in a young Viktor as his assistant, the mid-lane champion we know today. However, Viktor is disgusted by the methods Singed uses to prolong the life of Rio and ensuring the pathogen causing her illness lives on to be studied.

Arcane - Singed, Viktor and Rio

In the final Act of Arcane, Viktor returns to the same lab and follows in Singed’s footsteps. However, where Viktor seeks to rebuild humanity, Singed is trying to elevate it to something more, with their base ideologies best described with the resistance Singed and Creator Viktor Skin.

League of Legends - Resistance Singed

Singed’s second appearance in Arcane, once again, comes morbidly. His healing methods are what makes Powder turn into Jinx completely, and give her the iconic purple eyes. In the interaction with Silco though, we see that there is a difference between Arcane Singed and League of Legends Singed. Where the latter is doing experiments for the sake of his own hubris, the former sees them as a necessary evil to better mankind itself.

Does Singed Make Vander into Warwick?

The last known fate of Vander is him dying at the hands of Powder, due to an accident while trying to save him from Silco, his former friend. However, such situations can often be exaggerated in fantasy, and taking alchemy into account it is possible that Vander is still alive and in Singed’s lab. After all, Singed has done far worse and far more miraculous things before, than just making an Arcane character into a jungle champion.

League of Legends - Warwick

As we know, according to the League of Legends official Singed lore, it is Singed who creates Warwick. What fans, and not just Warwick and Singed players are wondering about, is whether Vander is Warwick’s original identity. After all, before Vander settled down to raise his adopted daughters Vi and Powder, he was once known as the Hound of the Underground. Even Warwick’s League of Legends lore gives us some snippets that point to the fact that Vander was his human form.

Is LoL Orianna Singed’s Daughter?

Orianna’s lore is one of family and all the things we would do to help them. As it stands, there is no confirmation whether Orianna is Singed’s daughter, but fans have been clamoring about it. The story of Orianna follows that of Singed, as they both have to move from Piltover to Zaun due to heavy expenses incurred while living there.

Arcane - Singed looking at a picture of a girl

Even the pet Singed has, Rio, bears a similarity to Orianna’s name, What fans find as the largest reason to deny this claim is the fact that Orianna is the Lady of the clockwork, as is obvious by her looks, while Singed abhors hextech and only experiments with biochemistry. 

However, we find it fitting that a scientist leaves the field of study which failed to save his daughter, and does everything in his power to prove its inferiority, just as Singed does.

The Netflix show Arcane ended on quite a lot of cliffhangers, for those of us that are League of Legends players and didn’t only watch it due to its popularity.

Theories abound, and we will be forced to wait for quite a few years before they are answered, as it took six years to create Arcane’s Season 1.

As things stand, though, without some retconning to the official League of Legends lore, Arcane will have to be considered an alternate universe, rather than the side-canon it is now.

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