League of Legends Silver Rank Explained

Getting to Silver rank means that you’ve graduated from being a total League of Legends beginner.

Updated on Mar 05, 2024
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League of Legends Silver Rank Explained

Silver is the third of all LoL ranks. When you start playing within this tier, you will be placed together with gamers who understand a good part of the game but they're still struggling to make educated decisions or assess different situations. This tier is between Bronze and Gold, and here’s everything to know about it!

Is Silver Rank Good in League of Legends?

Silver is the third rank within League of Legends, and the first rank that one can say is not bad. People who are within this tier have an awareness of items, laning, and jungling practices. They might also be able to pull off some team fight coordination, but they lack consistency.


Even if they're playing with the same champion all the time, Silver rank players might struggle to achieve the same results over and over again, as they lack the core knowledge of matchups in the lane, against enemy champions, as well as macro plays.

How Long Does it Take to Get to Silver Rank in LoL?

Reaching Silver means that you’ve graduated, to an extent, from learning the basics of the game, such as buying appropriate items, or warding. However, you are not alone, as Silver is the most populated rank in League of Legends at the start of every season.


To get to Silver, the average player needs to invest around 300 hours into the game, as League of Legends has a steep learning curve for beginners, with so much content.

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Ways to Improve from Silver Rank in LoL

Getting out of Silver is a difficult prospect for a lot of League of Legends players. It is no longer enough to just spam a champion or two and hope for the best. Instead, you will need to extend your champion pool so that you can adapt to opponents' picks.


There are a few practices that will get you out of the Silver tier and into the next, Gold rank.

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Learn to Win in the Draft Phase

You will need to get better at drafting and conveying information when drafting champions. Make sure to learn about meta picks and strategies that would allow you to get an upper hand over opponents.

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Master Your Champion Pool and Matchups

Understand your champion’s power spike. Try to strike opponents when your champion, as well as your team’s composition, is at its peak.

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Learn All There is About LoL Champion Abilities

At this point, you need to know every champion, its abilities, and how they’re utilized. You can no longer allow yourself these rookie mistakes as they would prevent you from progressing further.

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