Best Senna Skins | LoL

Senna is one of the Sentinels of Light who fight against the black mist, loved by the players of League of Legends and so Riot Games granted her gorgeous skins.

Updated on Aug 05, 2023
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Best Senna Skins | LoL

Senna was cursed when she was a child to be haunted by the black mist, that’s why she joined the Sentinels of Light, although she fought fiercely, she ended up dying and her soul got trapped inside Tresh’s lantern, but things didn’t finish for her there. 

Thanks to her strong will, she learned how to manipulate the mist in the lantern, reemerging as someone changed, someone who could now use the darkness of the mist and the brightness of the light. Now, her purpose is to turn the mist against itself using her new abilities, and the best of all? Here you’ll learn what are her best skins.

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True Damage Senna

Senna Joined League of Legends on 10th November 2019, from day one her presence was strong in the Rift, and even stronger thanks to the stunning skin received the day of her arrival, we’re talking about True Damage Senna.


This one is an excellent skin for the marksman, showing her in more common clothes rather than her sentinel clothing. The skin has some additional quotes for the champion, new particles, and it includes the skin in Wild Rift and seven chromas to customize the color palette of the skin for the PC version of the Game.


Something that has to be remarked about this skin is how badbutt Senna looks in this skin designed by Jennifer Wuestling which is a total must-have for those main Senna out there that they can get for only 1350 RP.


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High Noon Senna

Senna joins the High Noon universe of skin as someone who will bring balance between heaven and hell in the old west of LoL PC and Wild Rift. High Noon Senna looks just like High Noon Lucian, rather dark, mysterious, and dangerous than as someone who will bring balance.


The splash art of the skin was designed by Kelly Aleshire. In the rift, the skin shows new well-done and eye-catching particles that look amazing, everything complements smoothly with the new animations this skin also has.


The date of arrival to the store of this skin was on 18th June 2020 for the fair price of 1850 RP, taking into consideration the skin also has some new quotes for the champion and the modest amount of nine chromas to change the colors of the skin.


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This new skin, which its splash art was designed by West Studios, is a skin that keeps the essence of the champion regarding her protective nature. Senna, after dying in the process of the elevation of her consciousness, now became a cyber ghost who inhabits a body of her design.


PROJECT: Senna incorporates to the champion a new series of sounds and visuals for her attacks, the animations have also changed, which all of them combine in a unique experience this skin gives, and it all goes beyond with the voice filter is added to her quotes.


The purple tones of this skin resemble those of Dark Cosmic Jhin, PROJECT: Senna is visually a spectacle that became available on 27th May 2021 for only 1350 Riot Points, which is an excellent price for such gorgeous skin that also has the absurd amount of nine chromas.


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True Damage Senna Prestige Edition

As if Senna’s arrival to League of Legends wouldn’t generate hype because players got to meet Lucian’s wife, Riot Games wanted to take things a step further by making a collab with none other than the highly recognized haute-couture brand Luis Vuitton, which ended up delivering Prestige True Damage Senna.


Few words can describe how amazing this skin is. Riot Game made sure that having this skin and using it in the rift would be just like using any garment from Luis Vuitton, it was Nicolas Ghesquière who presented this skin that looks and gives luxurious and above all an exclusive sensation when playing, all thanks to the mesmerizing particles of it.


This one was obtainable from the moment it came out on 4th February 2020 once summoners collected as many prestige points as needed, and yes, this was a limited edition prestige skin just as the Sylas prestige edition skin.


Senna’s presence in both LoL PC and Wild Rift is a statement that says “I’m here, and things will be done my way”, her attack damage allows her to be played as a support or ADC against any enemy champion is what sets her apart from other characters that have been released, we appreciate that the few options in her wardrobe are good enough.

Well, it would be exciting to see a World Championship skin of her. There’s also the fact that she’s a fairly new character and her time in the game isn’t that long, just as Seraphine, a singer with her best skins listed here.

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