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How To Use XP Boost in League of legends

Ready to level up your League of Legends account and unlock content fast? Here's something for you!
How To Use XP Boost in League of legends

Riot Games introduced to the XP boosts in League of Legends are items that will increase the amount of summoner's experience you get by the end of each game.

Oftentimes, when it comes to smurf accounts, players tend to use these so they can unlock the content they are interested in the most, which is ranked matches

If your goal is to level up your account, then keep on reading to find about. what XP boosts are, its different types, and how to use them.

What Are XP boosts?

As mentioned before, Riot Games introduced XP boosts to League of Legends as items that increase the amount of summoner's experience after each game, currently there are two types of boosts in the game, although in the past there was a third one called "IP Boost". 

All the boosts players can get right now in League of Legends are Win Boosts and Duration Boosts, although the goal in the way they function is the same, increase the xp points you get in game modes.

Daily Boost

This XP boost works for a definite period of time in League of Legends, the way these work is by doubling the earned experience you get when you finish a game.


For example, if you get 100 experience points, you will get 200 experience thanks to the additional bonus xp. To see more in-depth all the duration boosts available and their prices, check this table.

Win Boost

Win Boosts will add a standard amount of approximately 216 XP per average game in League of Legends, and it is important to notice that the time you spent during a game will not influence the experience reward.

These Win Boosts have set duration and price. Because they only work for every won game you play, and depending on which one you get, it determines how many games will be boosted.


You can get a boost that works from three won matches, five and on, and of course all of them have a different price, which is paid with Riot Points. To know more in depth about its different durations and prices take a look at this table.

3 Wins290 RP
5 Wins390 RP
10 Wins670 RP
15 Wins990 RP
25 Wins1590 RP
40 Wins2240 RP

How To Get an XP Boost?

To get an XP boost in League of Legends, all you have to do is go to the Riot Points store and get them, and by this, we mean that you have to invest some real life money depending on what xp boost you want to get for your LoL account. To get some double xp, follow these steps.

  1. Click on the "store" in the League of Legends client.
  2. Go to the accessories tab on the store's menu.
  3. Select the "boosts" category.
  4. Click on the XP boost you want to get, either wins boost or duration boosts.
  5. Verify the Riot Points price and click accept to complete your purchase.

How To Use an XP Boost

Once you have bought one or two XP boosts in the store of the League of Legends client, of course you would want to activate them, the process is quite simple, because to be honest, there isn't much you have to do after you purchase the XP boosts, and the reason for that is because they are activated as soon as the successful purchase is completed.

Are XP Boosts Worth It For Your League of Legends Account?

Using an XP boost is something that players shouldn't stress about using unless they have a very important reason to get to level 30. 

Playing League of Legends should be about having fun, and, when playing with this mindset,  in your normal games, raising the account level is something that comes along the way. So no, XP boosts aren't something that we don't recommend players getting.

If something is remarkable about League of Legends, it's the fact that it can be easily a game where everything is rushed when it comes to a match, therefore players could take it easy on leveling up their accounts. 

There's really no need in spending money to get some extra flat amount of XP, or double the base XP earned after a match in the Summoner's Rift of League of Legends.

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