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What is the Highest Level in League of Legends

In-game levels aside, account, that is summoner levels come with their own rewards. And those are here to stay with your account, permanently.
What is the Highest Level in League of Legends

The League of Legend Account Level can be important as an experience counter while the competitive side has a purely skill-based system. League of Legends initially had an Account Level cap which was removed in 2016 at the start of Season 8. 

Since then, players have been grinding out hours and Account Levels for the game non-stop. 

This means those with the League of Legends' highest account level have some truly impressive numbers.

How do Levels work in League of Legends?

There are two things considered to be important in League of Legends, as they can be used as bragging rights and show how experienced someone is with the game. One of them reveals how much someone plays the game while the other is focused on skill. 

Both of these are reflections of how much experience someone has with League of Legends. However, they both might be used when looking for the highest level League of Legend players.

League of Legends - Account Level

The League of Legends Account Level doesn't refer to skill but it does show their experience level. When someone points out their Account Level they're referring to how much they've played the game and for how long

It takes a long time to reach a high Account Level so they can certainly reflect someone's experience level.

League of Legends - Rank

When it comes to the competitive side, this is the system that shows a player's skill level with the game. This is exclusive to the competitive mode of the game and is something that can decrease over time. Account Level doesn't decrease and will only increase over time if someone continues to play the game. A player's competitive score will increase or decrease according to how much they are winning in competitive matches. Account Level and Rank are commonly separated in online games so it works the same for League of Legends as well. Both of them can be considered important though they represent two different aspects of the game.‍

What is the highest Account level in LoL?

Assuming that high hours played results in a high skill level doesn't always match up. People who play casually may have no interest in winning lots of matches or being highly skilled at the game. 

This means it's important to remember that not all players with a high Account Level will be incredible at League of Legends as this is only a reflection of how obsessed they are with playing the game.

League of Legends - Level 2000

It's important to consider the competitive mode score of the player as well before making any assumptions. To reach a League of Legends Account Level of 1000, a player would need over 2 million experience points

Some players have reached incredible levels, with the highest Account level currently being 3366. There are various ways to collect more points for this though they still depend on playing the game.

How to Gain Summoner Levels Quickly in League of Legends?

Most players will gain points towards this without purchasing anything from the Riot Store, whether it’s with Blue or Orange Essence. 

Points are gained from playing matches and winning games which can be done without needing to spend any extra cash. Gaining Experience Points can be enhanced by spending some cash with the Riot Store to purchase XP Boosts.

League of Legends - XP Boosts

Purchasing XP Boosters from the Riot Store is a method for quickly increasing your Account Level and they come in two varieties.

  • Duration Boosts
  • Win Boosts

Using a Win Boost will give you an extra 210 XP for winning the game and time played does not affect the rewards from it. Meanwhile, the Duration Boost doubles the base XP from the game regardless of the outcome. 

Both types of Boosts are only active for a limited amount of time. They don’t affect your champion Mastery levels, however.

What are Level Up Rewards in League of Legends?

When leveling up your League of Legends account, the one whose level is displayed in your League of Legends client, each player receives rewards based on their respective level.

Up to level 30, players unlock various features each League of Legends account has, such as Summoner Spells, Icons, beginner champions, and even the ARAM game mode. Going further, however, the rewards ramp up, with everything from normal capsules to Summoner Icon borders, similar to ranked borders, unlocked at level 500.

What are Champion mastery Levels in LoL?

When it comes to the highest level in League of Legends, there are two potential top levels that players can obtain. Achieving top level for either of them however is so simple task as it requires dedication, time, and skill. Reaching the highest level in League of Legends might be easier to do but this is something that takes a very long time to do and using XP Boosts would enable someone to reach Level 1000 much faster. When it comes to the competitive score system, it's purely a case of skill and playing the game regularly. Champion Mastery levels are a synergy between the two, as it takes both time and skill to achieve them.

League of Legends - Champion Mastery

The best way to reach one of the highest levels in League of Legends is to dedicate time to playing matches. 

Playing competitive mode will help increase both sets of points which is perfect for this goal, while also making you focus on just a few champions. 

Reaching the highest level in League of Legends can be done if someone spends a lot of time playing the game. 

League of Legends is a game that can need a lot of time to complete matches which also means it requires dedicated players for the full length of time, as leaving the game can get players banned and will make them lose all rewards associated with the match, including League Points, XP and Champion Mastery Levels

Increasing Account Level or Rank can take quite some time to do as a result. Playing as regularly as possible is the best way to quickly reach the highest level in League of Legends. Just keep in mind that it's a slow process even when purchasing boosts to help.

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