All Emotes in League of legends and how to use them

Emotes in League of Legends serve a purpose while playing: to send a message, but not just any message; these will pop up in the shape of a charismatic image.

Updated on Jul 17, 2023
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All Emotes in League of legends and how to use them

Emotes are these cute tiny images you see displayed from time to time over your team members or other enemy champions.

Emotes were introduced to the game in 2016 during patch V.7.20. Besides this new feature, it also brought some new appearances for champions like Annie, Evelynn, Signed, and other characters, which have their spotlight in our Best LoL skins section.

Emotes, like skins, or champions, have been added often to the game by Riot Games; these sticker-like images feature a wide variety of iconic creatures and champions from League of Legends, from the charismatic Pengu, going through some Poro friends, to marksmen like Lucian or top-laners like Gwen.

What exactly are emotes?

As we mentioned before, emotes are images that appear on top of a champion during a game. Still, if we go even further into it, we will discover that these icons have a pre-established meaning among them, e.g., the Good job emote.


The magic about these new emotes is that the meaning and what you’re trying to express with some of them is pretty obvious. Still, others are entirely left to the other person’s interpretation of the image.

Let’s be honest, out of the hundreds of emotes that there are already, we hardly doubt that there’s someone out there who know’s the meaning of each one of them.

Furthermore, emotes are also available in Teamfight Tactics and League of Legends Wild Rift so that you can take this fun way of “chat” even during your matches in the mobile version of the game.

How to Use emotes?

To use an emote, you first have to equip these by going to your Collection from the main menu and selecting emotes. As you’ll see, you have a radial that can hold up to four emotes.

These four emotes in the radial can be used during the match. Under this same radial, you have four slots for emotes. Each of them will activate depending on the action that triggers it, and this also is available in Wild Rift.

  • Start: this one will be displayed at the beginning of the match.
  • First Blood: if you or anyone in your team gets the first blood, the emote in this slot will pop up.
  • Ace: for when you or someone in your team achieves the ace of the enemy team.
  • Victory: for when you win a game.

Once you’re in-game, you may access the radial by pressing the emote buttonor emote command [T].

When they came out, emotes initially cost 450 Riot Points, but sometime after they were launched, the standard price was lowered to 350 RP and it has stayed this way ever since.

Besides, all accounts created get a “Thumbs Up” emote for free.


There is no doubt 450 RP would have been a bit too much to pay for a simple emote in the game.

Although sometimes it’s a nice touch that everyone would love to have in their accounts, their prices don’t even come close to The Most Expensive Skins in LoL.

But we’re talking about two different things. One’s a simple feature to use in your games, while the other is a change to your favorite champion, all in all, everyone gets to decide what they spend their RP on.

Types of Emotes and How to Obtain Them

Riot Games has added emotes that you can get in different ways, and some of them are exclusive and rare.

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Store Emotes

The existing emotes in the store are pretty impressive, and we’re sure there’s one for anything you can imagine, that way, you avoid having to press the chat buttonor chat icon to talk to your teammates.


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Leveling Emotes

When you reach level 40 in your account, you will receive an emote called “Legend 1”, and as you play, you’ll get more of these with the following number.


Unless you’ve reached level 500 in your account (yes, it’s possible) and you get “Legend 20”, then it becomes something admirable the fact that you’ve invested that much time in the game to achieve this.

Although, in case you didn’t know that, levels in LoL can go way up. Apparently, there hasn’t been a player who has reached the maximum level in the game.

Therefore, we recommend you check our guide with The Highest Level in LoL if you plan to play LoL in the long term.

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Ranked Emotes and Teamfight Tactics

Riot has recently implemented the Ranked Emotes feature, a split reward from the Ranked Season.

You may unlock these when you reach 500 split points; something about these emotes is that they adapt to the rank you’re in when you get it.

They’re also in Wild Rift and were available in TFT in 2019. TFT also has its own emotes, like the ones you get from the Twitch Capsules.


Other Ways of Obtaining Emotes

Honor capsules can also get you emote and other rewards, but to rely on them to get them isn’t the best since you have to receive honor from your teammates after a game to get those once you reach honor levels 3, 4, or 5.

So instead, it would be far easier to follow our guide on How to Get Free Chests and hope to get one of these. Besides, you would have more fun mastering a champion until the point you get an S rank.


Emotes will always be an excellent way of expressing yourself in-game. As you play and use some RP, you will be collecting them.

It’s a shame that we only get to show off four of them during a match, but it only makes it clear you should use the ones that fit the most to your personality, playstyle, and even the role you play in.

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