League of Legends Ranked Flex Explained

Your SoloQ rank may be the most important thing in LoL nowadays, however, it is not the only indication of your skill.

Updated on Sep 05, 2023
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League of Legends Ranked Flex Explained

While the majority of players would consider League of Legends SoloQ as the end all, be all competitive LoL scene, there is another way to climb to the highest rank in LoL. That would, of course, be Flex Queue, an inferior version of SoloQ as far as most players are concerned. However, is it really? You’ve come to the right place to find out.

What is Ranked Flex in League of Legends?

Ranked Flex Queue in League of Legends is a way to play ranked games with three or more friends at the same time. Ranked Flex Queue is identical to the SoloQ when it comes to the various ranks that can be found within, as well as its ranking system.


Unfortunately, Ranked Flex Queue has gained a reputation among the player base as the worse of the two queues and is not nearly as popular as League of Legends Solo Queue. Still, that doesn’t mean it has no merit. On the contrary, it offers more than Solo Queue itself, on occasion.

What is the Difference Between Ranked SoloQ and Flex Queue in LoL?

In League of Legends, Ranked games are those that carry more weight with them, as losing means losing the LP that is needed to climb. As such, the Solo Queue Ranked games are focused on individual skill and climbing, as the name suggests, solo.


On the other hand, Ranked Flex Queue games are all about teamwork. Teams of five premade friends or any other makeup to get to five players face against each other. There is no “I” in Ranked Flex, only team. Unfortunately, this has pushed the player base into believing that Flex is the inferior way to climb, as you are relying on your team more than yourself.

Is Ranked Flex Easier Than Ranked SoloQ in LoL?

Ranked Flex Queue and Ranked SoloQ work on the same basis of ranked play. They are, after all, identical. Both are played on the same map, with the same objectives and the same champions.


However, SoloQ Ranked is, usually, considered harder to climb than Flex Queue, purely based on the fact that it is played solo. We, on the other hand, would disagree that Flex Ranked is easier than SoloQ, as it takes far more team play to win a game than normal, and less perma splitting with a good top lane champion.

In essence, Ranked Flex is the real basis of League of Legends games, and should be the ultimate serious play mode. After all, League of Legends is at the top of all team-based games.

How Many Players Can Play Ranked Flex in LoL?

As it stands, League of Legends Ranked Flex Queue games can be played by any team composition under five players, with one exception. To reduce ganging up on one additional member added to the team to start the match, League of Legends Ranked Flex cannot be played by parties of four people. Anything else, including playing Ranked Flex solo is a possibility.


Can You Play Ranked Flex With Different Rank Friends?

Whether you are the low elo Silver III friend that wants to see their high elo friends in action or are the one helping out their friends that just started the game, fret not. Since season 10, Riot Games made sure that you can play Ranked Flex Queue with friends regardless of rank disparity.


All the game will warn you of, while in the in-Client lobby, is that the disparity is large and may cause the game to be harder as you will get opponents of a higher rank. However, rank restrictions are non-existent.

Can You Voice Speak to Allies in Ranked Flex?

Flex Queue is not always consisting of teams filled with five-man premades. They are usually consisting of a three plus two team of friends.


As such, voice comms are only active with allies you are in a premade party with, via League Voice. For everyone else, the usual chat will do just fine.

Does Ranked Flex Affect MMR in League of Legends?

In League of Legends, MMR stands for Matchmaking Rating. It is a hidden number value that Riot Games give to players to determine how strong they are when compared to others.

However, every game mode in League of Legends, including both the casual game modes and the Ranked game modes, have their own separate MMR, which Riot Games give out. That means that you can have a high MMR in Ranked  SoloQ, while having a low one in Ranked Flex Queue, and vice versa, as every game mode only affects its own MMR.

Though, with the possibility of playing with friends of different ranks, ranked teams are afforded a more dynamic queue ranking, even without random players.

At the end of the day, if you’re wondering if playing Ranked Flex is worth the effort there is one thing we would like to point out. While expelling his frustrations in his stream, Faker himself has stated, along with other professional players, that League of Legends SoloQ is nowhere near what the game actually is.

League of Legends is a team game, and theoretically, Ranked Flex should be the main game mode in the game. Unfortunately, the player culture which focuses on gaining glory solo has shifted that in another direction, and Riot Games are not doing anything to change that.

If you have a dedicated five-man premade though to make a ranked team, playing Ranked Flex is something we wholeheartedly recommend.

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