All you need to know about the Grandmaster Rank in LoL

League of Legends players within this rank have not only mastered the game, but they have also gone a step beyond. 

Updated on Jul 22, 2023
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All you need to know about the Grandmaster Rank in LoL

Grand Master is the eighth, that is, the second-best rank in League of Legends. The tier is reserved for the game's elite players, and only Challengers are better than them.

Those who are in this tier know everything there is about League of Legends, and most of them are professional players, coaches, or both. This tier is between Master and Challenger, and here is everything to know about it.

Is Grandmaster Rank Good in League of Legends?

Grand Master League of Legends players are among the top 0.04 percentile of all the players and are the direct opposite of Gold rank, which has the highest number of players in it. Grand Masters are, among other things:

  • Extremely skilled,
  • Know all possible matchups,
  • Know how to play from behind, and when to push an advantage.

They can exploit every weakness that you have and will work to increase their advantage until they beat you. Almost every Grand Master knows how to play every champion on an extremely high level.


These players are constantly competing on the professional circuit. A lot of them are celebrities in their native countries. Grand Master is an extremely good tier to be in, and most players can only dream of it. The main difference between Grand Master and Challenger players, in most cases, is how much time they’ve sunk into the game, to grind out the LP.


Grand Master

How Long Does it Take to Get to Grand Master Rank in LoL?

Becoming a Grand Master comes down to a combination of talent, sacrifice, and experience. It isn’t something that can be accomplished by anyone, regardless of their desires.

On average, for players that have shown dedication to actually climbing through the ranks, it takes some 3-4 years to get to Grand Master, after just starting out. But, it might take you much less if you have a unique talent for League of Legends.


How Much Lp is Grand Master in LoL?

Just like Challenger, there is a finite amount of players that can gain entry into the ranks of Grand Master. It takes 200 LP to get to a Grand Master rank, with only around 700 players, depending on the server, being Grand Master at any given point in time.

Ways to Improve From Grandmaster in LoL

The only tier above Grand Master is Challenger. If it’s hard to reach Grand Master, you can only imagine how much it takes to reach the Challenger level.


Though it may not seem like a big difference, there are a few of the things that players use to make the climb.

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Mastering Proper Communication

Starting the communication while in the lobby. If possible, some players use discord to mimic League voice.

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Utilizing the Draft Phase Properly

Creating a team composition that will rival the opponent in the right way, on a team-wide level, instead of single lanes.

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Giving up Roles to Maximize Team’s Effectiveness

Given that most Grand Masters know each other, utilizing their teammates in a way that would unlock their potential, especially when they are filling a role.

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Staying Focused

Always play fresh. Make long breaks if needed.

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Playing Meta-Favored Champions

Studying the current meta, and keeping up with it.

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