How to Refund Riot Points and Skins | LOL

Did you buy anything from the RP store, and now you’re regretting it? Don’t panic; you may be able to have a refund for that item.
How to Refund Riot Points and Skins | LOL

Riot Points are one of the currencies in the League of Legends store along with the Blue Essence and Orange Essence, these cost real-life money, and they’re pretty much the key to almost anything in the game. With Riot Points, you can do things in the game, from Unlocking All Champions Fast or getting The Best Skins in the Game

All of this and much more is achievable through RP, but if you happen to purchase something, and end up regretting it, don’t feel bad about it; Riot Games has a good refund system for these types of situations, here we’ll take a look on how to refund Riot Points.

How Do You Refund Riot Points and Skins?

To refund RP or Skins, all you have to do is

  1. Go to the shop.
  2. Then, search for the option that says “Purchase history”.
  3. Once you’re there, if you’ve made some purchases, it should sort of look like this.
  4. Search for the item you want to refund, and click on the option.

But, as you can see, not all the items in the Purchase history are available to get a refund, and that’s where the Refund Tokens take part in this whole process.

What are Refund Tokens?

Refund Tokens, in a nutshell, are what you need to, e.g., refund skin. You will spend one token per refunded item, and all League of Legends accounts, since the very moment of their creation, get three refund tokens. This easily translates into “Be careful how you spend your Refund Tokens”. 

Besides the ones you get for your account, Riot Games also grants to all accounts one of these tokens every year. However, don’t get too confident about saving them up because you can only have up to three of them for each account, also something to take into consideration is the fact that not every item in League of Legends is refundable.

What is Refundable and What Isn’t?

Here’s a comparative list of what’s refundable and what isn’t, which you can find in Riot Games support website:

In-game premium currency (like RP or VALORANT Points) (“Game Currency”)Card styles
ChampionsGifts (whether sent or received)
Ward skinsAccount transfers
Individual ChromasChests
Rune pages*Promotional items
Summoner name changes (if your previous name is not taken)*Esports summoner icons
Summoner icons*Hextech inventory (like keys, chests and shards)
Chroma packs*Poro Coin content
RecallsEvent passes (including the Premium Battle Pass and Premium Battle Pass levels)

Card styles

Earned content
Arena skinsCharacter contract levels
BaublesWeapon skin levels
Little LegendsIn-game regular currency (like Radianite Points or Star Shards)
CardsLittle Legends Eggs

Something to take into consideration is the fact that the items marked with an “*” can’t be refunded through the game client, but instead, you would have to send a ticket to Player Support, and they will handle it as soon as possible.

Although, in all honesty, someone would have to have bought these items blindfolded for it actually to be necessary to ask for a refund. Chroma packs, Summoner icons, and Rune pages are all things you can give a thought or two before buying.


Also, if you’re thinking of getting a specific champion, e.g., someone from our Best ADC list, and you end up not liking it, perhaps you want to give that champion a second or even third chance before spending those valuable Refund Tokens that you can get only once a year. 

Also, you can just straight-up not refunding it and make peace with the fact that you got yourself a champion you didn’t like because yes, it does happen!


Suppose it’s a summoner icon you didn’t like or a skin you now think it’s not that amazing. In that case, the reality is that refunding purchases in League of Legends is possible, yes. Still, it’s not something players should be worrying about, because if they fear getting something they will not be happy with, there are many ways to evaluate a skin, champion, chroma, etc. before you buy it

You can watch videos on YouTube about a skin’s spotlight with their chromas or a champion being played before you buy it. That way, you can spend your money more wisely; if not, then you can always check out our guide on How to Earn Free RP.

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