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Best Seraphine Skins | LoL

The versatile Seraphine has proven herself to be a good pick for both new players and more experienced ones thanks to her useful and lethal kit of abilities.
Best Seraphine Skins | LoL

Riot Games presented Seraphine League of Legends and League of Legends Wild Rift around the end of 2020, she is a support champion that reminds us of Lux because of the way she can be played in the mid lane thanks to abilities like “Beat Drop” or “High Note” despite being designed for a supporting role

The amount of magic damage she can do is decent, plus she can easily activate the electrocute rune or even easier, summon Aery while helping nearby allies. Her item build isn’t that complicated, so, before you jump into the Summoner’s Rift, make sure to use the best Seraphine skins in League of Legends.


KDA/ALL OUT Indie Seraphine

In case you have any doubt that Riot Games has a seasonal favorite champion, well, think again, because the day Seraphine came to League of Legends so did her Ultimate skin, KDA/ALL OUT Indie Seraphine.

Seraphine’s Ultimate skin has some missions for the champion that will allow summoners who buy it to unlock other aspects as they complete them. The splash art was designed by Alex 'alexplank' Flores, it also has some new voice-overs from Michele Panu, Seraphine’s voice artist.

The skin also has several new sounds and visual effects, if something must be said, it’s that the attention to detail in this skin is impressive, every new animation is just as awesome as the previous one. Because this is the Ultimate skin, it is available for 3250 RP. The standard price for every other Ultimate skin, like Elementalist Lux or DJ Sona.

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KDA ALL OUT Rising Star Seraphine

Seraphine is gaining recognition every day more and more, this skin demonstrates it, as she tries to keep up with the changes her life is having and Kai’sa’s sharp choreographies. There’s no doubt this champion of League of Legends will achieve her biggest dreams as a superstar.

This edition is a variation of the previous one we talked about, you can get it after completing Seraphine’s missions. It has everything different, the splash art was designed by the same artist, but has new voice-overs, animations, and particles.

This version of Seraphine, the one discovered by Evelynn, a more recognized figure in the music industry, would take her to the next level when she collaborates with the girl group K/DA, perhaps they can use her nice magic damage in the rift too.

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KDA ALL OUT Superstar Seraphine

Now, fully realized as a super pop star and collaborator with the K/DA group of League of Legends, Seraphine’s music and success in the charts is the popular topic in this stage of her story, you’ll be able to unlock this last version of Seraphine once you complete the final mission.

This is the definitive version of Seraphine’s long journey into achieving her dream, now that she’s recognized everywhere, this skin has new voice quotes, as well as animations and particles, that fit her strong stage presence.

Summoners will be able to select between the different aspects in the selection once you finish all her missions, but for those who play League of Legends Wild Rift, this is the only one they will be able to obtain for her. Without a doubt, the narrative of this KDA skin and the effort Riot Games put into it, are worth it.

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Graceful Phoenix Seraphine

After being blessed by the Fenghuang with the power to fight the darkness that threatens Seraphine and her people, she will use her songs and melodies along with the power of the Graceful Phoenix to bring happiness and ease to the masses while keeping at bay those who want to hurt them.

Depending on how you want to see it, this is Seraphine’s second or fourth skin, the splash art was designed by Bo “Chenbowow” Chen, it has some awesome new effects and particles that make feel Seraphine as a fresh champion while keeping her essence.

The skin became available in-store on 2nd September 2021 for only 1350, those who don’t want to spend the huge amount that costs her Ultimate skin can opt for this one, which is good enough, sadly, this one and Brave Phoenix Xayah, who could use Seraphine’s support and magic damage, haven’t arrived in League of Legends Wild Rift.

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Seraphine is a great character that at times can be annoying if played properly, grating you and your team the victory of any match in the Summoner’s Rift, we can’t wait to see what her next skins will look like in the rift, now that it was announced she will join the Crime City Nightmare universe of skins, it would be also exciting to see her in a cross over with another game like Genshin Impact, but that sounds unlikely, therefore, in the meanwhile, we’ll stay in League of Legends to see the best skins of our next champion, Sett.

Just in case you’re looking for another champion, you can always find here the best skins of League of Legends.

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