Which LoL Champions Have the Highest Win Rate

While win rates may not mean everything in League of Legends, they are a good indication of where the champion is in the current meta.
Which LoL Champions Have the Highest Win Rate

In League of Legends, win rates represent the percentage of how many games a champion has won out of all the games they have been played in a patch. This is indicative of their strength in the meta, as well as their popularity on the Summoner's Rift. Here are the highest win rate champions League of Legends has to offer in patch 12.11:


Tahm Kench | 53.30% Win Rate

Starting off ur list of the highest win rates, in the fifth place we have Tahm Kench, with his win rate of 53.30% in the top lane role

The durability update Riot Games released with patch 12.10 has been good for this champion, and it has remained the same in patch 12.11 as well.

League of Legends - Tahm Kench

One of the biggest issues Tahm Kench had before was his bad scaling to late game. Now, however, his early game gives far too much of a lead for other top lane champions to scale up to him. Add to that that his scaling has also improved with the durability update, and you have Tahm Kench among the top-five champions in the game.


Volibear | 53.67% Win Rate

To think that the role with the most traditional champion as its best one would be the jungle role, the one that is in constant flux, goes to show just what sort of upheaval LoL currently is in, something that Riot Games are trying to calm down

As it stands, Volibear’s current domination is limited to the jungle exclusively, and in this role, he is the fourth-best champion in the game.

League of Legends - Duality Dragon Volibear

As it stands, the best jungler in the game is Volibear, with a win rate of 53.67%. It seems that the durability changes have not allowed for some cheese picks in the jungle, as they have in the other lanes. Interestingly, Volibear’s percentage of wins in the top lane is one of the worst in the game.


Janna | 54.25% Win Rate

There is no escaping the spirit of air on the Rift, nor is there any way to attack her allies either, not when the third-best champion in the game is defending them.

Since the Janna mini-rework Riot Games released a few months ago, she has been a staple of the bot lane, as an excellent peel, capable of being played with so many champions in the lane and having a good synergy, she is always among the best in the game, and it has remained so to this day, in the support role though.

League of Legends - Sacred Sword Janna

In patch 12.11 she is once again at the top with a win rate of 54.25%. The only thing that has changed is how much she is in play, which has been steadily decreasing the more time passes since her changes, but even still, her play rate is average among other support champions, as well.


Singed | 55.56% Win Rate

It seems that the trend for patch 12.11, and the champions with the highest win rates, is one of the off-meta champions, and the Singed as a mid-lane champion is no different.

The Mad Alchemist of Zaun is the second-best League of Legends champion in patch 12.11, in mid-lane of all places, with a win rate of a whopping 55.56%.

League of Legends - Resistance Singed

On the other hand, of the traditional mid-lane champions, the next one on the list is Rumble, who is not even close to Singed, the first champion Riot Games ever designed.


Tahm Kench | 56.90% Win Rate

This is the second time we are mentioning the River King on our list. That is because, currently, the bot lane carry is not a marksman at all, but a River Demon by the name of Tahm Kench, with a win rate of 56.90% as an ADC, the highest win rate in League of Legends.

League of Legends - Arcana Tahm kench

Tahm Kench currently has the number one champion in League of Legends, and not even in his top lane role, for which he was designed. This is due to his high base stats that work in conjunction with other champions in the support role to snowball the lane quickly. A Tahm Kench Taric combo is not one to disregard easily.

This is something Riot Games have strong opinions on do not like to see on their Summoner's Rift, and we expect changes to take place to remedy this as soon as possible.

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