How to fix the friends list not showing in League of Legends 

Because this is a game best-played with friends, you might want to fix quickly this “bug” if you ever experience it
How to fix the friends list not showing in League of Legends 

It doesn’t matter if you’re a high level summoner or a new one, this game can present some errors from time to time, some of them are rather complex like the “scanning files” error or the one that pops up saying “unable to connect to server”, and as always we will go over what can you do to solve these.

Discover here how to fix the friends list not showing in League of Legends so you can get to chat with your friends again.

Riot has made announces in the past acknowledging this bug, but they haven’t really given a reason to why this happens, rather, in the past.

Different methods to let your friend list appear again

If we can thank the internet for something, it would be how easy it is for people who have the same issue to connect, and together, find a solution to it, in this case we’ll see what other options people have taken to solve the friends list not showing.


Uninstall the Client

‍RIOT have suggested summoners to uninstall the League of Legends client and delete all of its file from your PC, including the ones that are hidden, which you can find in the “%appdata%” folder in your archives. Doing this should allow you to chat again.


Finish all the League of Legends processes with the task manager


Some users in Reddit have shared that just by finishing all of LoL processes happens to solve this bug, which apparently has worked for many of them to solve the friends list issue and send “friend requests” again.


Just log in League of Legends again

For summoners, relogging to the game prior to restarting your PC has been enough for this bug to get fixed.

Without any doubts this is the most simple solution found to fix the friends list not showing “error”, which it’s totally worth a try.


Make sure that League of Legends is allowed in your firewall


Oftentimes, the firewall can be the cause of many errors or bugs present in the league client. To solve this issue, make sure to add LoL to the firewall’s list of allowed programs. This is a step you must take to also fix League of Legends when it doesn’t connect to the server.


Synchronize your the time of your PC

Users in Reddit have also shared that just by synchronizing the time on their computers is enough for the issue to go away and being able to chat again with their pals and fix the friends list bug.


Riot Games support’s solution to the friends list not showing is a bit drastic, having to uninstall the client to reinstall it again would take some time, turning this to be the most annoying solution. Thankfully there are many methods you can try out before this, which have been proven to work and that don’t really require that many steps to follow so you can add friends again.

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