LoL Keeps Crashing | How to fix

The most annoying part of gaming is when your game stops working in the middle of a match. Today, we’ll solve how LoL keep crashing how to fix it properly.

Updated on Jul 17, 2023
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LoL Keeps Crashing | How to fix

The League of Legends community is one of the most hot-headed players out there, and there’s nothing that makes our blood boil more than the game experiencing a crash in the middle of a match

While we may want to blame Riot Games’ handling of the LoL client, the problem may actually lie in the units that we use. 

Whether it’s an issue involving drivers, software, or the hardware that we use, it’s essential to learn some service tips when LoL keep crashing how to fix the problem correctly.

LoL Keep Crashing How To Fix

There are a variety of issues that may be the reason why the League of Legends client keeps crashing whenever you try to play a game or open it up. Most of them have quick fixes, but some may require a more costly process. 

Before we take a look at the possible fixes, let’s look at some possible reasons pc players might be experiencing crashing issues.

Most of these issues are simple, and you can fix League of Legends with a few simple steps.

However, players need to understand that games are created with specific system requirements in mind, so if your unit doesn’t meet the prerequisites, these repair methods may not work to solve the game crashing issue. Now, let’s take a look at each of these problems and how players can approach them.

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Update your Graphics Drivers

Outdated graphics card drivers are a silent killer because users don’t always check their graphics card management software for updates.

Since games constantly evolve, it’s no secret that your unit will have to keep up with the latest drivers as well.

However, this really shouldn’t be an issue unless your drivers haven’t been updated for a very long time.


This is a pretty simple fix, all you need to do is open your graphics card control panel, and it should inform you of any updates. Simply type in the name of your graphics card on the Search Bar inside your Task Bar to open the application.

If it isn’t showing any notifications about the need for an upgrade, your PC may already have the latest drivers installed.

However, you might want to google what the latest version of your driver is and check if it matches in the software to double-check if the information is correct.

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Update Windows

This may not seem relevant but the need for windows updates affects the League of Legends client is reliant on some windows features, specifically the .net framework.

Windows will constantly have updates but not all of them are important to maintaining the ability to play League of Legends.

However, it’s still recommended for windows users to keep the system up to date.


Make sure that you’re always up to date. Always have your system updated before you close your computer because it can take a long time for this process to complete.

If you’re doing this to fix League of Legends, you may need to wait a couple of minutes or hours before you can play again.

This should also be a good fix if you’re experiencing problems when connecting to the server.

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The Game File is Corrupted

A corrupted game file is a pretty bad problem to have. There’s often no indication of this happening aside from constant game crashes.

You won’t notice anything is going on whenever you run League of Legends, so you buttume that the problem lies elsewhere. If you’ve tried the previous methods to no avail, this may be why your League of Legends client is experiencing issues.


To fix this problem, players simply need to do a Full Repair of the client.

They can do so by going to Settings > General > “Initiate Full Repair.” There is no need to uninstall and reinstall the program, but if you feel like the repair system isn’t doing its job correctly, you may opt to do so as a last resort.

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PC Requirements were not Met

As mentioned already, League of Legends needs a minimum requirement in terms of hardware and software. This may be the issue that’s hardest to accept, especially if you really don’t have the means to upgrade to a better build or your parents/guardians won’t allow you to own a more expensive unit

You can check if your PC is up to the task by typing “dxdiag” on the search bar on your taskbar. You don’t need to buy a new computer entirely. Sometimes, you simply need to upgrade a part or two if you’re really on a tight budget. However, it’s more practical to upgrade the entire PC so that your unit isn’t bottlenecked in terms of performance.

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LoL is running on High Settings

Sometimes, we may be too proud of our PC build that we end up running games at the highest setting even though it’s not recommended. When it comes to the best setting, you may need to configure your League of Legends client to fit the capabilities of your unit.


Maybe it’s time to lower down the graphics settings and go for something that doesn’t make your game crash often. You can also activate “Low Spec Mode” on the League of Legends lobby setting tab to lower the configurations at the most basic level.

What to do if none of the solutions worked?

If none of these settings work, there may be something installed in your system that’s interfering with the game running smoothly. Common problems involve having too many games open or running another application using too much processing power

If you’re totally unsure of the case, you may want to run a complete diagnostic on your computer to determine if there’s anything that might prove to cause the issue.

Critical errors may be caused by something more alarming such as a virus or other types of malicious software. For severe cases, users may want to bring their computers in their computers to professionals to have their system checked and repaired immediately. It’s also good to check your ping to see if it’s is stable when playing.

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