Best Gwen Skins | LoL

“Don’t judge a book by its cover” it’s a saying that goes perfectly with Gwen, and even more because she has become popular among summoners.
Best Gwen Skins | LoL

Gwen is a fairly new champion that Riot Games has released on 15th April 2021 patch V11.8. Her lore tells us how she used to be a doll from Shadow Isles who now wields the tools that once created her, using scissors and needles to attack enemies dealing magic damage, and also true damage. 

This champion has been a surprise for many due to the fact she’s a mighty top-laner with a rather interesting kit of abilities, unlike Seraphine, who was released for LoL: Wild Rift the same day she came out, she’s not available on the mobile version. So, while we play with her on a PC, let’s take a look at the best Gwen skins in LoL.


Space Groove Gwen

As usual, when Gwen arrived in League of Legends, she also received her first new look, which, in this case, is Space Groove Gwen. 

Now that she is aware of the threat Lissandra and her army of Harsh Vibes represent for The Groove, the mysterious energy that brings happiness and prosperity to the trillions of galactic citizens, she wants to help in her way those who will fight against them.

The beautiful splash art of this version of Gwen is thanks to the talented Bo “chenbowow” Chen, who, by now, has an extensive catalog of splash arts created for many champions. 

When it comes to playing with this version of Gwen it shows some new visual and sound effects that are great for the theme of the skin, the new animations it has also look great on her basic attacks which have a decent attack speed.

But as if it wasn’t enough for her first new look, they also made sure she had enough chromas to satisfy as many summoners as possible, therefore this one has a huge amount of nine chromas available for players to chose from, ranging from Catseye and Citrine to Rubi and Saphire. Summoners can get this grooving Gwen for 1350 RP.

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Cafe Cuties Gwen

Gwen didn’t only receive some changes through different patches the same year she was released, she also received on 2nd December 2021 her second skin. In the universe of the Cafe Cuties, Gwen’s friendly face will always keep customers happy and wanting to come back for another magical cup of tea.

This version of Gwen offers to the champion a new set of visual and sound effects that look as the name itself of the appearance, very cute. The new animations it includes fit the part perfectly, and all of this becomes customizable with the eight chromas available.

The art of the skin was created by David Villegas, from West Studios, who has also made several contributions for other champions.

This edition is available in-store for 1350 RP, the same price as the previous skin Gwen received, therefore, if summoners have to decide on one of the two looks available for her, the price is already the same for both.

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Gwen is a champion that gains bonus magic damage effortlessly thanks to her innate skill Thousand Cuts, that’s why learning how to play her properly is key to maximizing her damage output with a good set of runes as well to take advantage of basic attacks.

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