Grand Master League of Legends

Grand Master is the eighth, that is, second-best rank in League of Legends. The tier is reserved for the game's elite players, and only Challengers are better than them. Those who are in this tier know everything there is about League of Legends, and most of them are professional players, coaches, or both. This tier is between Master and Challenger.

Is Grand Master good?

Grand Master League of Legends players are among the top 0.1 percentile of all the players. If you were in a room with 1000 other League of Legends players, you would defeat about 999 of other gamers.Grand Masters are extremely skilled, focused, and relentless. They can exploit every weakness that you have and will work to increase their advantage until they beat you. Almost every Grand Master knows how to play every champion on an extremely high level.These players are constantly competing on the professional circuit. A lot of them are celebrities in their native countries. Grand Master is an extremely good tier to be in, and most players can only dream of it.

How many hours do you need to play LOL to become Grand Master?

Becoming a Grand Master comes down to a combination of talent, sacrifice, and experience. It isn’t something that can be accomplished by anyone, regardless of their desires. On average, it might take you somewhere around 3,000 hours to get there. But, it might take you much less if you have a unique talent for League of Legends.

Ways to improve from Grand Master

The only tier above Grand Master is Challenger. If it’s hard to reach Grand Master, you can only imagine how much it takes to reach the Challenger level. Anyway, here are some of the things that might help you out:

  • Start communicating while in the lobby. Create a team composition that will rival the opponent in the right way.
  • Given that most Grand Masters know each other, try to utilize your teammates in a way that would unlock their potential. A lot of them have signature champions so tell them to take the ones they play the best, and try to build around that.
  • Always play fresh. Make long breaks if needed.
  • Study the current meta, and keep your spreadsheets nearby.