Best Maokai Skins | LoL

If there is one thing you must have in fantasy, it is a Treant. Maokai is one, with a twisted body and pure soul, preserving life on the Shadow Isles.

Updated on Sep 04, 2023
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Best Maokai Skins | LoL

Viego, the Ruined King, arrived at the Shadow Isles his actions, proved to be the undoing of centuries of Maokai’s life, turning all life to undeath, and twisting the first nature soul into something perverse. We bring you the best picks of Maokai’s new forms, represented in League of Legends as skins.

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Victorious Maokai

The story of Maokai is full of impotent rage against the world, and those kinds of stories tend to destroy the mood. Our first pick of his best skins is one that paints Maokai as Victorious in this epic struggle. This skin lets him stand side by side with other champion skins, such as Victorious Orianna and Victorious Graves.


Victorious Maokai was released on November 08, 2016, and was awarded to players who ranked Gold or higher during season 6 of League of Legends. As such, this skin can no longer be obtained by purchasing it.


Maokai struggles to fight off the encroaching darkness of the Shadow Isles, to preserve and revive the life that once teemed all over the isles. Victorious Maokai, with its golden color scheme, and updates to sounds, animations, and particle effects, gives his story a happy ending.

One of life and hope defeating death and entropy, a feeling that is sorely needed when playing ranked these days. As Victorious Maokai he is protecting what he has, and not regaining what he has lost, a perfect skin to pick when playing him in a support role.


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Haunted Maokai

The Ruined King deserves his moniker. The only reason Maokai survived the blight he set on the world, and not unscathed, is due to the Waters of Life. However, the Haunted Maokai skin turns his lore to being the Twisted Treant from his birth, terrorizing the woods of Runeterra.


Haunted Maokai was released on October 26, 2021, and is priced at 975 RP. This skin updates Maokai’s sound effects, bringing to Runeterra the fear of the dark forest. To purchase this skin, though, you must wait for the opening of the Legacy Vault.


In light of this year’s events, and the lore unveiled regarding the Ruined King, the Haunted Maokai skin may be interpreted as the version of Maokai that was not saved by the pure Waters of Life.

The corrupted magic of undeath would make Maokai even more dangerous. There is a visceral sort of satisfaction of building Imperial Mandate with this skin, and watch as Maokai’s Sapling Toss and Twisted Advance ravage and ensnare the enemy.


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Totemic Maokai

In the game League of Legends, Maokai’s original role is a top laner. Though with the shift of the meta, his magic damage and crowd control have moved him to the support role, the Totemic Maokai skin shows why Maokai’s design is meant for an unkillable tank.


This skin was released on February 16, 2011. With a low price of 520 RP, this skin’s in-game updates leave something to be desired. The splash art and champion model, on the other hand, make the skin well worth the price.


Both, Totemic and Worldbreaker Maokai skins, focus on portraying him as an unstoppable force of nature. Where the totemic Maokai shines, however, is the fact that his inspiration comes from the Pacific Islander totems. Totemic Maokai does not destroy the world, only lays dominion over his part of it. Feeling the magic damage of his bramble smash will disabuse you of the notion that his claim is to be challenged.


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Festive Maokai

With his lore and design, as well as the established norms for Treants in a fantasy setting, Maokai was always destined to be a serious champion. Riot have, with the Mewkai, Goalkeeper Maokai, and Festive Maokai fought against established norms of seriousness. Of the three named skins, however, Festive Maokai is the only one that succeeds in both breaking the norm, and staying in the realm of his original design.


Released on December 14, 2011, Festive Maokai is a Legacy skin, meaning it can only be bought once the Legacy vault opens. As an older skin, one with a price tag of 975 RP, his updates focus on bringing a festive cheer via new sounds.


Maokai is a Treant, and what better champion to embody the spirit of the December holidays, than one who is a living Christmas tree. While his visage may not be as assuring as that of Santa Claus, he is still far better than Krampus.


Maokai is one of League of Legends’ older champions, whose lore and win rate are still relevant, to this day. His skins reflect his struggle, connection to nature, and the festivity this nature spirit had before the Ruination.

Should he succeed in restoring the Shadow Isles to their former glory, it will cement Maokai as a defender of Runterra, and he will perhaps stop Malzahar’s machinations, as well. If you’re interested in what those are, and what skins Malzahar has, check out our picks for his best Malzahar skins.

If you’re not interested in the evil of Runeterra, on our main hub about the top skins in lol you can always find more stalwart defenders such as Maokai.

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