League of Legends Gold Rank Explained

Being average is not always a bad thing. At the very least, you get the reward skin at the end of the season.

Updated on Aug 07, 2023
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League of Legends Gold Rank Explained

The Gold rank in League of Legends is one of the middle categories of the game, which is reserved for the majority of players. These are the players that, usually, have issues finishing won games or getting back into the games when they have a major deficit. Here’s everything there is to know about it!

Is Gold Rank Good in League of Legends?

If you’re a Gold player, you are among the top 40% of all LoL players. Percentage-wise, though, the Gold rank is the rank with the largest number of players in it. As such, it is the middle ground of all ranks and the trend-setter for what an average League of Legends player looks like.


A gold player should possess at least surface-level knowledge of all champions in the game. In most cases, the issue will not be with your micro plays but with your decision-making, knowing all your matchups and being prone to even the basic jungler ganks.


In other words, players who are in this category might suffer from various problems during team fights, by either not being present, or just rushing in not knowing whether they win or not. However, being a Gold rank is generally good. Gold players start to specialize in a certain pool of champions.

How Long Does it Take to Get to Gold Rank in LoL?

Gold rank is the rank that just happens to the player, instead of having to be reached. If you’re not inting or losing your games on purpose, or even just barely surviving in games without feeding the opponents, you will eventually reach Gold rank.


On average, though, it takes one full season to get to Gold rank, by playing League of Legends daily, learning about the game, and keeping your head above the water. If you’ve managed to do that for a few months, you’re likely to reach Gold rank and get the free Victorious skin at the end of it.

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Ways to Improve From Gold Rank in LoL

As we stated, Gold rank is something that does not take too much effort to reach, as long as you try even a little to play the game and not lose, either on purpose or via inaction.


Climbing past the Gold rank, and into Platinum can be tricky, as that takes having an above-average skill and knowledge of the game.

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Learn Basic Decision Making

Think about grouping and when to do it. Make sure to fight when you have a numbers advantage and avoid conflicts when you don't have the entire team or have no vision of the enemy. At this point, every decision can make or break your game.

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Play to Your Team’s Strengths

Try to work to your team’s advantage. You will no longer be able to progress on your personal talents alone, but instead, you will need to be able to utilize every resource that the team has. Find optimal timings for fighting according to the team composition.

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Follow the Best Players

Watch high elo streamers and Youtubers.

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Keep Up WIth the Meta

League of Legends has constant shifts, especially in terms of champion popularity. Whenever one champion gets buffed, this might change how the game is being played and you need to be aware of that change.

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