Best LoL Champions For Beginners

For a new player, certain champions are better than others when it comes to learning League of Legends.

Updated on Aug 09, 2023
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Best LoL Champions For Beginners

If you are just starting out with this incredible game, a tough road might be ahead of you. Most of the people that play on low-level accounts as you are playing are smurfs that already know a lot about the game. 

So, it might be hard to fall in love with this game when you are facing better players from the start, but at the same time that gives you the opportunity to improve faster. And choosing the right champion that you can stick with while you are learning the basics is one of the most important things for a beginner in this game. 

While there are a lot of difficult champions like Lee Sin, for example, that might seem tempting to play from the beginning, we recommend going for an easier champion that will allow you to focus on the map and not your mechanics! 

So, here we made a list of the best League of Legends champions for beginners. However, if you choose to go with high-skill champions from the start, you can check our list of the hardest champions in the game.

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Garen, the Might of Demacia, is one of the most popular champions ever released by Riot Games when it comes to beginners.


He is a fighter with simple mechanics that is not afraid to go in and out of fights whenever his team needs him.

Garen is mainly played as a Top laner and he has a good amount of both damage and health, so surviving long periods while also being able to do tons of damage and sometimes being able to get a lot of kills is what makes the Might of Demacia so appealing for players that are just starting out with this game.


If Garen is indeed your choice, maybe you can check our list of the best Garen skins, and find your first skin in League of Legends.

2 /10

Master Yi

If you choose to start your League of Legends journey as a Jungler, Master Yi is a perfect choice for you. He is an amazing champion for clearing camps with a scary late-game potential.


He is an incredible mix of an buttbuttin and a fighter and can take over games in a matter of minutes. His abilities and attacks allow you to survive for a decent amount of time while also shredding enemy champions whenever you see them.

The Wuju Bladesman is incredibly easy to pick up and gives you a lot of carry potential with his ability to get multi-kills in almost every fight.


Every enemy champion is afraid of fed Master Yi, whether we talk about League of Legends or Wild Rift. He also has some amazing skins that you can choose from, and we cover some of them in our list of the best Master Yi skins in the game.

3 /10

Twisted Fate

The Card Master, Twisted Fate might be one of the best League champions when we talk about ones that beginners should try.

He is not exactly the easiest champion to play and requires a lot of game knowledge to be played on the highest levels.


But that is exactly why he is on this list, his mechanics are fairly easy to learn and will allow you to be on pair with other players from the beginning. However, in order to fully utilize him, you will have to use your ultimate ability a lot, which will improve your map awareness faster than with any other champions.


He is a Mid laner that roams a lot and has a huge presence on the map. He also has one of the most interesting designs in the game, which can only be improved with some of his skins, which we can help you choose with our list of the best Twisted Fate skins in the game.

4 /10


If you think that a ranged carry that you can stay safe with while also doing a lot of damage and helping a team with utility is more suitable for you, Ashe is a champion for you. Ashe, the Frost Archer, is a Bot laner with a fairly easy kit to pick up.


Her damage can be scary at times, and her slows and stuns can be a nightmare for every enemy champion. She is also played at Bot lane as we mentioned, which means that you will play her in a duo lane with your support.


So if you are starting out League of Legends with a friend that would like to play a Support for you, she might be just what you want! However, if you want to play this duo lane with your friend, but you don’t really like Ashe, check our list where we cover some of the best Bot laners in the game.

5 /10


Brand is a champion that got a lot of the players into this game with his amazing design and the tons of damage that he can do in seconds.


The Burning Vengeance is mainly played as a Support nowadays, but can also be successfully played at Mid lane.

His ability kit is not very hard to learn and his combos are pretty simple too!


He is a ranged champion that does magic damage and that excels in team fights with his abilities that can damage multiple enemy champions and get you a lot of multi-kills.

His incredible design can be even better if you choose a good skin for him, which we can help you do with our list of the best Brand skins in the game!

6 /10


Teemo is one of the most hated League of Legends champions because of some of the abilities he has.

The Swift Scout is a ranged champion that is mainly played in the Top lane.


He does a lot of magic damage and his every ability is there to absolutely annoy every enemy champion that he faces.

On top of doing a lot of damage, while staying fairly safe with his range, he is also incredibly easy to pick up.

However, in order to play him on a decent level, you have to be a creative person with a lot of patience.


So if you like annoying your enemy, and you are a patient and creative person, Teemo is a champion for you!

If you want to know what other champions are disliked by League players, check our list of the most annoying champions in the game.

7 /10


Amumu, the Sad Mummy, is a Jungler that deals magic damage and has one of the better early games out of all Junglers in the game.

This cute and depressed mummy has everything you want in a Jungler.


He has easy time clearing camps, nice abilities for ganking, and decent team fights with his ultimate.

All of his abilities are easy to learn and you can learn a lot about the game itself when using this champion.


He can be played as a magic damage dealer or as a pure tank if you are more of a team player that wants to tank as much of enemy champions damage as possible.

This cute mummy has a lot of skins that make him even cuter and you can check some of them in our list of the best Amumu skins in the game.

8 /10


Annie, the Dark Child, is a cute little girl that terrorizes enemies with a help of her bear Tibbers.

She is a Mid laner that can also be played as a Support and is that one champion that most people will recommend you as your first main.


Huge amounts of burst magic damage and game-changing stun in combination with her ultimate, where she summons her huge teddy bear Tibbers is what makes her so interesting for new players.


On top of that, her ability kit is fairly easy to learn and she has a lot of interesting combos!

So if you are not yet sure about your role or a champion that you want to play, Annie is always the right choice. And if you like playing her, check our list of the best Annie skins in the game.

9 /10

Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune is another Bot laner on our list. The Bounty Hunter is a ranged champion with a lot of burst damage.

She mainly does physical damage and requires a Support champion by her side in order to be played correctly.


She is incredibly easy to pick up and is one of the funnest Bot laners in the game. An interesting pirate-like design and ability to destroy the enemy team alone when she is ahead is what makes her so appealing to new players.


Miss Fortune is also one of the best Wild Rift champions and all you need to do to carry games with her is to play her with the recommended rune page and stay safe. If you end up picking her up, try finding some skins for her on our page where we cover the best Miss Fortune skins.

10 /10


If you are really into supporting your teammates and making the enemy team suffer by not letting them touch your carries, Janna is the right pick for you.

Her kit is built for saving your allies and making sure they get out of difficult situations.


Sometimes that might not be possible, but with the Storm’s Fury, everyone feels safer. Her abilities are easy to pick up and she has more movement speed than most of the champions, so making positional mistakes won’t cost you as much as with other champions, and believe us, you will make them a lot!


Another thing about playing Janna as your main character is that everyone on your team will love you for picking a champion that will help them carry because they know that support is as important as a carry, if not more!

So, if you decide to start your League of Legends journey with this champion, check our list of the best Janna skins, to see if you like her more with some of the skins!

There is a lot to learn about League in the first few months of playing but with these few champions, you will have the most fun and most opportunities to learn about the game itself and not just champions!

One of the things you will have to learn is warding properly, and for that reason, we made a guide on how to get better at warding that you should check out after trying some of these champions!

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