How to Remake a League of Legends Game

Is the loading into the game suspiciously long? Years ago, you would make your peace with the fact that you are down a player, but the remake option changes that.

how to remake in lol
how to remake in lol

Before you go about uninstalling League of Legends, due to another game lost to an AFK teammate, just use the remake option, and let it be water under the bridge. After all, they could be having internet issues, which a lot of us can understand. As it’s a common enough phenomenon, here is how to successfully remake a game of League of Legends.

How Do Remakes Work in LoL?

A remake is an option in League of Legends that balances the playing field by offering players to vote to end the game early and honorably, with no penalty to anyone but the inactive player, and, in high-level competitive play, their premade.

League of Legends - Remake Vote

This means that the game ends with no loss of MMR, LP, or anything else that is tied to winning or losing a game. In other words, the game in question will be treated as if it didn’t exist.

How To Trigger a Remake in LoL?

There are a few conditions that need to be met, before a team is eligible to start a remake:

  • A remake becomes available at 3:00 if a player is disconnected or flagged as inactive for 90 seconds
  • There has been no First Blood before a player has gone AFK, which is not important if the players never connected to the game
  • An announcement has been given in chat that the team is eligible for a remake.
League of Legends - AFK Warning

How To remake in LoL?

Once this announcement has been given, to start the remake process one of the players needs to type in “/remake” in the team chat, which will trigger a vote. If there is only one player that is inactive, the vote needs two players to press “yes” to remake the game, while in a situation where two players are AFK, it only needs one player, that being the one who started the vote. The vote itself will be presented as a surrender vote, but that’s just an oversight on Riot Games’ part and is no cause for concern, as it really is a remake.

What are the Penalties for a Remake?

As we stated previously, active players in the game will incur no penalties during a remake. Instead, all the penalties will be given to those players that have been either inactive, to try and avoid the AFK flagging, or those that disconnected outright. These penalties include:

  • A loss on your record, or if you were in a promo series, you'll lose one game towards it,
  • LP loss, just as though, equal to losing the match
  • Your account will be flagged by LeaverBuster, the same way as if you'd disconnected from a normal match
  • For Diamond IV rank and above, if someone in your premade is the cause of a remake, you'll take the same penalties they do.
League of Legends - AFK Penalty

Should there be more than one inactive player, they will all receive the penalties for a remake. This includes players who decided to AFK while waiting for the remake option to appear. Because of that, you should remain active even if you have already concluded that a game will be a remake, as it’s not worth the risk of also receiving the penalties.

At the end of it all, no matter if your rank is gold or master, it’s always worth remaking the game when given the option. Unless, of course, you’re plying as a five-man premade and know that your friend will return. Then, do whatever floats your boat, you’re likely playing that for fun anyway.