Gold League of Legends

Gold is the fourth rank in League of Legends. It is one of the middle categories of the game, which is reserved for the majority of players. When you start playing within this category, you will be with players who understand most of the things about League of Legends. However, they might have issues finishing won games or getting back into the games when they have a major deficit. This tier is between Silver and Platinum.The Gold rank is divided into 4 divisions:

  • Gold IV
  • Gold III
  • Gold II
  • Gold I

Is Gold good?

If you’re a Gold player, you are among the top 40% of all LoL players (will have to do with the mode that you’re playing). If you were in a room with 100 other League of Legends Gamers, you would most likely be able to defeat about 60 of the players.A gold player should know all the heroes, have a deep understanding of when he is in danger and when he is safe. In most cases, the issue will not be with your micro plays but with your macro decision making. In other words, players who are in this category might suffer from various problems during teamfights.However, being a Gold rank is generally good. Gold players start to specialize in a certain pool of champions. Instead of just spamming a few characters, they will have a bigger set of champions to choose from during the draft phase. This allows for much more adaptability when creating team composition.

How many hours do you need to play LOL to become Gold?

It is very hard to say. Most players will never reach the next tier after Gold. However, by just being on this level of League of Legends, you will always be able to have great, competitive games.If you wish to get to Platinum, you will probably need at least 700 hours of League of Legends gameplay. This might vary based on your talent level and dedication. Like with the previous Silver tier, you need constant dedication and to follow the latest trends and strategies from professional gamers. You should also try to improve your focus.

Ways to improve from Gold

There are only about 40% of players who are better than Gold tier gamers. This means that it is very hard to get to that next tier. However, by staying constant and dedicating a lot of your time to the craft, it is possible to reach that next level.As previously mentioned, the game is slowly shifting from the basic requirement levels and getting into the realm of competitive. Gamers who want to reach the Platinum category will need a proper mindset and mental focus. Playing fatigued or angry is something you need to avoid.Here are some of the things that will help you go from the Gold tier into the next, Platinum tier:

  • Think about grouping and when to do it. Make sure to fight when you have a numbers advantage and avoid conflicts when you don't have the entire team. At this point, every decision can make or break your game.
  • Try to work your team’s advantages. You will no longer be able to progress on your personal talents alone, but instead, you will need to be able to utilize every resource that the team has. Find optimal timings for fighting according to the team composition.
  • A Gold player needs to watch professional games all the time.
  • League of Legends has constant shifts, especially in terms of champion popularity. Whenever one champion gets buffed, this might change how the game is being played and you need to be aware of that change.